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  • From Origin, Logan's caretaker Rose O'Hara developed a Big Sister Instinct for him ever since she worked for his family at the Howlett Estate. Hell, she pretty much did everything that a mom could do for him, from a simple task like reading him bedtime stories to helping him run away from the Estate after he killed Thomas Logan, while his own mom Elizabeth Howlett was very neglectful of him.
  • Any of the surrogate father relationships Logan shared with his (typically young and female) sidekicks can be this, but the topper probably goes to adopting his troubled Opposite-Sex Clone X-23 as his legal daughter.
    • Logan when any interpretation of his fully endorses his Papa Wolf tendencies more than the gruff loner who picks fights within the team. His interpretation in X-Men Evolution, where he's still gruff but cares deeply for the safety of the teenage students; is one looked on very favorably.
  • Logan's friendship with Nightcrawler is truly amazing. Kurt is one of the very few people he's said a genuine "I love you" to. Kurt's death proves that if you really want to give him the Wound That Will Not Heal, you kill the Elf. When you killed him you injured his soul.
  • Logan is always present for the funeral of a friend or acquaintance. Don't matter if they have healing factors, or if they come back to life more than once; if they die, he goes to the funeral. No questions asked.
  • Logan's dynamic with Spider-Man; while Logan has freely admitted that he finds the wall-crawler annoying, he has also acknowledged that he appreciates how Spider-Man is one of the few people who unequivocally believes Logan to be a good person despite having seen him at his worst. On one occasion, Logan invited Spider-Man to join him for a beer on what he only admitted afterwards was his birthday, because he knew that other people would make a big deal about it when he just wanted to go out, have a drink, and beat up some bad people while bringing someone along who would stop him going too far.
  • Logan's death in Death of Wolverine is heartbreaking, but as he sat there dying of asphyxiation, he flashed back to all of my memories of life. Just moments before, he had been taunted by the creator of the Weapon X program, who claimed that he was only good for killing people, and what had he done with his life? His last conscious thought? "Enough."
  • A bizarre case, but notorious as Daken is for his blind hatred for their father, only looking out for himself, and manipulating everyone around him for his own ends, he nonetheless comes to accept Laura as his little sister, even if the relationship remains antagonistic. For a moment she's able to get past his emotional armor and leave him speechless when she asks why he's afraid to love others, and departs their encounter as one of a very few people he honestly admires and respects.
    • When Daken has his arm and one of his eyes taken by Sinister after Siphon stripped away his healing factor, in issue 2 of Wolverines X-23 sits vigil by his bedside, worrying over his condition.
      Laura: Logan is dead. You're the only family...sort-of-family...I have left. I'm here if you need me, no matter where this takes us.
  • Although it happens off-panel, Daken was the one who saved Laura's life after Mystique betrays the team in the final issue and guts her.
  • Their reunion in All-New Wolverine: When Daken arrives on Roosevelt Island to help cure The Plague ravaging the populace, he immediately makes it clear he doesn't care about the victims, and is only there because Laura needs him. Cue hug.
  • In issue five of The Logan Legacy, Daken goes berserk assaulting an underworld auction selling off Wolverine's remains and slaughters everyone present except Viper, Mystique, and a former lover. Why? So he can give his father a proper burial. Regardless of the issues he and Logan had, Daken may still have genuinely loved and respected his father.
  • During the "Orphans of X" arc of All-New Wolverine, when given the chance, Daken acquires the body of Sarah Kinney, so Laura can finally give her mother a proper burial.
  • In All-New Wolverine #28, Daken is responsible for giving baby sister (and Laura clone) Gabby Kinney her perfectly appropriate codename - and the whole exchange is adorable.
    Daken: Your name. Honey Badger. [...] Because you're sweet and you have claws.