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"The Power of Three will set us free, The Power of Three will set us free, The Power of Three will set us free"
  • In the pilot, Prue telling her sisters to run while she tries to fight Jeremy by herself. She really is like a mom to them.
    • The sisters also vanquish Jeremy, which was pretty cool for their first bad guy vanquish.
  • The sisters end up in a courtroom full of demons. Blindsided, they barricaded themselves in a office with fireballs being thrown at the door. They've never been in a proper battle up to this point. Then they decide they're tired of always being on the defensive and take a level in badass.
  • The creators tried to give everyone their fair share, but some that stand out are:
    • Prue in "Primrose Empath," when she gets temporary empathic powers that can't be controlled and threaten to overwhelm her...until she remembers the Charmed Ones' powers come from emotions and she can channel other people's feelings into her powers, as well as her own, making her far more powerful that she normally is.
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    • In "Baby's First Demon," after Piper arrives at the demonic marketplace to find the ones that put a price on Wyatt.
      Demon Guard: Who are you?
      Piper: I'm the mother. (boom)
      • Her resulting rampage in the marketplace was so extreme that the underworld started dealing with threats to Wyatt themselves just because they were so afraid of pissing her off again.
    • Leo at the end of Season 6, when Chris is killed. The closest thing the show has to a pacifist launches into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge, culminating in pumping the evil Elder who killed him full of frickin' lightning bolts. And before this time, Leo had only been used as The Medic and a quick-and-easy mode of transportation. Took a Level in Badass, indeed.
      • It's worth noting that Leo's killing of Gideon is cold-blooded MURDER. While Leo actually uses Gideon's death to restore the balance of good and evil in the world, Leo's killing of Gideon is explicitly referred to as an act of great evil. And he KNOWINGLY does this, because even though Wyatt is safe for now, both the world and his family are still in danger, Chris is dead and Leo has been pushed too far.
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    • Phoebe gets one in "Witch Wars" when, not long after being stripped of her active powers by the Cleaners, she absorbs demonic powers and proceeds to not only vanquish the demon of the week, but teleports to a bar filled with demons and goes on a demon-killing spree all by herself.
      • What about the episode before? Phoebe disguises herself to infiltrate the villain of the week's lair and using only her wits and Waif-Fu helps save the day.
      • Not to forget that time in Season Four when Piper and Paige were both stripped of their powers and temporarily incapacitated by the Source; Phoebe's power was always considered the weakest, yet she levitates, propels herself by twirling mid-air and kicks the Source in the stomach, knocking him down to the floor long enough to set a crystal trap. Everyone throughout the series kept trying to blast him from a range, yet she went down and engaged in physical combat with the freaking Source of All Evil! It takes guts, girl!
  • Cole killing the Triad in his lonesome. Despite them being far more powerful, he kills them all in his lonesome, something never replicated by anybody without help in the series, ever. Watch
    • The best part? He was injured and bleeding during it, so he was not 100%. He still kicked ass.
  • At one point in the series, Leo grabs Chris mid-orb, yanks him back into solidness, and bodyslams him. Probably not the best father-son moment they ever have, but also not something we ever see on the show again.
  • The Charmed Ones' dads have their moments as well
    • Victor, the Charmed Ones' father, gets one as well. When Piper was about to give birth, the entire magical community being depowered at that time, two demons came into the house a took Piper hostage, with Phoebe and Paige unable to vanquish them since they had knife to Piper's throat and were standing too close to her. Despite being stabbed by one of them previously, he crawls down the stairs, grabs the demon who had the knife to his daughter's throat, and throws him over his head. He also elevated himself into a badass grandpa through this.
    • Sam, the former Whitelighter of Patty, the Charmed Ones mother, later revealed to be Paige's father lets a demon possess him, and then electrocutes himself, killing them both. Through it he also gets his revenge on the demon for killing Patty and saves Prue from death.
  • In "Once Upon a Time," in a moment that's a Tearjerker, Heartwarming and Awesome, after having had enough of the Elders jerking her and Leo around, and her literally screaming at the heavens to return him to her or else she will no longer perform her duties as a Charmed One, after a little girl almost lost her life due to her brief inactivity, she comes to the realization that innocents will always need her, and that she must continue to be a witch to protect them, even if she never sees Leo again. This act of selflessness is enough for The Elders to give Leo back to her, and allows them to continue with their engagement, while the Elders continue to observe and deliberate on their marriage!

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