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Nightmare Fuel / BEMANI

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An album jacket fitting of one of Qrispy Joybox aka MAX MAXIMIZER's most terrifying boss songs.
Maybe it's a good thing most modern BEMANI games are arcade exclusives and that arcades are generally crowded spaces; imagine experiencing these moments in your room late at night.

As a Nightmare Fuel page, all spoilers are unmarked.

In General
  • Just stay away from all BGAs of Asaki's songs...seriously.

beatmania (including IIDX)

  • Breathless from IIDX 13 DistorteD. It's just contextually depressing and disturbing.
  • "CaptivAte ~Chikai~" is kind of a soothing song. But if you miss a note...a giant, decaying bat demon pops up and attacks you.
  • "Blind Justice" and "Apocalypse" are classic songs in the BEMANI series, but their BGAs are terrifying.
  • Just try playing "VANESSA" with the portrait in the background "video" staring at you, occasionally shifting facial expressions in reaction to your performance. It was replaced by a generic video in tricoro, for better or for worse, only to be put back in PENDUAL, though without the changing expressions.
  • "Nageki no Ki" and its sequel "G59" features some really creepy piano and violin voices along with Creepy Awesome demons appearing in the BGA.
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  • The background video for "INORI", consisting of robotic abominations with red singular eyes and a faceless doll who runs away from them and jumps to her death.
  • Rche from the Lincle Kingdom event looks like a beautiful, feminine boy... until you miss a note, at which point his head suddenly turns into a goat head as he attacks you. Fitting, for a character meant to represent Lucifer.
    • In IIDX 22 Penedual, in a certain unlock event if his friendship level is low enough, he makes this face.
  • The boss character for "S!ck" is some sort of purple-skinned Humanoid Abomination with a grotesque muscle build and ridiculously thin limbs.
  • The boss character from "Rengoku No Elferia" is a princess known as Ferira that is transformed into a monster by evil wizards. If you don't get a high enough EX-Score before its final verse, she will not survive and explode. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! You have to get a high enough EX-Score to get her to assume her Bishounen Line form. If you get her to do that, you get the true ending... That is, it's a really difficult Level 12 ANOTHER.
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  • If you fail to get an A or higher on NORMAL, AA or higher in HARD or an AAA in ANOTHER during "Motto! Motto! Tokimeki feat. Matsushita," a song that simulates dating Ooinunote , you won't meet her at the end. Instead, you will be meeting Mamonis in schoolgirl clothing!
  • In beatmania IIDX 23 copula, unlocking a Season Line song for the Extra Stage changes the song select background from the usual "train traveling through tunnel" animation to what looks like a train traveling at night towards a bright orange light, as if you're traveling into a portal to Hell.
  • The music video for "HADES", featuring a man being chased by a red-skinned demon. What makes this one so creepy is the animation style, and how much it looks like it could pass for an actual horror anime.
    • On a similar premise, NZM might look Lighter and Softer, but the premise is basically the same and the red demon is replaced by an evil version of the Aegis doll.
    • Honey Trap from IIDX 24 SINOBUZ does almost the same thing as HADES and NZM, but this time with a ghost girl chasing a boy.
  • At approximately over halfway into the BGA, the new girl in "Ska-sh All Neurons!!" makes this Yandere Slasher Smile.
  • "THE F∀UST"'s entire overlay and the song itself. You have no idea until you see this.


  • In DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME, if your Life Meter reaches dangerously low levels, the background will constantly switch between the current song's background video and an animation of a shark jumping at you. This is perhaps part of why later DDR games simply use a "DANGER" logo on top of the life meter when you're close to failure.
  • "Tohoku EVOLVED", meant to be a tribute to the survivors and victims of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, comes off as a little too creepy with the repetition of the "With you" voice sample.
  • Fascination ~eternal love mix~ on Supernova. Whoever is providing the voice samples sounds like a Stalker with a Crush. Eternal "love", right.
    I'm all you need.
    We...are connected.

Dance ManiaX

  • Dance ManiaX 2nd Mix's DANGER screen. It's a skeleton on a red background that is reaching its arms out at you.

pop'n music

  • Some of Asaki's characters, such as Goku-Sotsu Kun, Ichi-no Myo and Ninjin can be quite terrifying, although they aren't as terrifying as the BGAs in other games.
  • The Zizz-ALT from Pop N' Music 20 Fantasia is just terrifying. While the fact that Zizz did prey on an unsuspecting ALT 2.0 is terrifying enough, when you connect a note, Zizz's face pops out from ALT, and if you clear the song, ALT is killed and replaced with Zizz. (Winning with this ALT skin restores ALT to her original form, however, but this means that you need to lose "A.I. Darkness" to see it happen if she isn't set as your character). But that doesn't stop there! Another terrifying implication is during Zizz's song in Pop'n Music Lapistoria known as "Shuumatsu no jokyoku ~owari no hajimari~", which came after Pop N' Music 20 Fantasia, a part of the lyrics features "Where are we going? Mr.?" in ALT's voice, indicating that she might have become one of Zizz's servants!
    • Fortunately, the next time we see ALT 2.0, which is in Pop'n Music eclale, which came after Pop N' Music 20 Fantasia and Pop'n Music Lapistoria, she is alive and well and is no longer possessed by Zizz, as evident in her (currently) latest song Airport Shuttle!
  • Temari from Pop'N Sunny Park is a Cute Ghost Girl, but her dance animation can be quite unsettling at second glance. She's seen riding an eggplant with four legs on it... except it's actually a shouryouma, a type of offering to the dead during Obon, the Japanese ghost festival.
  • Lapistoria's endgame.
    • Eventually after beating Jadeite, the principal of the Lapistoria school, Retsu goes berserk... and the culprit is none other than the vice president Jade, a young boy in pure white that screams Dissonant Serenity. He then laughs right when Retsu goes berserk and his Lapis goes black.
    • After defeating Jade, everything goes monochrome and the sound and colors of the Pop'n world fade. It turns out that the Master Lapis in charge of the Lapistoria world is corrupting itself...and is responsible for both Jadeite and Jade's corruption. But Lapis isn't evil at all by itself; the Greater-Scope Villain turns out to be MZD himself who neglected the stone as he created the Lapistoria World.
    • After MZD beats the Master Lapis, it fades as well... and everyone is trapped. Yes, not even the god of Pop'N can escape, and everyone is trapped there for an eternity... unless someone has a colored Lapis, which caused Nia's Heroic Sacrifice.
    • Finally, there's the Fridge Horror scene after you fail to clear the ending. The bad ending penalty for failing to clear that song is the same scene at the start of story mode repeating. This means fail to clear the ending song... and your efforts are All for Nothing.

Reflec Beat

  • "Survival Games -ZEUS Mix-"'s album art features Yoshitaka and Sota in a blue tint with creepy glowing blue eyes. The REFLEC BEAT plus version of the album art takes it a step further, showing Yoshitaka as a bald alien-like character.
  • "CLAMARE" has an album jacket featuring a screaming skull face on a hellish yellow, green, and purple background, pictured above. The track itself is pretty harsh on the ears, featuring a quiet heartbeat section about halfway through the song.
    • Similar to "CLAMARE", the REFLEC derby event for VOLZZA now gives us "Rebellio"; if the former jacket didn't scare you, the latter will.

Sound Voltex

  • Grace from her SDVXIII debut. While in later installations she's purified and is a regular, in that particular installation she's the Big Bad and what she does there is outright disturbing and terrifying. Not to mention the face that she makes on the game's title screen.
    • After the NEMESIS crew defeats all four of Grace's minions for the first time, they are greeted by a Grace with 99999 HP that instantly defeats Rasis, critically injures her and proceeds to corrupt lesser members of the NEMESIS crew.
    • Let's not forget what she does to Left and Maxima. She ambushes and corrupts Left to serve her then uses Capsaisin to turn Maxima into a stone statue. Yes, you read it right, Maxima. The strongest and most cheerful member of NEMESIS... DESTROYED in an instant.
  • "MARENOL" by LeaF is imported to SDVX VIVID WAVE! Just DO NOT look up that song's BGA on YouTube. Simply DO NOT. We will not link it here; if you want to see it, look for it yourself. Context - Beware: it's unsettling!  Thankfully SDVX doesn't have that BGA, but the beginning of the song starts with a loud scream, which might function as a Jump Scare if you are not suspecting it.

Gita Dora

  • The video for the song Exclamation from Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE features a kid getting hunted down by a demonic rabbit plush.
    Hello, Sweetie.

Nostalgia (BEMANI)

  • "Noah's song of collapse's" unlock animation. It's nothing like the past unlocking animations and it's just plain disturbing.
  • "Fear the Merry" marks Asaki's debut in the series and even if his singing is non-existent, there is an extremely ominous laugh followed by sinister violin/silent noises alongside Asaki's very own rock, piano and violin work.

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