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The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy is a three-part book series written by William Boniface parodying comic book superheroes.

The story takes place in Superopolis, where everyone has a superpower with the exception of the main character and narrator, Ordinary Boy. He is a member of a team of superheroes (read: five fifth graders) called the Junior Leaguers who want to one day join the League of Ultimate Goodness and fight beside OB's hero and idol, the Amazing Indestructo.

The books are: The Hero Revealed, The Return of Meteor Boy?, and The Great Powers Outage.


The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy provides examples of:

  • Foreshadowing: Ordinary Boy makes a few wild guesses in the first chapter as to where everyone's power comes from. His guesses are radiation from a meteor or something in the water, after which he points out that everyone in Superopolis eats a lot of potato chips, but doubts that has anything to do with it. The cause of the superpowers? Potato chips fried in water containing radiation from a meteor.
  • Self-Made Man: AI, who actually started his own company with the Tycoon to fund his heroic exploits.
  • Time Travel: Brain Drain builds a time machine in book 2. It works way differently than it should. Instead of causing the user to alter the past, the user is and always has been part of the timeline. So Ordinary Boy was Meteor Boy the entire time.
  • The Unreveal: Although the idea that Ordinary Boy may have superpowers after all is teased, it is never elaborated upon.


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