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Higher than the sun, I'm higher than the sun...

Screamadelica is the third album released by Scottish Alternative Rock band Primal Scream. Compared to their first two albums, which the band now sees as an Old Shame, it proved to be the New Sound Album that won both the critics and the public over. It scored hits such as "Loaded", "Higher Than the Sun", and "Movin' On Up", and was also subject of an episode of the TV documentary series Classic Albums.


  1. "Movin' On Up" (3:47)
  2. "Slip Inside This House" (5:14)
  3. "Don't Fight It, Feel It" (6:51)
  4. "Higher Than The Sun" (3:56)
  5. "Inner Flight" (5:00)
  6. "Come Together" (10:21)
  7. "Loaded" (7:01)
  8. "Damaged" (5:37)
  9. "I'm Comin' Down" (5:59)
  10. "Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)" (7:37)
  11. "Shine Like Stars" (3:45)

Trope Inside This House

  • Alliterative Title: "Don't Fight It, Feel It".
  • All Lower Case Letters: While the album was originally released with a cover featuring no text, some issues feature the band name and album title typed out in lowercase Helvetica lettering.
  • Amen Break: Sampled on "Slip Inside This House".
  • Bo Diddley Beat: The guitar riff of "Movin' On Up".
  • Cover Version: "Slip Inside This House", a cover of the 1967 song by The 13th Floor Elevators.
  • Cut Song: The actual song "Screamadelica" was left off the album and issued instead on the Dixie-Narco EP.
  • Epic Rocking: The 10:21 "Come Together", the 7:37 "Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)", the 7:01 "Loaded", and the 6:51 "Don't Fight It, Feel It".
    • The Farley mix of "Come Together", which appears on American versions of the album, clocks in at 8:06.
  • The Face of the Sun: The album cover.
  • Genre Mashup: The album draws from a wide variety of influences, including Gospel Music, dub, House Music, and Techno.
  • Gospel Music / Gospel Choirs Are Just Better: "Movin' On Up" is clearly inspired by the genre.
  • House Music: The album saw the band take influence from this genre.
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: An abstract, sun-shaped image.
  • New Sound Album: The band's previous album was a rough rock album. Influenced by the house club scene, they decided to make an album that broke all of the traditional band rules.
  • One-Word Title: The album title, "Loaded", and "Damaged".
  • Rearrange the Song:
    • "Loaded" is Andrew Weatherall's remix of their earlier song "I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have".
    • "Higher Than the Sun" is reprised and remixed in a dub style by Weatherall (with a guest appearance by Jah Wobble) as the penultimate song of the album.
  • Sampling:
    • "Slip Inside This House" samples the laugh from "Sex Machine" by Sly and the Family Stone, as well as the Amen Break.
    • "Higher Than The Sun" samples "Wah Wah Man" by the Young-Holt Unlimited Trio and "Get Away Jordan" by Take 6.
    • "Inner Flight" samples the closing sound of "The Great Pretender" from Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) by Brian Eno.
    • "Loaded" has a sample from Peter Fonda in The Wild Angels (1966), Andie MacDowell in sex, lies, and videotape, and a drum loop from an Italian bootleg mix of Edie Brickell's "What I Am", as well as The Emotions "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love".
    • "Come Together" has a sample from Jesse Jackson's speech at Wattstax (1972).
  • Shout-Out:
    • The first verse of "Movin' On Up" was borrowed from Can's "Yoo Doo Right".
    • The album title is based on the name of Funkadelic, a result of a long day of attempting to come up with a title that had the word "scream" in it.
  • Siamese Twin Songs: "Higher Than the Sun" and "Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts)", even though the latter is a remix of the former.
  • Special Guest: Denise Johnson sings "Don't Fight It, Feel It", while Jah Wobble plays bass during "Higher Than The Sun (A Dub Symphony In Two Parts)".
  • Spoken Word in Music:
    • The sample in "Loaded" is lifted from The Wild Angels and has a monologue by Peter Fonda.
    • Another sample in "Loaded" is Andie MacDowell in sex, lies, and videotape saying: "That's beautiful, that's really beautiful."
    • "Come Together" is built around a sample of Jesse Jackson in Wattstax which also serves as a statement about the album's Genre Mashup style.
    Today on this program, you will hear gospel
    And rhythm and blues and jazz
    All those are just labels
    We know that music is music
  • Step Up to the Microphone: Guitarist Robert Young sings "Slip Inside This House" in Bobby Gillespie's vocal style, due to Bobby not being in the studio at the time.
  • Textless Album Cover: The front cover of most pressings just features Paul Cannell's primary-coloured artwork.