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Nightmare Fuel / Wolverine

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  • Wolverine's Healing Factor allows him to survive anything — and the writers and artists seem to love reminding the readers of this at every opportunity. So nine times out of ten when he appears he is put through some of the most horrific injuries and torture that one can imagine. Eye Scream, castration, being burned alive, being shot hundreds of times in a matter of seconds, and so on. It's all in a day's work for Wolvie. Even knowing he'll come out okay because of his healing powers doesn't dilute the visceral horror that the more graphic representations of his powers evokes. Especially the incident with Ultimate Wolverine when the Hulk tore him in half and the guy had to crawl up a freaking mountain to reattach himself.
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  • Something almost as frightening as the Body Horror that Wolverine goes through in the name of his Healing Factor? The fact he's a borderline Axe-Crazy killer whose Healing Factor makes him an Implacable Man. So, if Wolverine wants you dead, what you have is a combination of the scariest aspects of a rabid animal and a violent man coming after you, who just will. Not. Stop.
  • In "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk", by the third issue, we've actually seen Wolverine reduced to a still-living severed head. And Nick Fury casually comments that, from some tests S.H.I.E.L.D has done, their scientists have theorized that Wolverine's mutant power is to adapt in order to survive anything.
  • The time Magneto ripped the adamantium right out of his body. This was bad enough that it nearly killed Wolverine, the guy able to come back from all of the above mentioned horrible injuries. Magneto actually kills Wolverine this way in the Ultimate Marvel universe.
  • The gruesomely hilarious The Punisher storyline where a bunch of midget and mutilated gangsters chainsaw off people's legs. Frank Castle gets so fed up with a moronic Wolverine that he blows Wolvie's face off with a shotgun, castrates him with another blast, and winds up running Logan over with a steamroller. Which he then parks on top of Wolverine's body.
    • In the abovementioned Punisher storyline, Castle notes that all of what he did will only slow Wolverine down, not stop him. Wolverine later claims a blood-grudge against Castle for that. Can't imagine why. The fact Castle is not pissing himself on hearing those words is a sign of either what a badass he is, how crazy he is, or both.
  • For the absolute worst, Barry Windsor Smith's Weapon X is arguably it. From the very beginning, where it's revealed just how Logan got caught up in Weapon X (he was ambushed outside of a bar and kidnapped), to the end where Wolverine wanders nude into the harsh Canadian Winter covered in blood and with no memories of what happened and everything in between it's 120 pages of horror. More examples? Okay, how about the Adamantium being injected into his body? How about Logan being wired up and remotely controlled? How about Logan being made a chewtoy for starved wolves? How about Logan screaming in agony (which is initially thought to be a cry of bloodlust by one of the scientists) when he pops his claws? How about Logan being forced to sleep in the blood of the slaughtered wolves (in sub-zero conditions nontheless)? How about Logan having his body cut open to install mind control devices? How about those mind control devices being demonstrated by a scientist popping each one of his claws to the tune of "This Little Piggy"? At this point in the experiment they had yet to install the little metal tunnels that allow the claws to come out without piercing his skin. That's still not enough? How about what's seen when the scientists get visuals from Logan's mind? It really has to be seen to be believed. And a subtler example: The professor in charge pours his hot coffee on an unconscious Logan's face and watches as it pours into his eyes with no physical reaction. Wolverine's mind is conscious the entire time, hes just unable to move. Oh, and the staff's belief that Wolverine isn't a human worthy of simple rights... At least, until the end where the two underlings admit that they're sickened by what they have done. All this presented with a very surreal, stream of consciousness-like style that uses garish colours and unconventional word-balloon placement to enhance the unsettling nature of the book. It's no wonder Wolverine is so messed up.
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  • Sabertooth is often underestimated, but still, pretty scary. Remember that part about Wolverine's Healing Factor making him an Implacable Man? Sabertooth has the exact same power, while also being stronger, faster and tougher than Logan even without it, and enough skill that he is, in mainstream, usually depicted as better than Wolverine when it comes to fighting... and Sabertooth is also one of Marvel's resident Complete Monsters. A rabid, violent, Axe-Crazy, cannibalist, sadistic, just generally murderous crazy son of a bitch, who can track you by scent, uses clawed fingers and fangs to rip you apart, and who will keep coming no matter how badly you hurt him? If that idea doesn't keep you up at night...
  • In the Hunt For Wolverine: Weapon Lost arc Kitty Pride enlist the help of Daredvil to locate the body of Logan. With the help of Inhuman Frank McGee, Misty Knight, and Mutant Cypher they manage to retrieve some data on a flash drive from company called Soteira who are shown to be willing to kill their own workers to keep their secrets hidden. On the drive they find multiple videos of Wolverine (who is confirmed to be alive) slaughtering people and when being interviewed this conversation ensues with Wolverine answers terrifying the Man without Fear himself.
    Unknown: What is your name
    Logan: Logan. Wolverine.
    Unknown: What will you do for us?
    Logan: Whatever you want.
    • To put this into perspective Logan has been doing countless amoral things for this company who in turn have one of the most unstoppable, mutant One-Man Army killing machines in the marvel universe as their personal assasin and he’s doing all these things for them willingly.

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