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  • Fan Nickname: Old Man Logan is an Ultimate Universe version of the character, set in an alternate future, where he is a very old man. At one point he is transplanted to the main continuity. When fans discuss about both characters, Old Man Logan and the standard one, calling the second one "Wolverine" or "Logan" may be confusing. So, he is often referred to as "Young Man Logan".
  • Role Reprise:
    • If Wolverine gets into an animated/video game media of the recent ages, Steve Blum will be called to voice Wolverine. Although there are a few exceptions, this has been the case ever since Blum landed the role as Wolverine in the 2004 game X-Men Legends.
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    • Cal Dodd, who did his voice in the 90's cartoon, has reprised the role on two occasions: first for the Spider-Man: The Animated Series crossover episode in 1995 (where he was flown to LA from Canada alongside the other cast members for the recording session) and later for the Old Man Logan motion comic adaptation.
  • Trope Namer:
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  • What Could Have Been: Has his own page.
  • Wolverine is a huge hockey fan, in particular the NHL's Calgary Flames, and once beat up robots for interrupting his watching a Flames game(Here:


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