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Narm / The Dark Knight Trilogy

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"Holy mother of unintentional comedy!"
Mike Nelson upon seeing Two-Face for the first time.

Batman Begins

  • There is a scene in which a fear-toxin-poisoned Rachel is rushed to Batman's cave, about to die from fright... And a still-masked Batman sits next to her, repeatedly growling at her. Real helpful, Batman.
  • If you go frame-by-frame when he shouts "RACHEL!!" just prior to entering the bat-cave, he makes the most hilarious face.
  • Anything involving Katie Holmes under the influence of mind-altering substances of any kind. Now that it's demonstrated that she doesn't need substances to have her mind altered, using them might be overkill.
  • A similar nonverbal example: Batman himself gets gassed in an earlier scene and is subsequently seen going into spastic hallucinations. Because of how stiff his costume is, Bale's drug-induced shuffling ends up looking awkward. For fans of YTMND and Youtube Poop, it might even resemble the "Retarded Batman" clip.
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  • Yet another Rachel example - when she slaps Bruce after he shows her the gun he was going to use to kill Joe Chill, she clearly makes contact but clearly hits him very weakly. Also, something about the sound effect is off. It makes Rachel seem extremely physically weak.
  • Some considered Scarecrow's costume to be this, as it's little more than a paper bag over the head.
  • Sometimes this happens when Ducard is lecturing Wayne during his training, especially when he's setting up for a Call-Back later in the film. For example, at one point, he rushes in while rapidly shouting "you must become an IDEA!"

The Dark Knight

  • Aaron Eckhart, in what was otherwise a fantastic performance, shouts "Say it!" at Gordon, and screams "Rachel!" There's a guy who cannot pull off Say My Name.
  • "RAY-CHUuUuUL"
  • Batman's voice, with Christian Bale taking a far deeper and raspier tone than he did back in Batman Begins, made it difficult to take Batman seriously. The RiffTrax product blurb accurately describes it as sounding like "a grizzled combination of Tom Waits and The Cookie Monster."
  • Batman sounded super drunk, especially in the important final scene with Jim Gordon and Two-Face. Being Batman is something you have to do sober.
    • He sounded like Patty and Selma, Marge's chain-smoking twin older sisters, on The Simpsons.
    • He sounds like an asthmatic doing a bad Steven Seagal impression.
    • Even if you grant that he's obviously trying to disguise his real voice, it gets super funny when you notice that he still puts on the voice when talking with Lucius Fox, who already knows who he is.
  • Also, Harvey Dent saying "it's not about what I want, it's about what's FAIR!" They turned freaking Two-Face into Anakin Skywalker!!!
  • Nurse Joker's Paper-Thin Disguise keeping Harvey from recognizing him until he takes off the surgeon mask.

The Dark Knight Rises

  • Of particular note is the moment where Batman punches Bane (whose own voice is arguably Narmy) repeatedly while demanding to know where the detonator for the nuke is, over and over again. Dude, give the guy a chance to respond. This also provides what could be one of the most narmtastic Ironic Echoes of all time when he says "THEN YOU HAVE MY PERMISHION TO DIIIE".
  • The Star-Spangled Banner scene is incredibly obvious and ham-fisted.
  • The scene of the football player (Hines Ward of the Steelers) outrunning the collapsing stadium and dropping the ball in shock elicited some laughs. You'd think he'd have heard all those explosions not ten feet behind him.
    • The ball drop doesn't appear in the film.
    • It's especially funny if you are (or know) a fan of the Steelers, who will insist that Hines Ward would not be returning a kickoff, and that there's no way in Hell that he'd actually be able to run the ball back like that.
  • Then, their opening banter consists of Bane asking if Batman's come back to die, to which Batman replies, "No. I'm here to stop you." At which point the music swells and they begin fighting, as though the dialogue wasn't pathetically anti-climactic.
  • The death of Talia Al-Ghul (assuming it was indeed a death, since it's left ambiguous), due to her rather hammy Evil Gloating and expressions.
  • Bane's voice sounds almost exactly like a Sontaran's. Crossed with Sean Connery. We're treated to some prime Ham-to-Ham Combat whenever he and Batman are in the same room.
  • Batman inexplicably spends a huge amount of his scenes with his mouth hanging open, to the point of completely distracting from otherwise-okay dialogue scenes.

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