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During the 1940s, Donald A Wollheim approached Albing Publications with an iconoclastic magazine strategy. To start with, Stirring Science-Fiction and Stirring Fantasy-Fiction pretended to be two magazines published under the name Stirring Science Stories. This title was derived from one of Albing's other magazines, Stirring Detective And Western Stories, and was published on an alternating bimonthly schedule with Cosmic Stories.

Both magazines drew from the same crowd of friends and science-fiction writers that Wollheim knew from going to conventions. The authors submitted their stories with the understanding that they wouldn't be paid. Wollheim himself agreed to do the editing with the understanding that he would only be paid after the third issue because he needed to gain more experience as an editor.

Neither magazine sold very well. Like many others of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, it came out cheaply and failed because the small publishing company couldn't afford to compete with the larger publishers and their broader distribution. Seven issues were published in total, not even lasting an entire year. The most prolific author of the series was CM Kornbluth, granting use of multiple stories under different Pen Names.

Pulp Tales Press was able to obtain permission to republish the March 1941 issue of Cosmic Stories online in an electronic format, making it easier for modern Science Fiction fans to read early pulp stories.

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Alternative Title(s): Cosmic Stories, Cosmic Science Fiction