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The birth of a legend.

A list of memes started by the Hetalia Bloodbath 2011. Visit the main series, the previous year, and CAPTALIA pages respectively.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation 
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • NICE PLANE Explanation 
  • Bridge!Japan
  • Couchtalia
    • Chair!Germany
      • Chairmany!
  • Capetalia!
  • Ninja update!
  • Penis swords.
  • "Roleplay Roulette," where everyone goes on Tohla and RPs as Hetalia characters until they either find each other or the strangers disconnect them, and then post the conversations on the main comm.
    • Recently, error messages have been popping up in the middle of conversations. It has no negative effect on the conversation aside from being annoying, and they are now called socks because of the strange code, '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'.
      • They're Steve's fault.
  • "Today it's Russia and tomorrow it's Russia~"
  • "Meanwhile in Hetalia" fans take some of the Meanwhile In pictures and Photoshop the corresponding nation-tan into the picture.
  • Flying Leaf Bunny, who accompanies Flying Mint Bunny.
    • And may be Flying Mint Bunny's lovechild with Herr Schtick.
  • Thanks to Google-fu, Japan's "I forgot about the shazam shazam."
  • If you don't get an update, it's obviously Steve's fault.
  • Flipping the event page.
  • MariaBloodwell, our dear "Uncle", will always seme the thread page. Always.
    • Expanded to the Curse of the Page Seme: whoever does not what to be Page Seme (aka. commenting at the top of the page), will invariably be so.
    • "This will seme."/"This will uke."Explanation 
  • "WE HAVE HIT CODE X. I REPEAT, WE HAVE HIT CODE X." During one of the updates, a fan began yelling out Code (color) at regular intervals to measure the HST. This caught on, and has been used to synchronize flipping. The codes are as follows:
    • 0 mins. no HST — Casual F5.
    • 5 mins. Code Green — Slightly panicky F5.
    • 10 mins. Code Yellow — Keyboard smashing + F5.
    • 20 mins. Code Orange — Flip 90 degrees, panicky F5.
    • 30 mins. Code Red — Commence flipping and panicking.
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    • 45 mins. Code Purple — All of the above Up to Eleven.
    • 1 hour+ Code Black — Flip everything
    • UPDATE — Code Rainbow
    • NINJA UPDATE — Code Lightning
      • Lots of ninja updates coming close together has been called a "Lightning Storm", "Thunderstorm" or "Code Zeus."
    • IzzyNinjaJedi made a lovely chart explaining it all.
      • After 2 hours of waiting, the fandom went in Code Oblivion.... resulting in much panic and worry about Hima-Papa
        • At about 4 hours of waiting it was then dubbed Code Steve
    • A really long incident of HST in which Hima did not update for a full week (leading some to speculate the event was in fact over) was called both "Code IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD!" (at 50 hours) "Code WE'RE OUT OF PASTA!" (100 hours), "Code That F*cking Island" and more...
  • The fandom is a pirate ship. Specifically, the SS Ninja Alpaca by VentusBDaPlayer.
    • And here, too.
      • The great SS Ninja Alpaca sank in the Code Steve incident mentioned above. The HST was simply too much.
  • Kitty Cat .gifs (usually posted by our lovely tehd ) whenever Code Yellow is reached!
  • Hetamon!
    • I'm X and my favourite Pokémon is Y! (Courtesy of the great Ladonia!)
  • Calls To Attract Wild Nations, developed during a particularly long HST storm.
    • America: "I need a hero! I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night!" For maximum effect, sing in an English/British accent.
      • "I'm lovin' it!"
    • Australia: "Look, the cricket's on!"
    • Austria: "What's this about finding a copy of a new, previously lost and unknown Mozart concerto? And the end of Beethoven's last symphony?"
    • Belarus: "Vanya would like to get married married married..."
    • Bulgaria: "YOGUUUUUUURT!"
    • Canada: "We have maple syrup!"
      • "Canada, is that you?"
    • China: "Money here, aru."
      • "Wow, there's no Chinatown in this city/state/country."
    • England: "I'm hungry. I do wish I had a delicious scone right about now."
    • France: "Help! I feel the sudden urge to run around naked and can't get my clothes off!"
    • Germany: "Quick! Italy is in danger again!"
      • "Free porn distributed discretely where Italians won't see it!"
    • Hong Kong: "Look, there's England/China standing alone and defenseless!"
    • Hungary: "PORN."
    • Iceland: "Norway is behind you! Come over here and hide!"
    • Kugelmugel: "IT'S NOT ART."
    • New Zealand: "Look! A sheep!"
    • N. Italy: "Look, there's a cute girl with free pasta!"
    • Prussia: "Ita-chan, how cute you are~!"
    • Russia: "I want to become one with Russia!" We are not responsible for the outcome of this one.
      • "There's an anti-Belarus charm here!"
    • S. Italy: "Look, there's a cute girl with free tomatoes!"
      • Alternatively, "Spain is doing something stupid again!"
    • South Korea: "OMG there's this awesome new RPG game!"
    • Spain: "We've run out of tomatoes!"
      • "Romano's in trouble!"
    • Steve: "Those nations sure are looking awfully happy..."
    • Sweden: "Is that Santa right there?"
    • Switzerland: "Who's that trying to invade Liechtenstein's vital regions?"
      • "Austria is buying lunch!"
    • Taiwan: "Look, a bubble tea store!"
    • During the HST storm just before the Australia update, the fans were... unnaturally calm (it's suspected that they wore themselves out during the last HST storm). A fan accidentally typed "clam" instead of "calm," and now everyone is forever a clam.
    • Byproduct: <Insert Place> Clam.
    • Panda Buddha will always be drinking her cocoa and trying to clam everyone down.
  • Livejournal X Tumblr is the new OTP
  • Hima has successfully torn our emotions apart.
    • All the nation ladies, all the nation ladies.
    • Sobbing because ACE family.
  • The curse of Thread 13 - the fans used up a whole thread of comments without a single update. Sure enough, not 10 minutes into the next thread, AFTER OVER FOUR HOURS OF WAITING IN THREAD 13, there was an update. Specifically, as soon as everyone jumped over to Thread 14.
  • From the Facebook group, "Why not X?" "BECAUSE FUCK YOU, THAT'S WHY."
  • During the second code purple, fans used a lot of Slogan Maker.
  • On Thread 16, our very own Meme master VentusBDaPlayer started a campaign of Honk/Spam for the pairing of Hong Kong and Iceland. It worked, and the fandom banded together to spam the comments thread with HongxIce. At this point in time campaign hasn't brought forth any HongxIce so far, but the immediate update after the campaign did bring out a strip featuring Hong Kong!
  • Hetaslang: COR-BLIMEY = the new Hetalia Swear
    • Created when Google translated one of Italy's lines as 'Cor-Blimey'. The fans went mad, declaring it THE NEW THING!
  • Thread 18 was "The Most American Thread", due to a lot of picspamming America.
  • NEXT UPDATE: (Insert Delusional/Crazy/Hypothetical/Realistic Expected Update Here}... CALLING IT!
  • Thread 20 was eaten by Headcanons
  • Darth Thread!, due to picspamming Darth Vader in several situations.
  • The Plot Bunny/Bunnyman, and the ensuing Bunnybath. Put simply, an update included a terrifying rabbit suit, fans began speculating on its importance/identity/evilness, and a wave of pictures of other terrifying bunnies ensued.
  • Thread 31 is the almighty Headcount thread, where the fans passed the time by creating polls of common interests between each other.
  • Thread 32 had the massive food!spam, where fans posted pictures of delicious looking food, making many a fans hungry whilst in Code Black.
  • Thread 33 is Serverus Thread, due to the large amount of Snape Spam.
  • China's trunks are going to explode... Explanation 
  • On Thread 34 after someone posted the link to KawaiiPanda's dress up game on deviantart, the fandom went mad dressing up nations. One fan posted a pic of dressed up!Poland and the fandom went wild, posting lots of random dressed up nation pictures! Very entertaining :D
  • The Same Flag Club (and Poland)Explanation 
  • Thread 43 is the language and accent thread, where fans have been talking about what languages they can speak and their accents and the differences.
  • Spain, the Nordics and... Flagland battled for dominace over thread 49 in a glorious war of picspamming.
  • Thread 52 started off as the 'Culture Sharing Thread', but quickly turned into 'You Know You're Hetalian When ______' frenzy. A list of examples can be found here
  • The Anon Guessing Game~
  • There was a big goal that everyone wanted to reach thread 69 on Valentine's day in Japan. It failed, but when thread 69 came, there were lots of innuendos
  • THE DAY OF THE COMMSEPTION. CAPTALIA and the Event Comm doing an "exchange program" with each other!


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