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Believe me, it does make sense.

I knew that something irreparable happened at the moment that a man oppened the door in that hotel room and I saw my wife sitted at the back of it, looking through the window in a strange way.
Laura Restrepo, first sentence of Delirio

Delirio, or Delirium if you speak English, is a 2004 novel from the Colombian writer and journalist Laura Restrepo. Mainly about Agustina, her madness, and her common, high-standard, water-obsessed family. Also drugs, The Cartel of Medellin and sex. The structure is divided into 4 storylines that are told in fragments:

  • Agustina and her husband, Aguilar, and her mental breakdown. Which Aguilar has to investigate, because the Police Are Useless (actually, they are rarely mentioned in the novel, and most of the times is just patrols passing by).
  • Minos, the conection between Escobar and the rich guys of Colombia. Also pretty much the Screw the Rules, I Have Money! main example of the bunch.
  • Nicolás Portulinus, the mad German musician that always has to recite all the rivers in Germany.
  • Agustina's childhood and early teenage years.

Not to be confused with the American Young Adult book series.

Contains example of the following tropes: