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  • This page from All-New Wolverine #1.
    Laura: I want them to see the Wolverine coming!
    • Also, Laura and Warren perform a mid-air variation on the Fastball Special, as he delivers her onto an RQ-1 Predator drone. In-flight!
  • Laura vs. Taskmaster. It starts out as a Curb-Stomp Battle, with Tasky managing to deflect everything she throws at him while he monologues about how fighting him is pointless. Unfortunately for him he either disregarded, forgot about, or just didn't know about her foot claws. He catches one of her feet, and she promptly snikts his hand before turning the fight around and subduing him.
    • The car chase that follows. Especially the part where Laura launches herself into Mooney's pursuing Humvee and wrecking it to stop him. And warning him off against chasing them any further.
      Laura: Captain Mooney. If Alchemax Genetics comes after them again, I won't hold back. I've already beaten you unconscious once today, and now I'm leaving you in the wreckage of a car crash, alone and bleeding. That's me holding back.
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    • One for Tom Taylor in All-New Wolverine #4, with one line of dialogue addressing every concern fans had about Laura taking up the Wolverine name:
    Laura: All I know is, while I'm wearing this, he isn't gone. And neither am I. I'm Laura Kinney. I'm X-23. And I'm Wolverine.
  • Her takedown of Alchemax Genetics. Not only for how she tricked them into thinking that she was Bellona's corpse, but also for how she appeals to the scientists sense of morality, getting them to upload incriminating evidence on Alchemax's activities to S.H.I.E.L.D. (it helps she slightly threatened them by making a show of acquiring their scent and telling them she can now track them anywhere should they try to hide).
  • The final page of issue 8: Diving into the mouth of Fin Fang Foom claws-out. For anyone else it would make for a Dying Moment of Awesome. For Laura, it's a sign that much badassery is about to ensue.
  • Subtly done in issue 9: Laura was able to climb out of Fin Fang Foom's digestive system while carrying Old Man Logan on her back! Laura's Super Strength doesn't get much play, but it should be noted that Logan weighs upwards of 300lbs with his adamantium skeleton.
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  • A fight breaks out when a pair of burglars break into Laura's apartment in #10. One of the thugs shoots Laura in the face at nearly point-blank range. She blocks the shot with her claws and slices the bullet in two.
  • When the standoff between Laura, Logan and Gabby, and Captain America and his S.H.I.E.L.D. team breaks down, Cap slams Laura into the wall with his shield and pins her there. It doesn't slow her down; she simply cuts the straps, and basically jumps off it into a flip over Steve and kicks him into the wall, while dodging tranq darts on the way over.
    • Blending with Moment of Funny: Jonathan leaps into the fray alongside her, and starts gnawing on a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent's ankle.
  • Laura defeating a feral and berserk Old Man Logan in hand-to-hand combat. "X-23 vs. Wolverine" battle debates may be contentious among fans, but there's no doubting the legitimacy of this battle.
  • The reaming out Laura gives to Cap in issue 12 about how the conflict between her and Logan was S.H.I.E.L.D.'s fault in the first place: All of what transpired was because of their interference, and attempting to arrest and detain Logan for something he only might do. And then she tells him in no uncertain terms: LEAVE HER AND GABBY OUT OF THE CIVIL WAR.
    Laura: This kid who can see the future. He'll divide you all again. Everyone will be a bit right and a bit wrong. But the world will watch hero fight hero, and people will get just a little more disillusioned, a little less trusting, a little more cynical. Tell Hill we're going away. Somewhere S.H.I.E.L.D. can't find us. Tell her I know something about her future. I know we're not in it.
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  • Laura's escape from S.H.I.E.L.D. in issue 14: Working her cuffed hands out from behind her back so she can free herself with her foot claws, flooring the jerkass Agent Bennett, blowing a hole in the Quinjet she's aboard with Bennett's rifle, and then diving out sans parachute to make her getaway.
  • Gambit's Dynamic Entry in issue 16, announcing himself with his Affectionate Nickname for Laura, before blasting her with one of his playing cards while she's under the effects of the trigger scent.
  • Issue 17: Jean and Gabby break Laura's conditioning to the trigger scent.
  • The above is topped by issue 18, when Laura uses a stolen Iron Man suit and kills Kimura, reminding her that for all her physical and mental invulnerability, she still needs to breathe as she drowns her in the sea. After all the pain and misery Kimura has inflicted on her over the years, she's finally free, and that relief is palpable.
    "I'm not X-23. I'm not your experiment. I'm not your fucking property! You are the last person who will ever think they can own me. No one owns me! I'm not a thing. I'm Laura Kinney! I'm the daughter of Sarah. I'm the daughter of Logan." (Laura shatters the Iron Armor she's wearing) "I'm Wolverine!!!"
  • There is also the reveal that Laura never killed anyone in Dalesville because before the trigger scent to hold of her Laura put her own claws through her skull.
  • Issue 21:
    • This splash panel of Laura, Logan, Daken, and Gabby springing into action to break up a group of armed people who've barricaded themselves in hopes of escaping the disease. Combined with a Funny Moment as they leave Deadpool bleeding in the street.
    • The action scene to follow, as well. One Wolverine is a terrifying whirlwind of mayhem and death. Four of them working together (plus Deadpool)? It's a good thing they were there to help, because those guys didn't stand a chance.
    • Laura pushing herself far beyond the ability of her healing factor to save as many people as she can, even as her own body begins to shut down as it's ravaged by the alien virus.
    • A much more subtle one, as the fact Laura Hates Being Touched is downplayed in the series. However that she was able to power through her aversion to physical contact (she even struggled with it with Warren, her boyfriend) by letting possibly thousands of strangers touch her so her Healing Factor could cure them further underscores her heroism on Roosevelt Island.
  • Issue 27:
    • Crosses over with Moment of Funny: Debbie scolding Daken about waving a gun around her house (with his finger on the trigger, at that!) and telling him to either stop or get out.
    • Daken takes on Laura, Gabby, and Megan after realizing that Laura has allowed herself to be blinded by Sarah's presence, and shooting the latter upon putting two and two together that she's not what she says she is. Despite only having one arm, he manages to hold his own against all three for quite a bit.
    • For that matter, Megan taking on Daken while armed with nothing more than a frying pan. This is a guy who threw down with Logan on more than one occasion.
    • The Orphans of X demonstrate just how dangerous they are when they show up prepared to take down Captain Marvel after she leads them to the resting place of the Muramasa Blade.
  • Issue 29:
    • Daken's Heroic Sacrifice, leaping head-first into a gang of Hand ninjas, leading to a panel in which he has the chain of a flail in his mouth as he fights them all off.
    • The fact that Muramasa was able to browbeat Gorgon into help Laura as recompense for one of his lieutenants going rogue and using the Hand's resources to attack them, and kill several of Muramasa's bodyguards.
  • Issue 30:
    • Laura stop the Orphans of X without so much as a fight, instead dropping her armor and giving a Rousing Speech about how, like them, she's a victim too, and instead offering to help them bring those who ordered the hits on their loved ones to justice.
  • Issue 32:
    • Laura and former Orphan of X co-leader Amber Griffen hunt down Chad Newman, neo-Nazi agent and supporter for the Facility. The last panel show Newman captured in a suitcase and when it opens, he sees both girls with a boot on each foot about to stomp on him as retribution for ruining both of their lives.
    • One for the artist, as well: That panel depicts them as they were the day Amber's father was killed, to even further reinforce the metaphor.
  • Issue 33:
    • Laura has become QUEEN of Madripoor. And former Ms Marvel Kamala Khan is the President of the United States!
  • Issue 35
    • Old!Doom has captured Laura and attempts to hijack her body to escape his withering one but the joke's on Doom because her body's dying as well as his. Like a rat fleeing from a sinking ship, Doom tries to escape but Laura has already killed him by the time he returns to his corpse.

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