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  • Laura has a history of Hates Being Touched (very much Truth in Television for abuse victims as she was), and being uncomfortable with public displays of affection. It's quite significant that by All-New Wolverine she's grown comfortable enough that when Warren wants to give her a hug after she's dumped across the pavement by a crashing Predator drone she was riding, she declines not because of her discomfort, but simply because she's severely injured and still healing. So Warren resorts to giving her a pat on the head instead. Laura is bemused by it, and they both acknowledge it's a rather awkward moment. But then...
    Laura: I didn't say stop.
  • After being shot in the head by a sniper, Laura has a bit of a flashback while her brain pieces itself back together. She recalls a conversation she had with Logan while she was on X-Force, when she was upset with herself for not killing a drug runner who later almost blew her up with a bazooka. Logan remarks on the Facility's failure to turn her into an unfeeling killing machine, and the fact that she's able to fight her instincts makes her even stronger than he is. It's particularly touching when one recalls the way he blew up on her over Rahne's capture by the Purifiers, and how badly his words then hurt her.
    Logan: You're the best there is at what you do. But that doesn't mean you have to do it.
    • The scene receives a callback in issue 6. After Gabby admits she wanted to kill Chandler but held back, Laura expresses her own pride, while offering her encouragement and understanding over Gabby's fears of having to make her own decisions now.
      Laura: You're the worst there is at what they wanted you to do. And that's pretty impressive.
  • The scene in Laura's Bronx apartment. Gabby quipping about the contents of her fridge was positively adorable, but lost in the middle of it was the fact Laura called Logan dad. While other characters have remarked that he's the closest Laura has to a father, and Logan himself legally adopted her, it's the first time that Laura herself has referred to him this way.
  • Just her having an apartment is its own bit of heartwarming. After all she's been through to have that little slice of a normal life. As the series goes on it becomes steadily more homely as the sisters make it their own.
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  • Laura goes to Doctor Strange for help trying to cure the Sisters. After using the Eye of Agamotto on the girls and seeing all of the evil they did because of Alchemax, he expresses his doubts over whether they're deserving of Laura's efforts on their behalf. Laura then tells him to use it on her as well, and he's not only astonished by all of the pain Laura has suffered, but that unlike Logan she is in control of her rage. Laura then goes on to tell him that she doesn't really know what she's doing, but that she's trying and do it as best she can. Strange, who throughout the conversation refers to her as Logan's daughter and not his clone, tells her that he would be proud of her, and assures her she was the right person to take up the Wolverine name.
    Laura: All I know is, while I'm wearing this, he isn't gone. And neither am I. I'm Laura Kinney. I'm X-23. And I'm Wolverine.
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  • Gabby going absolutely ga-ga over Jonathan, the wolverine that Squirrel Girl brought over. Reacting like any little girl would to finding out they have a new pet.
  • Squirrel Girl and Laura share a selfie during their team up. Complete with Laura sporting a goofy smile while in her cowl.
  • After Squirrel Girl's speech, Laura realizes that, no matter how disruptive her life as a super hero may be, it's still better for Gabby to live with her, because she's family.
  • The moments of bonding between Laura and Logan, and Gabby and Logan. Although the exact nature of their relationship in Old Man Logan's world is left ambiguous, Logan makes a point of telling Laura that she's one of the few things he didn't screw up. He also expresses his alternate future gradfatherly pride in the flying knee Gabby delivered to one of the burglars breaking into the apartment.
  • The enormous bear-hug Laura gives Gabby after learning she's still alive in issue 12.
  • Freeing the children imprisoned in one of Ash's cargo containers. Gabby tells the frightened kid that they're ok now because Laura is a superhero, and when one asks if she heard them, Laura reassures him that she did while giving him a big hug.
  • Despite working for the bad guys, Roughhouse makes it very clear that he won't let any harm come towards children, thanks to his own hard childhood. He makes this clear by killing one of the pirates when he attempts to buy him off with a cut of the trafficked kids, and seems genuinely concerned when Gabby pulls her Deliberate Injury Gambit.
  • (O5!)Jean Grey works out how to break the trigger-scent associated conditioning, but Laura needs to be fully in the fugue state (read: rending someone apart under it's influence) for it to work. So Gabby locks herself in a bunker with her as Jean remains just outside.
    Gabby: You can't hurt me, Laura. I can't feel Pain. I heal. And I love you. (pours goop on her arm)
  • On Laura's part the mere fact that Jean Grey, one of the gods of the Marvel universe, whatever issues they had during All-New X-Men, and no matter that Laura wants her nowhere near her in case she hurts someone, is still all smiles and friendly and wanting to help. On Jean's part the fact she really wants to help Laura, one of the Broken Birds of the Marvel universe, despite Laura trying to push her away in case her mind gets messed up or she hurts someone.
  • The reunion between Laura, Megan, and Debbie in issue 18.
  • This alternate cover by Leonard Kirk for issue 20.
  • Issue 21 is loaded with it:
    • Laura and Daken's reunion. She's surprised to see him there to help, and Daken admits that he's not there for the people of the island, but for her.
    • Deadpool meeting Gabby is hilariously adorable, as they bond over their scars and their shared weirdness.
    • Logan and Laura mending their relationship after the events of Civil War II.
    • Ironheart musing about watching a group of trained killers saving lives, rather than taking them.
    • The people of Roosevelt Island taking it upon themselves to take care of Gabby, Daken, Wade, and Logan when they exhaust themselves trying to cure the virus.
  • Issue 22: Gabby and Wade's friendship continues, combining with Funny and Squick when Gabby gives him her middle finger in a box as a parting gift. Wade is reduced to tears of joy.
  • Issue 24:
    • Laura's willingness to die on Rhittle when Rocket's bomb goes off, rather than leave Gabby (who has been infected by the Brood) to die alone.
    • Jonathan is able to speak after Rocket gives him a Universal Translator. He thanks Laura and Gabby for taking him in and giving him a home, and expresses his willingness to die to protect them.
  • Issue 26: Sarah Kinney lovingly stroking her daughter's cheek, while apologizing for having missed so much of her life. Laura's enormous smile says it all.
  • Issue 28:
    • The conversation between Laura and Megan at the beginning of the issue, when Laura expresses her regret over all the death she is responsible for, and Megan reminds her of all the lives she's saved, including her own.
    • Daken, of all people, giving Gabby her code name, dubbing her "Honey Badger" because she's "sweet" and has claws.
  • Issue 29:
    • Debbie mothering Laura when she's exhausted and weak after giving a part of her soul to Muramasa, because she's her aunt and she loves her. She particularly notes that after so many years of worrying about them, it's Laura's turn to be taken care of for a change
    • Daken sacrificing himself so the others can track down the Orphans and put an end to them for good, trusting Laura to put things right in the end.
    • A bit of meta heartwarming: After years in which the question of whether she has a soul is a recurring plot point, the fact that Muramasa was able to craft her armor from a piece of her soul lays the matter to rest for good. She does.
  • Issue 30:
    • Daken insists on giving Sarah Kinney a proper funeral in order to provide Laura with proper closure.
    • Hellion attends Sarah's funeral, despite the fact that Julian and Laura haven't been on speaking terms in years, both real-time and in-universe.
    • In fact, there are several people in attendance who can't stand one another: Julian doesn't get along with Gambit. Remy doesn't care for Daken, and who knows what Daken and Old Man Logan think of one another, given the former's Daddy Issues. Yet all of them are able to gather together peacefully to support Laura while she finally lays her mother to rest.
  • Issue 33: In the alternate future of "Old Woman Laura," Gabby has a family, and named her kids Logan and Wade. A hologram on the wall reveals Jonathan had kits of his own. Laura and Hellion also reconciled and began a relationship before he died during the Doom World War.


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