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Shout Out / All-New Wolverine

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  • A variant cover for issue 1 references the first appearance of Wolverine in Incredible Hulk #180.
  • Two issues referenced the final panel of Uncanny X-Men #132:
  • Issue 3's alternate cover by Lopez homages the work of Patrick Nagel.
  • In issue 4, Dr. Strange has a painting hanging on his wall in one scene that reproduces the cover of Secret Defenders #1.
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  • The variant cover for issue 9 is one of several "Reenactment" covers issued by Marvel honoring the original Civil War event. The cover for All-New Wolverine references the cover to issue 42 of the 2003 Wolverine series.
  • The cover for issue 11 is a nod to the cover of Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia.
  • The cover for the first annual references the poster for Reservoir Dogs.
  • When Deadpool arrives on Roosevelt Island to help with the virus, Laura asks what he's being paid to help out. Wade responds with enough money to swim in, like the cartoons. Gabby, of course, hangs a lampshade on how it wouldn't work.
  • In issue 23 Gabby tells a Brood queen that Laura's no-kill policy is more like a loose set of guidelines than an actual rule.
  • Issue 25 depicts a famous picture of John Wayne hanging on the back wall of a dive bar.
  • Issue 26 hides a couple more in the background:
    • The feed from Sarah's camera is subtitled "Big Mother."
    • The red Ferrari and Tom Selleck expy strongly implies Magnum, P.I. is playing on Debbie's television.
  • Cabal loves this stuff. In issue 27 Apollo Creed's name is one of the tombstones in the graveyard where Logan buried the Muramasa Blade.
  • Kate Bishop likens Future!Gabby's laser claws to lightsabers in issue 34.

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