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Nightmare Fuel / Charmed (1998)

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A show about witches and magic. Where could there possibly be Nightmare Fuel in that?

Spoilers below.

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     Season 1 
  • The first episode had Jeremy, the first bad guy of the series. He kills female witches so he can get their powers so he can fight the Charmed Ones. After revealing this to Piper, he proceeds to kill her, and they are trapped in an freight elevator. Piper was absolutely terrified.
  • We have The Wendigo, pretty much a nastier version of the common werewolf that eats people's hearts. It attacks Piper while she's broken down in the middle of nowhere. And yes, if you don't get killed you'll turn into one instead. And no, chaining yourself to a water pipe will not be enough.
  • Anyone who is not afraid of Barbas must be made of stone. He is the Demon of Fear and will torture you by making your worst fears come to life in front of you, and you will believe they are real.
    • He caused a woman to die of shock by provoking her fear of earthquake.
    • Barbas can even plant fears on people, he made Prue afraid of water, by trapping her in the shower with the water slowly filling up.
  • "Is There a Woogy in the House?" presents Phoebe's childhood monster as being real.

     Season 2 
  • The demon Masselin (the only one to look nothing like a human) has a slightly transparent stomach with all of this victims screaming and moving inside. The thought that they are eaten, but still alive inside is enough to give one the chills.

     Season 3 
  • The Seekers. Demons that read your thoughts to find out everything you know. How do they do it? By biting into your skull and literally sucking your brains out. The scene with Cole's landlady...
  • The banshee, a demon that preys on people who have suffered heartbreak. You're grieving for some big reason and you hear a wailing in the distance. The things in the room start to rattle and suddenly the windows shatter and she jumps in through the window. She proceeds to scream as loudly as she can, so loudly that it makes all your blood vessels burst which is what kills you. Oh, and if you happen to be a witch, instead of being killed you'll become a banshee yourself.
    • Don't forget the scene from the same episode where the banshee attacks a little girl in a phonebooth who is already terrified.
  • "The Good, the Bad and the Cursed": Phoebe gets psychically linked to a Native American man stuck in a time loop. That means that when he gets hurt, she feels it and gets the same injury. Near the end of the episode there's a scene where he's being tortured in the middle of the village. Every time he gets whipped it cuts back to a shot of Phoebe screaming in pain as she feels it. If the day hadn't been saved, Phoebe would have been killed along with the man. Oh and Leo wasn't able to heal her.
  • All Hell Breaks Loose, Charmed's biggest Wham Episode ever. plot is the whole world finding out that the Halliwell sisters are witches, and a whole lot of crazy starts to happening...
    • How the Halliwells were exposed, they were trying to vanquish Shax, the source's assassin, which was caught by a news crew. Shax himself is a very scary demon to look at. His growls are very unnerving and his grey body is menacing. he arrives in a tornado, which would knock whoever is near off their feet.
    • A woman named Alice, who claims to be a witch wants to enter the Halliwell house, but she is thrown out, the she then grabs one of the sniper guns and shoots Piper in broad daylight. Piper's gunshot wound is not pleasant to look at, with all the blood coming out.
    • Phoebe makes a deal with The Source of All Evil to save Piper and reverse time so that nobody finds out about the Halliwells. Afterwards, the Source orders that Phoebe is to be killed along with Cole, and that's the last we see and hear of Phoebe in the third season.
    • JUST as soon as time is getting reset, the SWAT team just shot Prue through the hospital room wall. Imagine if the Source didn't keep his word and killed Phoebe. Piper died on the operating table, and Prue would have died, then the Power of Three would have been truly broken to the point of no return.

     Season 4 
  • The episode with the Collector (played by none other than Robert Englund) who shrank witches and turned them into stone in general feels a lot like a horror movie. The 'turning into stone' process is slow with the victim getting covered in clay, unable to move, and then burned in kiln all the while staying conscious. At one point his collection of figurines is shown. There are at least a dozen of them, all with a very clear look of terror on their faces...

     Season 5 
  • Orin and Cree from "The Eyes Have It". They attack helpless gypsies and gouge their eyes out with lasers.
  • Barbas the Demon of fear returns, and he caused Phoebe to kill Paige, under the illusion that Paige was Barbas.

     Season 6 
  • One of the properties of Magic School is that you cannot truly die on the premises. Considering we later see people killed on site, this may have been lifted at some point, otherwise, it's entirely possible these people are still alive. In the case of demons vanquished or people like Sigmund who suffered molecular dispersion, this may mean they are trapped as conscious particles in the air.
  • Manticore rape. EEK!

     Season 7 

     Season 8 


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