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With several thousand songs spanning across over ten different game series composed by dozens of musicians, in-house and otherwise, the BEMANI franchise is bound to have countless examples of Awesome Music.

Private BEMANI Academy

A special online event that puts the awesome composers of the BEMANI series into a High School A.U.. You play games to build up their Relationship Values and unlock these special collaboration songs, which can be played on most BEMANI series. That means if you play a lot of BEMANI series, you can almost play these songs no matter which game you're on.


All of these songs were made available for unlocking in Dance Dance Revolution, beatmania, pop'n music, jubeat, GITADORA, and Reflec Beat simultaneously, with special arrange versions for GITADORA if necessary.


Nettou! BEMANI Stadium

Another multi-game BEMANI unlock event, this time also including Sound Voltex, DanceEvolution Arcade, and Miraidagakki Future TomTom and themed around baseball.

  • Squeeze, a collaboration between VENUS and Mutsuhiko Izumi. Notable for being the first VENUS song with no vocals.
  • IX, the final boss of the event, is a collaboration between DJ TAKA and DJ TOTTO. Really gets the blood pumping for what will a brutal song no matter what game you're playing it on. Even more awesome is the Gitadora version, making it into even more of a rock song with guitars playing.

BEMANI Summer Diary

  • Enjoy a romantic summer with In The Breeze (official upload), a collaboration between 96 and Sota Fujimori with Mayumi Morinaga's charming English-language singing.

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