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  • Lars and the rest of Master Payne's Circus from Girl Genius. They play heroes on stage, but they don't do any actual heroics - traveling the Wastelands is dangerous enough without it, but Lars fits this even better than the rest of them though he starts to grow out of it shortly before his death.
  • The unfortunately-named goblin "Dies-Horribly" from Goblins is made of this trope.
    Grem: I am a goblin prince. I know when to fight.
    Dies: I AM A COWARD! I KNOW WHEN TO RUN! Come on!
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  • Ahem in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!
  • In Lola And Mr Wrinkles, Hugo, the St. Bernard next door, has an endearing nature. He is also scared of owls, seeing them as horrific monsters, and runs away yelping when Brutus arrives while he's talking to Pixie.
  • Trevor, Vallant's pet rat in Teh Gladiators, whose preferred method of combat is to stick his head in the ground until the danger has passed. Vallant spends a great deal of time training him to unleash his Beast Within, with only partial success.
  • Elly, from Dubious Company. Being a wimpy, clumsy, pretty boy his whole life limits his perspective. Even in the few occasions he does try to be brave, the raccoon decides its time for hugs, or his opponent is Mary or Marty. In later arcs, he makes up for this with his natural strengths.
  • Emil, from Stand Still, Stay Silent, was raised in a posh family and is still unaccustomed to facing trolls face to face, so rather than following the eponymous Rule #1, he prefers to run and scream. He does run to help Lalli when the latter is in troll-infested wagon, though.
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  • Mario & Luigi: Cleanup Crew: Toad, who is not at all keen on getting involved with the crisis d'jour, but gets roped into it one way or another.


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