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  • Jean using her powers so Xavier can dance on her wedding day.
  • Jubilee teaching Xavier to rollerblade, when he has the use of his legs for just a few hours. And then pushing him in the lake.
    • Another CMoH (and a bit of a Tear Jerker to boot) comes just a few pages later in that issue — Xavier begins to walk back to his wheelchair, and Jubilee begs whatever higher power's listening to let Xavier to make it back all the way to his wheelchair before he loses the ability to walk again; when she sees he's not going to make it, she quickly rushes to help him the rest of the way.
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  • Yet another Jubilee moment, this time from Generation X #6. After an adventure in the Morlock Tunnels against Gene Nation, the team regroups back at Xavier's mansion. They're unwinding and when Skin asks if they can leave, M says that they have to wait for Jubilee. Cut to Jubilee in the woods, looking for Wolverine. He shows up, saying that half of him didn't want her to see him in his semi-feral state (due to Magneto having ripped out his adamantium) while the other half was hoping she'd come to him when he needed her most. As he talks, Jubilee proceeds to cut him off with a hug.
    Jubilee:: Man oh man alive, Wolvie! I turn my back on ya for five minutes and, like—ya totally fall A.P.A.R.T. without me, ya big lug. I knew it was a mistake t'leave ya. But I promise, Logan, I'll NEVER leave ya again.
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  • This page from Manifest Destiny is one of the most heartwarming moments ever in Nightcrawler/Shadowcat friendship. Probably doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Jubilee seems to be involved with quite a few CMOH. When she tracked down Reno and Molokai, two hitmen who killed her parents, Wolverine convinces her not to kill them. She settles for kicking them both in the balls, and asks Wolverine if this makes her weak. Logan informs her that it doesn't make her weak at all, and may make her one of the strongest people he knows.
  • In a Meaningful Echo of this moment, Jubilee tracks down the man who hired Reno and Molokai, with Generation X hot on her heels, fearing that she'll kill the man because of her time with Wolverine. Jubilee informs them that it's because of her time with Logan that she won't take a life.
  • After losing his adamantium, Wolverine left letters for three of his fellow X-Men. The longest, by far, went to Jubilee.
    • On the subject of Wolverine's letters, the shortest, but no less meaningful, went to Xavier. "Dear Chuck, Lighten up. Your ol' pal, Logan."
  • Doubling as a Moment of Awesome, when Scott and Jean are getting married, Sabertooth thinks of crashing the ceremony. He gets a good swift kick to his rear, and turns to find a warning written in the snow, "Don't Even Think About It." Wolverine may not be in official attendance, but he was still looking out for Jean.
  • Wolverine had one of these when he met "the awesome android assassin Elsie Dee," made to look and programmed to act like a five-year-old girl. She changed her mind about killing him and managed to delay the detonation of the plastique she was packed with, telling him to leave her and get to safety. He refused.
    "...I got a gut feeling that something that can make the decision to sacrifice itself for another creature can't be all machine ... there's gotta be something human in there. And that something is scared and hurtin' and I'm not about to leave it all alone to face the dark."
  • After Destiny's death, Mystique goes to scatter her ashes into the ocean at a specific time and place that Irene had requested in her will. But since Destiny has precognition powers she knew the wind would throw her ashes back at Mystique's face. This is a both Funny Moment for Irene and a Heartwarming Moment for the comic, as Irene wanted Mystique to be able to laugh instead of her constant anger at the world.
  • "Kitty's Fairy Tale," from the early 80s, is an entire issue dedicated to Kitty Pryde telling a bedtime story for Illyana...that is essentially a retelling of the Dark Phoenix Saga, with a Happy Ending. And the rest of the X-Men, including Cyclops, overhear it. The ending is pure sweet.
  • Magneto gets one in #522, when he brings Kitty back from space. "Du bist tsu dar, tzatzkeleh."
    • Any time Magneto acts like Kitty's surrogate father, even in such little ways as scolding her for snacking when she should be studying (this was way back in the eighties, during his first Heel–Face Turn). Becomes a bit of a Tear Jerker when one realizes that he probably acts this way because she reminds him of his deceased daughter.
    • Also due to Magneto, even in full-on villain mode, having a soft spot for her after he very nearly accidentally killed her, leading to a Villainous BSoD and major What Have I Done moment. The next time the two meet, he is visibly overjoyed that she is alive.
  • The moment before Kitty sacrificed herself to phase the space bullet from Earth:
    Kitty: Disappointed, Ms. Frost?
    Emma: Astonished, Ms. Pryde.
  • Cyclops had two, on two separate occasions, with the same dialogue in completely different contexts. The first time was when Jean Grey was brought back to herself in the penultimate chapter of the Dark Phoenix Saga, and the second was after Madelyne Pryor was rescued from Mastermind and resuscitated after nearly drowning.
    "Hi, yourself."
  • Wolverine telling X-23 that he wants to officially adopt her as his daughter, while at an amusement park no less.
  • Jubilee and X-23 are at the Eiffel Tower after an adventure. Jubilee explains to her that friends look out for one another just like family and that X-23 has a family that she can talk to now. When X-23 expresses worry that she'd have things that she wouldn't know how to put into words Jubilee responds by telling her that words are overrated and that if she wants they'll just pick up the phone and be quiet together. She then gives a small speech about being alive and embracing life, both the good and the bad, because that's what being alive is all about. She then happily jumps off the Eiffel Tower and the normally stoic X-23 finally smiles before following her lead.
  • In "Wolverine and the X-Men" #10, we have Angel lying to Genesis, telling him that he sees only good in him when in all reality he sees a shadow of Apocalypse. Before this, Angel doesn't seem to have it in him to lie, as he's so innocent. Seeing him lie to protect his new friend's feelings made readers almost shed a tear, especially considering just how cruel other students and faculty were treating Evan.
  • During Chris Claremont's initial run on the book, the X-Men were a close-knit family. Any time a new member joined that family and was accepted into it (not necessarily at the same time as they joined), WAF Fs were sure to abound. Examples include Kitty Pryde being invited to join in a celebration after an adventure on Nightcrawler's birthday, Psylocke being welcome with warm smiles and approval after holding her own against Sabretooth, and Rogue finally being accepted after a shaky start by Storm allowing her to touch her and borrow her abilities so she could see through her eyes.
  • In All-New X-Men #12 the time-displaced Original X-Men meet the Uncanny Avengers. Most of it is the standard posturing and threats... but meanwhile there's the pure, honest, delight of Young Cyclops finding out that his little brother is alive and healthy and an Avenger, and Havok's equal joy at getting to see his brother at his best, before he became a ruthlessly pragmatic semi-villain. Everybody else parts with anger and suspicion; they part with a hug.
  • At the end of the Emplate arc of X-Men Legacy, Rogue accepts Cyclops' job offer of becoming something of a student councilor and Scott, to welcome her back, heads to Logan's room so they can have a drink to celebrate. And like that, we remember why he's really in charge.
  • After months of it being shown that almost every single person in the Marvel Universe hates Cyclops now. We have a scene where Teen!Scott (thinking about committing suicide) asks Bruce Banner how he keeps going despite the threat of hurting people. Bruce outright tells him that he still thinks that Adult!Cyke is a hero. After everything it's nice to see someone who is obviously good being complimentary of Cyclops.
  • From Wolverine #147, Archangel finds Abraham Kieros aka the first War, heals him, and allows him to walk again.
    Abraham: " Archangel...? I don't know how you did it. But I can finally start to move. I think I'll be able to walk! I don't know what have I done to deserve this, but thanks... Thanks for giving me hope again."
  • After Jean Grey first becomes the Phoenix, Wolverine (who up to that point had just been a bad-tempered jerk) goes and buys her flowers while she's in the hospital. Turns into a Funny Moment when he finds the other X-Men beat him to the punch, and promptly tosses the flowers in the trash.
  • Wolverine and Nightcrawler's entire friendship is filled to the brim with heartwarming moments (sometimes it seemed like he saved all his goodwill solely for the Elf), but one of the best is their reunion in Amazing X-Men #4 after Kurt's death and revival.
    Wolverine: (crawling through the snow and slowly freezing) You were right, Elf.Damn your blue hide, you were right... (collapses) Ugh, can't die yet... Not 'til I find Kurt... Not 'til I... Save him...
    Nightcrawler: I hope you weren't planning on dying out here, mein fruend, not when we've whiskey to be drunk and pirates to be stabbed.
    Wolverine: (hugs him)
  • In Amazing X-Men #6 In a celebration welcoming Nightcrawler back from the dead in a local bar, Cyclops and his team come to the bar. While most people on Logan's side now see Scott as the guy who killed Professor Xavier, Kurt (who in the afterlife, was told by Xavier himself that Scott killed him) embraces his friend and says that just for the night they should "pretend we're still a family."
  • In X-Men: Gold #20, the team was stranded on a barren planet, and Kitty found herself protecting a badly injured Peter. After the team made their way home and Peter recovered from his injuries:
    Peter: I told you to leave me behind.
    Kitty: Yeah. Didn't listen. Actually it gave me a bit of clarity. I realized that I'm never to leave you. So I gotta ask, is that offer still good?
    Peter: What do you mean?
    Kitty: What I mean is, Piotr Nikolaevich Rasputin, will you marry me?
  • Rogue and Gambit's wedding, in Mr. and Mrs. X. The girls all pitch in with various thing for Rogues to fulfill the old "something old, something new, something borrowed, something new" rhyme. Psylocke gives her a set of antique earrings, Jean uses her powers to telekinetic-ally create a bouquet of newly picked flowers, Kitty lets her borrow her veil (from the wedding she ran from), but the clincher has to be the "something blue". Mystique reveals herself and offers herself to be the "something blue". While most of the team are wary, Rogue just goes ahead and hugs her adoptive mother, who states she's only there to share in her daughters special day, and promises not to ruin it.
  • Sabretooth has had a few of these.
    • His relationship with his mother, when we learned he cared for her into old age & put her in the country's best nursing home when she got cancer. He'd visit her every two weeks to bring expensive gifts & spend his time catering to her.
    • There's also his relationship with Bonnie, whom he saves & spends the night with. She's very fond of him, which he seems touched by. While she's being hunted, he vows to keep her safe & with him. He ends up having to mercy kill her, but still went after the soldiers hunting her to avenge her death.
    • Recently, his relationship to Monet has given a few of these. After she's possessed by her brother, she has to feed on mutants. Sabretooth goes to her room to tell her she can feed on him whenever she needs to & her secret is safe with him. He ran away with her after they quit Magneto's X-Men, but separated somehow. They have reunited recently and it seems as though Creed left her at some point, and we see his guilt over it in issue 24 of Weapon X (2017). He apologizes to Monet, saying she was one of the few people to treat him decently & work with him when nobody else trusted him, but when she got in trouble, he wasn't there for her. The look he gives her shows how serious he is, and hurt at what he feels was a betrayal to her.
  • During the Eve of Destruction arc, when Wolverine and Cyclops stand alone against Magneto and the entire army of Genosha, Wolverines narration shows how much he truly respect his rival (translating from the Swedish edition):
    Wolverine: Sure, me and Cyclops has had our fair share of fights, but an ol' warhorse like me knows a good leader when he sees one. And Scott Summers? I'd follow him to hell!
  • In Marauders #18, the Morlock Masque is brought into the newly-founded Moira McTaggert Memorial Hospital with no clue as to why he's there. And then he learns that Genosha has decided to use his biomanipulation powers as part of the clinic when he is presented with a tearful Madripoor family and their baby daughter, who suffers from a pronounced harelip. Despite his surprise, and his long history of abusing his powers, Masque heals the little girl, and is then embraced by the jubilant parents. The kicker is the way Masque is shown staring at his hands in obvious surprise afterwards, as if he's truly seeing their potential for the first time.
  • In X-Men #129, Scott and Jean have their first serious, heart-to-heart talk after meeting again. Scott reveals the reason that he didn't grieve Jean was because he never believed she was dead.
    Scott: All my life, it seemed that— every time I turned around— I was losing people I loved: my folks, my brother Alex, the few friends I made at the orphanage. Each time, the loss hurt. Losing you was the loss I couldn't take. If I'd allowed myself to feel... anything, the grief would have broken me, maybe killed me. When I thought you'd died... I... it was like my mind shut part of itself off. I felt... nothing. Jean, you're everything to me— as necessary as the air I breathe. I used to say "I love you" without truly knowing what I was talking about. I know now— a little, anyway. Jean— I love you.
  • Cyclops' speech to Dark Phoenix in X-Men #137:
    Cyclops: I came to talk.
    Dark Phoenix: I won't listen!
    Cyclops: Then, kill me. I can't stop you. I won't even try. Be true to your malefic destiny, Phoenix— Kill me... if you can. But if you can't, then ask yourself why. You're Dark Phoenix— Power incarnate. No force in existence can stand against you. The X-Men have defied you, fought you— Yet we live. Why?!
    Dark Phoenix: You're... Not worth killing.
    Cyclops: That's one answer. But there's another. True, you're Dark Phoenix, but you're also still Jean Grey. No matter how hard you try, you can't exorcise that part of yourself. It's too fundamental. You can't kill us because you love us. And we love you.
    Dark Phoenix: Dark Phoenix knows nothing of love!
    Cyclops: Oh? For love of the X-Men, you sacrificed your life. For love of me, you resurrected yourself. For love of the whole universe, you almost died a second time to save it. Knowing nothing of love?! Jean, you are love!
  • No matter how close Rachel Summers feels she is to her mother, it was Scott who accepted her right away when she revealed her parenthood (unlike Jean who took several years until she was ready to deal with it).
  • After thirty years of Will They or Won't They?, arguments, fights and reconciliations, Scott Summers and Jean Grey get married in X-Men #30.
  • And then they spend twelve years in the future raising Cable.
  • When the future X-Men show up in Battle of the Atom, Teen Jean freaks out and decides to run away. She tries to talk Teen Hank into going with her, but he's more interested in observing the future X-Men. Jean asks Scott... and he agrees. No questions, no hesitation. Later she points out he's the only one who trusts her.
  • In All-New X-Men, Scott welcomes the original X-Men into his new school. Shadowcat and him have a bit of friendly bantering, a refreshing change after she treated him as evil incarnate as she sided with Wolverine.
  • In Phoenix Resurrection, the Phoenix tries to talk Jean into bonding with it again by bringing Cyclops back from the dead. For first time since The Search Of Cyclops, written sixteen years before, both spouses open up to each other. Scott apologizes for everything happened to her and their relationship, and Jean blames herself for not being around to help him out. Scott reveal he missed her everyday, and they kiss before he dies again.
  • What Nate Grey did for Spidey in TASM #420. To wit, giving him a dream about Aunt May which alleviates his guilt over losing her and losing his baby daughter.
    Nate: Merry Christmas, Peter.
  • While it went wrong and resulted in a Crapsaccharine World, the revelation that Nate genuinely intended the Age of X-Man reality as a way of giving the X-Men some real respite from the endless cycle of heartbreak and suffering that they undergo, to give them the chance to their best selves and defy the Theory of Narrative Causality, is pretty sweet.


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