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Literature / The Amity Incident

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The Amity Incident is a Science Fiction novel written by C. M. Weller.

It is currently published as an ebook and can only be found on Smashwords.

T'reka just wanted to learn. Unfortunately for her, her entire species views scientific thinking as a form of insanity. And when she wants to learn all about the various venomous, poisonous, and outright deadly life forms on a land mass named Toxic Island, you can almost see why. Little did she know that when she committed her life to the study of this strange and hostile land, there was already a colony of monsters setting up housekeeping. Now she's face-to-face with the most dangerous life form in the known universe, and desperately trying to forge peace with the horrible creatures twice her size and four times her weight! They call themselves... HUMANS!

This story provides examples of: