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Tear Jerker / All-New Wolverine

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  • Zelda's death in All-New Wolverine #5. She's gunned down distracting Mooney from hurting Gabby, and with her dying breath begs Laura to cut loose and punish Alchemax for what they've done to them.
  • When Bellona says goodbye to Gabby, the latter asks the former whether she'll see her again. Bellona replies that Gabby will once she grows up and forgets to smile while looking in the mirror, subtly driving home the point that no, Gabby will likely never see Bellona again.
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  • The pained expression on Laura's face when she sees Maria Hill's video file on Old Man Logan, and her angry dismissal and insistence that he's not really Logan, makes it clear just how deeply his loss continues to hurt.
  • The Civil War tie-in has several:
    • In issue 10 Logan tells Laura that he was avoiding her out of the fear that life was just giving him a second chance to mess up one of his only happy relationships. Laura deeply wished to have a family with the Logan of her reality, only to be denied it by his own failures as a father, and his eventual death. Old Man Logan's presence in her life would have offered her a second chance to have what she missed the first time around. And then S.H.I.E.L.D.'s actions destroyed the relationship they were building. Laura lost her second chance at having a father, and Logan's own fears came true.
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    • From issue 12, Laura's reaction to Gabby's apparent death: Tearfully cradling her body and begging her to wake up, and telling Rogers she said she wouldn't leave her before leaving her in his care so she can confront the feral Old Man Logan.
    • Also from issue 12, Laura tearfully walking away from Logan, telling him how the Logan of her world was loved and is missed, after their relationship has been pretty much destroyed.
  • Issue 13 which is also Part 1 of Enemy of the State II has Laura being dosed with her trigger scent causing her to go into a homicidal frenzy and murder 30 innocent citizens. Afterwards she just looks so broken as she cries amongst the bodies of her victims.
    • This is mitigated when it is revealed in Issue 18 that it wasn't Laura who killed them but Bellona
  • The reunion between Laura, Megan, and Debbie in issue 18.
  • Issue 21: Gabby breaking down in tears when she reaches a group of people infected by the virus too late, and her healing factor doesn't help them.
  • Issue 27: Sarah's death in Laura's arms when Daken shoots her, after she only just got her back. It may have been a clone, all along, but it's heartwrenching to watch Laura go through losing her mother again.
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  • Issue 30: At Daken's insistence the Orphans return Sarah Kinney's body so they can hold a proper funeral for her, laying her to rest and finally giving Laura closure over her mother's death.
  • Issue 33: An aging, retired Laura is dying from Clone Degeneration. And while this alternate future is a utopia in which the heroes won, it wasn't without cost; at some point she and Hellion reconciled and began a relationship, which ended when he was killed during the Doom World War.
  • Issue 34: Maria Hill's final words after she's mortally wounded by a Doombot, as she begs Laura to complete the mission to bring about the heroes' final victory, and create one world united in peace.

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