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Wyrm is a 1998 novel by Mark Fabi.

Michael Arcangelo is a programmer who specializes in combatting viruses and worms. When hired by a team that programmed a revolutionary chess-playing AI to investigate problems with their computer, he discovers evidence of a sentient computer worm. This program, Wyrm, has already stealthily disseminated itself across the Internet. It falls to Mike and a motley collection of fellow hackers to stop Wyrm before it brings about armageddon.


This work contains examples of:

  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": The gamers are annoyed that Dworkin used idiosyncratic names like "sword-dancer" and "shadow-stalker" instead of "Fighter" and "Rogue", making it hard for them to tell what class they're even playing as.
  • Chess Motifs: Used in the Armageddon battle against Wyrm.
  • Computer Virus: Computer viruses and worms feature heavily in the story, the most significant being Wyrm.
  • Gossip Evolution: Mike spends days tracking down the source of a rumor about Richard Dworkin only to discover he himself started it.
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  • Hell: A virtual version made by Wyrm.
  • Mind Rape: Wyrm, by the same means as the Mind Probe.


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