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All-New Wolverine is quite continuity-heavy, so it of course has quite a few nods to past events.

  • When Dr. Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto on Laura in All-New Wolverine #4, among the scenes we see of her life are killing her sensei and her mother's death from Innocence Lost, and Zebra Daddy pimping her on a corner from NYX. In fact, the outfits Laura and Sarah wear, and their pose, are identical to the scene of Laura cradling Sarah's corpse in Innocence Lost.
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  • In their final conversation of issue 6, Laura tells Gabby that she has to make her own decisions from now on. Gabby responds that idea scares her, and Laura admits that she remembers how that feels. This is a nod to the end of Second Coming, when Logan removes her from X-Force and tells her she has to make her own decisions. Laura is so afraid and lost at this prospect she actually breaks down and is practically in tears begging him for orders.
  • When Squirrel Girl mentions she rescued Jonathan the wolverine from a lab how he was kept locked up in a cage, Laura has a brief flashback to her imprisonment at the Facility.
  • In issue 9, Laura rescues Old Man Logan from the belly of Fin Fang Foom. When Logan presses her for her plan, Laura admits she doesn't have much experience with escaping the bellies of giant monsters, but figures the best way out is the way she came in. Logan then remarks he's had too much experience with that sort of thing. In fact that's exactly how he killed Banner in the original Old Man Logan.
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  • The plot of the annual involves the niece of Hornet (Eddie McDonough) attempting to get revenge on Logan for killing him during the original "Enemy of the State" arc, by blasting him into another dimension. Unfortunately, she doesn't realize that Logan is actually dead, and that there's now a new Wolverine living in that apartment.
  • Target: X is referenced in issue 12, when Laura makes her point about why Cap trying to preemptively arrest Logan is wrong by asking him why he let her go, and Cap acknowledges it's because he came to realized Laura wasn't in control of her actions.
  • A substantial part of Issue 13 is a cliff notes retelling of Innocence Lost and Target: X. Specifically, Laura tells Gabby about the trigger scent, Kimura, and Megan and Debbie.
    • Many of the outfits worn by Laura, Megan, Debbie, Sarah, and even Kimura in the flashback panels are the same as the respective scenes in the original books. Much of the dialogue is also taken from the same issues.
    • Also, when Laura tells Gabby about the trigger scent, she describes it in much the same manner as she did for Megan in Target: X.
    Laura: They programmed me. And they created a scent to control me. A trigger scent. When I smell it, everything goes black. And when it's light again everyone's dead.
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  • The psychic projection of where Laura's consciousness goes when she's under the effects of the trigger scent is represented by the scene from Innocence Lost of Sarah reading Laura from her Pinocchio book.
  • Issue 21 references Daken losing his healing factor during The Logan Legacy, and his arm in Wolverines. Daken notes his healing factor isn't back to full strength yet, and it took some time for his arm to grow back.
  • When meeting Star-Lord in issue 22 to get a ride into space, Quill recalls their previous meetings.
  • Fang of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard turns up in issue 23, and mentions having fallen ill following his previous encounter with Laura. There's a subtle hint that Mystique's actions trying to kill him may have been responsible.
  • Issue 25 is all about it:
    • The costuming and dialogue during the flashback of Logan receiving the Muramasa Blade are taken directly from issue 40 of the 2003 Wolverine series. With an added twist revealed in All-New Wolverine once he departs that Muramasa created something else he anticipated Logan would some day return for.
    • When Laura returns to the Facility installation where she was bred, including references to her first kills, wiping out Sutter's family but sparing his son, and her murder of her mother. Many moments from Innocence Lost are referenced in the artwork.
  • Issue 27 reveals the Muramasa Blade is buried near or in the grave of Logan's mother, Elizabeth Howlett.
  • The uniforms and jackets worn by the X-Men in the 2000s New X-Men make an appearance in issue 28.
  • Issue 30 reveals that Amber's father was on the Secret Service detail, and was killed during the attack.
  • Issue 32 is built on it, following up on Laura's very first assassination back in Innocence Lost. The issue opens with Laura's mission, recreating the photo op she used to get close, and even reusing elements of dialogue and wardrobe, including Laura's disguise. As noted above for issue 30, Amber's father was on the Secret Service detail protecting Senator Johnson and we see him killed to end the flashback.

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