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Love is all they got.

Jonathan "Jon" Gooch (born August 22, 1984) is a British electronic music producer, best known under the aliases Feed Me and Spor.

Gooch first started releasing music under the Spor name in 2004. The project's propulsive, moody take on drum 'n bass and early neurofunk made him a cult favorite in the scene, releasing singles on influential labels like Lifted, UKF and Vision Recordings and contributing remixes for artists like Basement Jaxx and Muse.

Feed Me, Gooch's most popular project, emerged in 2008 as an outlet for his electro house and dubstep work, debuting with the track "Mordez Moi." His first three EPs under the name, Feed Me's Big Adventure, To the Stars and Feed Me's Escape From Electric Mountain, established the project's energetic sound and propelled him to popularity in the scene with some help from deadmau5 and his label mau5trap.


Gooch would go on to start a label of his own, Sotto Voce Records, where he would release his first full-length album under the Feed Me name, Calamari Tuesday, in 2013, and a Spor album called Caligo in 2015. Each project's broad intent has remained intact over the course of his discography, but over time Gooch's output as Feed Me adopted more experimental edges in line with his work as Spor (albeit with a more melodic twist), while his Spor work has adopted a level of production polish recognizable in his Feed Me tunes — the natural end result of switching between the two projects.

After several more EPs under the Feed Me name, Gooch returned to mau5trap for the project's second album, High Street Creeps, in 2019. He'd follow it up with a string of singles before releasing a self-titled third album in 2021.


Gooch's DnB releases proved more sporadic in the later 2010s, but the producer returned to his roots with the Black Eyed EP in 2016, the Anachronic EP four years later, and the Cave EP on mau5trap in 2022.


as Spor note 

  • Tactics (2005)
  • Supernova (2008)
  • Breathe In, Scream Out (2008)
  • Conquerors & Commoners (2010)
  • Pacifica (2011)
  • Caligo (2015)
  • Black Eyed (2016)
  • Anachronic (2020)
  • Cave (2022)

as Feed Me

  • Feed Me's Big Adventure (2010)
  • To the Stars(2011)
  • Feed Me's Escape from Electric Mountain (2012)
  • Calamari Tuesday (2013)
  • Feed Me's Psychedelic Journey (2014)
  • A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo (2015)
  • Feed Me's Family Reunion (2016)
  • Feed Me's Existential Crisis(2017)
  • High Street Creeps (2019)
  • Feed Me (2021)


  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Five of the Feed Me EPs use "Feed Me's ____" as the title format.
  • I Have Many Names: Best known as Feed Me and Spor, but has also teased some work under the name Seventh Stitch.
  • Limited Lyrics Song: Rather common among his more instrumental-focused work.
  • Madness Mantra: Exemplified in the Kill the Noise collab "I Do Coke," taken from an infamous anti-drug PSA:
    I do coke
    So I can work longer
    So I can earn more
    So I can do more coke
  • Metal Band Mascot: Less metal and more EDM, but Feed Me (the little green monster) serves much the same purpose for Feed Me (the production alias), showing up on the vast majority of releases under the name note .
  • New Sound Album: Each Feed Me album keeps the dubstep and electro house leanings as a foundation to build upon:
    • Calamari Tuesday takes a kitchen sink approach, bringing in shades of electropop, R&B and glitch hop.
    • High Street Creeps sticks with progressive and electro house for the most part, but handles its vocal features and production with a higher theatricality to it than most other Feed Me fare.
    • Feed Me cuts all but two external features (one with longtime collaborator Tasha Baxter), putting a larger focus on Gooch's production work and implementing some synthwave elements alongside his classic sound.
  • Record Producer: Primarily focuses on his own output, but has a healthy number of remixes under his belt for acts like Nero, Gorillaz and Muse. Has also made a few external collaborations over the years with artists like Kill the Noise, Example and Korn, with a featured credit on the latter's song "Bleeding Out."
  • Renaissance Man: Much like his rodent counterpart, Jon handles or is otherwise involved in almost every element of both Feed Me and Spor, from the music itself to the cover art, video production and live visuals.
  • Robot War: "Death by Robot," naturally.
    Newsflash, newsflash
    They say robots are coming to tear us apart
    They'll be landing on Earth tomorrow
    So we better get a good head start
    No time to pack our things
    Take our bikes and ride for the setting sun
    As the city around us burns
    We'll be taking them on one by one
  • Self-Deprecating Humor: Present in a few songs by way of sample choice.
    • "Grand Theft Ecstasy" closes out with a man slurring "What happened to music? Now these people are making songs that I don't even consider music anymore..."
    • "One Click Headshot" opens with this exchange:
    Woman: Do you like his music?
    Kid: No!
  • Same Face, Different Name: Inverted. Gooch's original musical project was his DnB output as Spor, while his experimental work as Seventh Stitch and his dubstep/electro house as Feed Me came about later on. When he reached mainstream popularity within the electronica scene, it was under the latter name, in similar fashion to how fellow mau5trap artist Joey Youngman reached a wider audience as Wolfgang Gartner than under his birth name.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Stupid Statement Dance Mix: "One Click Headshot" samples a video of FPS Doug hitting headshots in Counter-Strike to great effect. A decade later, it remains one of Gooch's best-known works.
  • Surprisingly Gentle Song: Seeing the names "Feed Me & Kill the Noise" wouldn't typically bring to mind the idea of a children's choir and a sweet nursery rhyme-esque sound, but "Far Away" puts both elements to great use alongside drops more in line with what listeners would typically expect. The cover art and music video are both designed with this in mind, with the latter using two art styles for its animation: cute, childlike drawings for the opening and closing, tripped out Adult Swim-like psychedelia for the center.

Alternative Title(s): Spor