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  • At the end of Book 3, it is suggested that Ordinary Boy does, in fact, have a superpower after all, because he ate the superpower-granting potato chips just like everyone else. If ordinary Boy does have a power, what could it be? Or is it possible that he doesn't have a superpower after all? If he does have a power, it might be...
    • Acute intelligence and/or a heightened sense of Common Sense. In a world filled with Bumbling Heroes, Ordinary Boy is the only person who seems to be able to use common sense to solve problems and save the day. Since most people in Superopolis aren't very smart, Ordinary Boy appears powerless to them because they don't value reasoning as much as they should.
    • Immortality, like Dr. Telomere. It hasn't manifested itself yet because he's still only a kid, but it's possible he could end up having longevity later.
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    • Intelligence draining, like Brain Drain. It's possible that Ordinary Boy is smarter than others around him for a reason; and that he is actually subconciously stealing their brainpower away from them without realizing it.
    • None. Ordinary Boy may be immune to the Potato Chips because of some as-of-yet unrevealed mystery.

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