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  • Despite his skepticism in magic and having suspected the Halliwell sisters as suspects, possibly even guilty, for the unresolved cases, Daryl trusts the sisters simply because Andy did and Andy was his best friend. It shows how deep his bond with Andy was because he drops all suspicion on the Charmed Ones and starts beliving them without hesitation.
  • When Leo and Piper went to a marriage counselor. They cast a spell to make them remember all the things from the past that they did together. Phoebe and Paige get transported to all of Leo and Piper's memories and they were able to see among other things their first kiss.
    • After witnessing the clip from "Love Hurts" when Piper is able to heal Leo - because it involves her admitting to herself that she truly does love him for the first time - Paige is actually moved to tears.
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  • In "A Paige From The Past" when Paige gives a speech to her parents in the past trying to convince them that she will amount to something and when her mother says that she knows Paige will find herself one day. In the car before they crash and die they have a normal family conversation about the mother's cooking which you just know they haven't had for a while. Also at the end of the episode when their ghosts tell Paige they're proud of her.
  • Season two's "Morality Bites" shows Phoebe witnessing a premonition of her own death ten years into the future so the sisters travel forward in time. Phoebe eventually discovers that her future self murdered a man for revenge and was outed as a witch so she was sentenced to death. At the end when Piper and Prue try to save her Phoebe stops them and says she has to die. She then allows herself to be burned alive while her sisters watch in despair before finding themselves back in the present. The girls all embrace as they vow not to make the bad future happen. But the scene turns heartwarming when they muse that they can still make the good things happen - like Piper possibly having a daughter.
    • Earlier in the episode, Piper discovers that she and Leo are bitterly divorced in the future. To prove that she's the past Piper, she passionately kisses him.
    Leo: You haven't kissed me like that since...
    Piper: Since this morning back in our time.
  • The second part of the fifth season premier shows Piper drowning and an apparition of her mother appears to help her out of the water. Paige and Leo then tell her she won't be raising her child alone. Also the very end montage of the episode with B* Witched's "Blame It on the Weatherman" playing shows Paige packing up her stuff as she leaves her job to focus on helping innocents more, Phoebe signing divorce papers for her marriage to Cole and Piper putting a picture of herself as a baby with her own mother in a photo album for her baby. The baby in her womb uses its magic to spell out the words "Grandma and Mommy" on the page.
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  • Although Billie Jenkins was considered a Creator's Pet in the show she managed to have a Heartwarming Moment at the end of "The Lost Picture Show" which had her falling for a man from the 1950s. He was killed by a demon and the end shows Billie laying a rose on his grave. Say what you will about Kaley Cuoco's crying but her expression in that scene was perfect. Oh and just as the camera fades out you hear a slight jingling which hints that the man may have become a whitelighter.
  • At the end of "Long Live the Queen" after Phoebe has just had to kill Cole Piper and Paige go up to her room where she is lying on the bed crying. Piper lies down next to her and Paige pauses before lying down too. Paige and Phoebe have had their differences before but they are forgotten in this moment.
  • In the second season premiere Prue suffers a breakdown because of Andy's death, feeling responsible for it. One scene had Piper and Phoebe comforting her.
    Phoebe: He chose to walk through that door not because of who you were but because of who he was.
    Piper:' A protector of the innocent, just like us.
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  • The end of "Hell Hath No Fury" where Piper goes into Paige's office to have a chat. Paige's boss comes over to them and asks who Piper is. Piper replies "I'm her sister". Piper had spent the last episodes acting cold and hostile towards her half-sister Paige because she saw her as a "replacement" for her beloved big sister Prue.
  • A small one but Elise and Phoebe chatting animatedly in the season 5 finale. Remember that Elise was introduced as the boss from hell - and that now she and Phoebe are very close. It's just so adorable.
    • It gets better in the season 8 premiere when, thinking Phoebe's dead, Elise confesses that she loved Phoebe like a daughter. Phoebe tearfully says "Elise, I had no idea" and hugs her...which morphs into a Funny Moment when Phoebe remembers that she's disguised as her 'cousin Julie' and Elise thinks she's been hugged by a complete stranger.
  • Penny abandoning her old fashioned misandrist attitude to Wyatt in "Necromancing The Stone". She says "I think he reminds me a little of your grandfather. That's a compliment. He was a good man". Becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight with season 6's "Witchstock" revealing that the man in question - Alan - was Penny's one true love.
  • Craig admitting his love for Mylie in "A Witch's Tail" - despite her being a mermaid. She earns her humanity and Leo heals hernote . The first thing she sees when she wakes up is Craig standing over her. Her smile just sells it.
  • The entirety of "That 70's Episode" focuses on the Sisters being sent into the past where they get to see and interact with their deceased mother Patty. This is especially true with Phoebe who was too young when she died to remember her.
  • Pretty much any episode that features Patty is rife with this
    • Such as the ending of "Charmed Again" in which the girls conjure Patty's spirit for Paige who steps out of their circle and becomes corporal for her to hug her.
    Patty: Paige (steps forward and embraces her) Welcome home!
    • Then there is "Just Harried" where the Elders send Patty down for Piper's wedding, not as a ghost but just her mother
    • And again Patty appears to Piper underwater in "A Witch's Tail" assuaging her fears and rescuing her from drowning
      • Then near the very end of the episode Patty magically signs a Page of the baby book Piper is preparing for her child
  • Slightly odd to say, but a kind of sweet moment is in Y Tu Mummy Tambian. When Cole sends Piper home, he drops her on a couch. A fall from the roof to the ceiling could have seriously hurt a normal pregnant person. Although Piper is obviously not easily hurt, Cole could have done a lot worse to her at that moment, regardless of what's to come in the episode and in future episodes.
  • Although things turn sour at the end of "Magic Hour", Piper preparing for the simple wedding with Leo is this. It's just her, her sisters, Leo and Grams in the house with no cake or flowers - but Piper doesn't care.
    Phoebe: I know it's not exactly how you wanted it.
    Piper: But it's exactly what I wanted.
  • During the episode with the manticore baby, Leo mentions that he's a father before he's a Whitelighter. The camera pans over to Chris, who gives this little half-smile before ducking to hide it. It seems completely out of character until you learn who he really is - and considering later episodes and what we learn about his relationship with Leo, it's a nice moment that shows that it isn't all bad between them.
  • Kyra The Seer enjoying the peacefulness and beauty of Earth when she’s aligned with the sisters and agreeing that the good parts of it are worth putting up with the bad ones.
  • Mylie the mermaid and her boyfriend kissing.
  • Ava wearing her aunts pendant in the episode with the Romani.
  • Just how nice and romantic the former demon Drake is with his desire to feel love and humanity, even if it won’t last.
  • Brent Miller getting back his eyesight after the fight with the grimlocks in season 1.
  • The sister’s helping bereaved father Cleavant Wilson get justice for his daughters murder.
  • Paige setting Henry straight about Whitelighter Speed.


  • Despite their legendary feud, Alyssa Milano immediately sent public well wishes to Shannen Doherty once her breast cancer diagnosis became known. The two appear to have completely buried the hatchet now.
  • In The New '10s when websites like The Mary Sue began questioning whether Charmed had ever been a feminist show (especially ahead of the 2018 reboot), Holly Marie Combs publicly defended it and said she was proud of the messages it sent.
  • In contrast to popular belief, Rose McGowan was not merely the successful auditionee out of hundreds of actresses. She was in fact the first choice, offered the role personally by Aaron Spelling, even when she'd been blacklisted from Hollywood by Harvey Weinstein.
    • In her autobiography, while Rose outlines that her experience on the set was among the darkest years of her life, she still expresses gratitude to those who loved the show and Paige.
    "If you are reading this book because of Charmed, thank you for being a fan of the show and my character. I respect you and I honour you. I know it's brought a lot of joy to a lot of people. I was glad to be of service. I am glad something really good was coming from what, for me, was a very difficult time. When I say anything that's negative about the show, you have to understand I'm speaking about my personal experience. Not Paige Matthews, my character, but me, Rose. But you can always find good in most situations and so that is what I choose to focus on. There is much that I'm proud of from this period. For a long time Charmed was —and might still be — the longest- running female-driven hour-long show in history. I wish we got more credit for that, because it's important."
  • Holly Marie Combs says her favorite episode is "The Sword in the City". Why that one? Because right as they began filming it, she found out she was pregnant for the first time.

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