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Trivia / All-New Wolverine

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  • Dueling Works: With Old Man Logan (2016) over which is the "rightful successor" to previous Logan-led Wolverine books. Points in All-New Wolverine's favor is the title, and the fact that Laura is actively using the Wolverine name and is marketed as Wolverine by Marvel. However a segment of the fanbase considers Old Man Logan the "real" Wolverine book since it stars a Logan, while citing its much more violent content. Others point to Old Man Logan's high sales as an indication that readers want "Real Logan" back and that X-23 can't sell a book (ignoring that All-New Wolverine still rather consistently out-sells the current team books).
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  • Executive Meddling: Taylor did not want to use the Enemy of the State name for the series' third arc, however this was pushed on him by Marvel editorial, who wanted to capitalize on some of the superficial similarities between Taylor's arc and the original Enemy of the State.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Taylor reveals in episode 185 of Jay & Miles X-Plain The X-Men that originally Warren and Laura's relationship would play a much larger role in the series. However the introduction of Gabby led to many of Warren's scenes being omitted.
    • There were plans for Red Hornet from the Annual to return, as well as to have Kate Bishop appear as a follow-up to Laura's guest spot in Hawkeye, however the book was ended before either could come to fruition.

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