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Believe me, it does make sense.

I knew that something irreparable happened at the moment that a man oppened the door in that hotel room and I saw my wife sitted at the back of it, looking through the window in a strange way.
Laura Restrepo, first sentence of Delirio
Delirio, or Delirium if you speak english, is a 2004 novel from the Colombian writer and journalist Laura Resrtrepo. Mainly about Agustna, her madness, and her common, high-standard, water-obsessed family. Also drugs, The Cartel of Medellin and sex. The structure is divided into 4 storylines that are told in fragments:
  • Agustina and her husband, Aguilar, and her mental breakdown.
    • Which Aguilar has to investigate, because the Police are Useless
      • Actually, they are rarely mentioned in the novel, and most of the times is just patrols passing by
  • Minos, the conection between Escobar and the rich guys of Colombia. Also pretty much the Screw the Rules, I Have Money! main example of the bunch.
  • Nicolás Portulinus, the mad German musician that always has to recite all the rivers in Germany.
    • Which is being telled by Aguilar and Sofia, Agustina's sister, with the letters of Portulinus and the entries on Blanca's, Portulinus wife and Agustina's grandmother, diary
  • Agustina's childhood and early teenage years.
On a side note, Saramago apparently loved it, or so they said here

Not to be confused with the American Young Adult book series.


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