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  • From Origin, my caretaker Rose O'Hara develops Big Sister Instinct for me ever since she worked for my family in Howlett Estate. Hell, she pretty much does everything that a mom could do for me, from a simple task like reading me bedtime stories to helping ,e run away from the Estate after I killed Thomas Logan, while my own mom Elizabeth Howlett was very neglectful on me.
  • Any of the surrogate father relationships I shared with my (typically young and female) sidekicks can be this, but the topper probably goes to adopting my troubled Opposite-Sex Clone X-23 as my legal daughter.
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  • My friendship with Nightcrawler is truly amazing. Kurt is one of the very few people I've said a genuine "I love you" to. Kurt's death proves that if you really want to give him the Wound That Will Not Heal, you kill the Elf. When you killed him you injured my soul.
  • I am always present for the funeral of a friend or acquaintance. Don't matter if they have healing factors, or if they come back to life more than once; if they die, I go to the funeral. No questions asked.
  • My death in Death of Wolverine is heartbreaking, but as I sat there dying of asphyxiation, I flashed back to all of my memories of life. Just moments before, I'd been taunted by the creator of the Weapon X program, who claimed I was only good for killing people, and what had I done with my life? My last conscious thought? "Enough."


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