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Awesome Music / Charmed (1998)

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  • The opening theme, Love Spit Love's cover of "How Soon is Now", truly one of the most epic openings of a TV show ever.
  • "Centennial Charmed" featured the song 'Goodbye', performed by Michelle Branch, the same song she performed in a Season 6 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The song, which is about saying goodbye to someone, is quite lovely; in the show, it was clearly a farewell song to Cole.
  • The Season 5 premiere featured B*Witched's "Blame It on the Weatherman" playing over a bittersweet montage of the Halliwells getting on with their lives after major changes (Paige leaving her job, Phoebe signing divorce papers and Piper preparing for her baby).
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  • The Season 3 premiere guest stars the Barenaked Ladies performing "Pinch Me" in P3. It perfectly captures Phoebe's budding feelings for Cole.
  • "Sleuthing With The Enemy" gives Phoebe and Cole a beautiful Leitmotif that plays at the very end when she says goodbye.
  • "Animal Pragmatism" gives us "I Promise You" by Judith Owen, which plays as Piper, despite currently being with Dan, has her fantasy of reuniting with Leo after receiving his Valentines Card. Unfortunately, the song is cut from Netflix's version of the episode.
  • "Sand Fransisco Dreamin'" opens with the classic "Mr. Sandman," which could only be the theme of an episode dealing with Sandmen and Dreams.

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