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Please rise for the Rhythm Game National Anthem of Japan.

TROPE BEAT / Memes.BEMANI / BEMANI Sound Team "Trope-tan"

For a detailed listing of BEMANI Memes, try this page, or here.

beatmania / IIDX / III
  • 20, novemberExplanation 
  • Rislim -Remix- Explanation 
  • Is 69 easier with Hard on? Explanation 
  • SoflanExplanation 
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  • You can't spell Revival without V! Explanation 
  • Last Message: proving men can't watch two things at once since 7th Style.Explanation 
    • Sense 2007 Explanation 
    • DaiExplanation 
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    • ExpandedExplanation 
  • Himiko? FUCK THAT SHIT! PABST BLUE RIBBON! Explanation 
  • Preview song: Setsugekka Explanation 
  • smooooch・∀・ Explanation 
  • They can change the grades to "cat" and "sailboat" for all I care, so long as the timing and EX scoring is the same. Explanation 
  • Truck me~ Explanation 
  • Kyle Snyder / Mirror Force / Engulfed Beam / You Can't Escape Me Explanation 
  • Laundry Machines Explanation 
    • When Sega unveiled its new arcade music game maimai, many users joked that its cabinet looked like a washing machine. Of course, the English-language community also got to make jokes about it possibly having "gigadelic" on it too. This is acknowledged by Sega during the Tenkaichi otogesai Zenkoku issei nintei taikai event as the reason why they chose water element for its final round song composition.
    • Within the context of 8th Dan courses, gigadelic has become infamous for another reason.
  • What gigadelic is to 8th Dan, THE SAFARI is to 7th Dan, only dating back to the beginning of the Kyu and Dan Ranks system that began in 7th Style.
    • Safari RefugeesExplanation 
    • テレテレテッテExplanation 
    • "Oh my god, I'm going to Africa!"Explanation 
  • "Kaiden omedetou" Explanation 
  • Peview
    • GXPERT
      • BRGINNER Explanation 
    • BLCOKS
  • Rche's genderExplanation 
  • 78%Explanation 
  • _____†LEGGENDARIAExplanation 
  • SUPER STAR -満- MITSURUExplanation 
    • She is my wifeExplanation 
    • ONLY ONE _____Explanation 
    • Shocked dj TAKA Explanation 
  • GAMBOL JudgementExplanation 
  • DaisukeExplanation 
  • LinkleExplanation 
  • The unveiling of the theme for version 25, "Cannon Ballers", was immediately meant with jokes and parodies related to its motorsports theme, including crossovers with Daytona USA, Initial D, and even Steel Ball Run.
  • Battleground / blowing up KONAMIExplanation 
  • BMSExplanation 
  • TWINKROOMExplanation 
  • "LOVE B.B.B." has become an infrequent source for remixes and YTPMVs.
  • [Flexible Hybrid Polymer] Garden HoseExplanation 


  • MAX 300Explanation 
  • Xepher Tatsh Explanation 
  • Bar huggingExplanation 
  • LET THEM MOVEExplanation 
  • We Drink RitalinExplanation 
  • ◎◎◎◎◎◎
  • Dash Hopes 440Explanation 
  • "DDR is dead"Explanation 
  • USA! USA! USA! USA!Explanation 
  • 20!Explanation 
  • Two up arrows Explanation 
  • DDR 420 Explanation 
  • "bag nightcore"Explanation 
  • DDR 5 Explanation 
  • "milquetoast 19"Explanation 
  • "DDR Alpha 3"Explanation 
  • "Lemon" Explanation 
  • 3 Arrows at once!!Explanation 

pop'n music


Sound Voltex

  • Sound Voltex's heavy use of the filter knob feature has become a meme in and of itself.
    • WOOSH WOOSHExplanation 
  • KFCExplanation 
  • 69%Explanation 
  • PHQUASE trapsExplanation 
  • Universe StageExplanation 
  • O-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U- JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A- E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A- JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAAExplanation 
    • NO-oooooooooo AAAAE-A-A-I-A-U-JO-oooooooooooo AAE-O-A-A-U-U-A-E-eee-ee-eee AAAAE-A-E-I-E-A-JO-ooo-oo-oo-oo EEEEO-A-AAA-AAAAExplanation 
    • Call me a leader, cocaineExplanation 
      • Call me a leader, (BLEEP)Explanation 
  • I Hate Rasis, Her Tits Are Too BigExplanation 
  • MUXIMUMExplanation 
  • Dyscontrolled Galaxy is a 20!Explanation 
  • Joyeuse VVDExplanation 

Dance Rush

  • Konami having trouble coming up with a final name for it
  • The first iteration, Stepstar, was unveiled on the same day as an extended preview of Splatoon 2. Jokes were immediately made that the game was a "ripoff" of a DDR parody present in the lobby of said game.
  • Dance Rush is amazing to play on! Explanation 
  • High-difficulty charts usually result in calls that the cabinets need a bar.

Multiple / Other

  • Get It?! Explanation 
    • The ultimate memetic song of BEMANI: "FLOWER". It is infamous for its excessive crossing over into other rhythm games. In addition to its initial appearance on jubeat and REFLEC BEAT, it has also appeared on DanceDanceRevolution, pop'n music, beatmania IIDX, BeatStream, DanceEvolution, Miraidagakki FutureTomTom, GITADORAnote , and SOUND VOLTEXnote .Yes, that means EVERY active BEMANI series. Just to add even more fuel to the fire, the 2013 BEMANI commercial plays FLOWER in the background.

      It gets worse. The Tenkaichi otoge sai Zenkoku issei nintei taikai event is a Crossover event between multiple companies' rhythm games—specifically, jubeat saucer fulfill, maimai ORANGE, Taiko no Tatsujin Kimidori Ver., and Groove Coaster EX in 2014. The representative song from jubeat is "FLOWER". That's right, "FLOWER" even crosses over to non-Konami rhythm games!

      Later, Konami added two of their songs into SEGA rhythm game CHUNITHM. One of them is "Chikuwa parfait da yo CKP" by Marika and Meu Meu from HinaBitter. The other is "FLOWER".

      The next Tenkaichi otoge event saw "FLOWER" being put in Synchronica as well as Sound Voltex alongside its REDALiCE-remixed form.

      All in all, "FLOWER" has appeared in 15 (now 18) distinct rhythm game series by four different developers. Some would say it isn't just BEMANI's Signature Song but that of the entire Rhythm Game genre.
      • Those outside the BEMANI community may know "FLOWER" from a remix video of it using the famous "Yee" clip from the mockbuster Dinosaur Adventure entitled "Yee Mania". What's even funnier is that Yee Mania has more views than two videos of just the song.
      • For the first beatmania IIDX INFINITAS alpha test, one song was brought in from later releases, which naturally was "FLOWER". It was sadly snipped from the final release, but was brought back later in a January 2016 update.
      • FLOWER RevivalExplanation 
    • 185 BPMExplanation 
    • DJ YOSHITAKA's other "TRANCE CORE" and "HARD RENAISSANCE" songs are also quite infamous, due to being frequently crossed over and hyped up as boss songs. "JOMANDA" and "VALLIS-NERIA" are particularly infamous; the latter was anticipated to be crossed over into IIDX for many months, which did happen, and both songs have elaborate videos despite the former being part of a series of boss songs that don't have new videos and the latter being an event song, while most event songs receive video overlays at best.
  • The number of Red Zone mixes is getting a tad silly.
    • Now we have Evans, KIMONO♡PRINCESS, Miracle Medicine & Bloomin' Feeling.
  • ONLY ONE _____Explanation 
  • VENUSExplanation 
    • WIZAUCHUNAIExplanation 
    • Wow Wow VENUSExplanation 
      • Wow Wow PENISExplanation 
      • Hitori ja JESUSExplanation 
  • Is Lincle Link 5 over yet?Explanation 
  • Konmai QualityExplanation 
  • Otoiroha toiletExplanation 
    • Similarly, the pun おトイレは (otoireha), as トイレ means toilet.
  • BEMANI Sound TeamExplanation 
  • KONAMI Hates EveryoneExplanation 

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