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Trivia / The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Fims with their own pages:

  • All-Star Cast: All three films feature Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Cillian Murphy, on top of:
  • Awesome, Dear Boy: Cillian Murphy really wanted to be near the Batmobile.
  • Creator Backlash: While Christopher Nolan doesn't necessarily hate The Dark Knight Trilogy as a whole, he has expressed displeasure on how its success had a hand in paving the way for superhero films to dominate and radically change the moviemaking landscape in The New '10s and onward. Since its release, Nolan has made it adamant that he has zero interest in returning to the superhero genre anytime soon.
  • Creator's Pest: Neither Christopher Nolan nor Christian Bale wanted Robin to appear in the trilogy, due to Nolan believing that the character would have been out of place in this universe.
  • Directed by Cast Member: The Canadian French dub for all three movies was directed by Vincent Davy, who also voiced Alfred.
  • Fake American: In the first movie, Katie Holmes and Morgan Freeman are the only actual Americans, amid the Welsh-born Englishman Christian Bale, the English Gary Oldman, Linus Roache, and Tom Wilkinson, and the Irish Cillian Murphy (and Northern Irish Liam Neeson, but Ra's isn't American anyway). There are more real Americans in the second film, but the Joker is played by Australian Heath Ledger. (We can't be sure of the Joker's nationality, but he speaks with a Chicago accent).
    • Notably, almost the entire cast of Begins (including most of the main stars) hail from one part of the British Isles or another, although Michael Caine's character is British and Ducard is a stateless individual.
    • This is mostly averted in the sequels, although notably the main villains of both sequels play it straight (Heath Ledger was Australian, Tom Hardy is British and Marion Cotillard is French.)
  • Lying Creator and Actors: The statements that Talia al Ghul and Robin would not be in the films was supported (by lying, or simply silence) by the actors who played Talia al Ghul and Robin.
    • Earlier on, Nolan also claimed that Robin would never appear in the series because Bruce Wayne himself was just starting out, and Robin "would still be a kid at this time". This one's at least true From a Certain Point of View: there's a Time Skip before Rises, and Dick Grayson—the character almost everyone assumed Nolan was referring to—is replaced by the Composite Character Robin John Blake.
  • Missing Episode: See here.
  • Playing Against Type: Gary Oldman is known for his great acting range, but is often typecast as a villain. In these movies, he plays a heroic Jim Gordon, and avoids going overboard with his acting.