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Where did Alchemax Genetics get Laura's genetic material?
Alchemax Genetics was able to create ten clones of Laura. Certainly nothing new considering the Facility tried to do the same thing. However the entire reason the Facility has expended so much effort attempting to get her back is because she destroyed all materials and research that Rice used to create the additional clones in Innocence Lost.

However there is one character known to have access to some of those materials: The Hooded Woman from "Collision" and "Touching Darkness." She was already experimenting with the trigger scent, and sold Alchemax the samples used to create the Sisters, if she wasn't a part of the project herself.

  • Issue 6 of All-New Wolverine indicates that Alchemax stole their research from the Facility.
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  • True, but this is also Kimura we're talking about, who sees anything and everything X-23 as her personal property. She even blamed the X-Men for "stealing" her, so it's not out of character for someone else to have stolen the materials and sold it to Alchemax Genetics, and for Kimura to say AG stole it. And I think it was understood that the materials originally belonged to the Facility, anyway, so this doesn't really clarify much.

Captain Mooney's Fate
Captain Mooney isn't dead. Considering Death Is Cheap in the Marvel Universe even when they do show the body, the fact that not only is Mooney Killed Offscreen, but they never show his corpse afterwards, means the entire thing is a scam. Bellona only wanted Gabby to think she killed Mooney. In fact, Mooney is going to be revealed as the means by which Kimura actually freed the Sisters: either he was a mole and has been working for the Facility the entire time, or Kimura paid him off with a better job offer than what he was getting from Chandler. Although Gabby knew part of the plan meant Bellona and Zelda turning themselves in to Kimura, they kept Mooney's role from Gabby, knowing she would object to working with him. Mooney's actions in pursuit of the girls were all a part of a Batman Gambit set up by Kimura to manipulate Laura into helping them take down Chandler.
  • At least partly Jossed by "Enemy of the State II." No mention is made of Mooney at all, much less in connection to Kimura or her operations.

Laura will have to kill Gabby
Laura's life is one long stretch of heartbreak and hardship. What few moments of happiness she can find are generally short-lived and end tragically. Just as she was already forced to kill her own mother, events will conspire to put her in a position where she kills her own sister. I've got a bad feeling about this, and I think there's plenty of support in the books:
  • Gabby existed in Old Man Logan's timeline, and it's heavily implied that things weren't pretty. He knows that she's hiding something from Laura based on his experiences with "his" Gabby, and pointedly asks if Gabby intends to hurt her. This suggests that Gabby may have hurt or even killed Laura in his universe.
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  • Logan tried to warn Laura, but she refused to listen. She attempted to brush it off as not being the same universe, so just because it happened in his doesn't mean it will happen in hers. Laura has also built her life around screwing destiny and forging her own path, and wants Gabby to be able to do the same. Laura stands to suffer tremendously for failing to listen to his warning, and may be forced to kill Gabby as a result.
  • The solicits for the vol 3 trade paperback states that Laura had to kill again because of a dark tragedy. Gabby's death certainly fits the definition of "dark tragedy," and she's a major enough character in the book for it to provide a significant punch to the reader.
    • Gabby dying during Civil War II has been Jossed, as she survives the arc and reveals her Healing Factor. The "dark tragedy" in "Enemy of the State II" involved Kimura using the trigger scent to make her wipe out a town. Which she didn't actually do, snikting herself in the head before she fell under the effects.
  • Word of God suggests Gabby's days may be numbered, and that she may not be a long-term fixture in the book.
    • Jossed. Gabby will survive long enough to carry over to the succeeding 2018 X-23 series, and is now an official X-Man.

Logan will come back one way or another.
Pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Confirmed.
Gabby will have a Face–Heel Turn.
All-New Wolverine will be Gabby's Start of Darkness. The entire point of developing the close big/little sister relationship is to make Gabby going bad even more personal and painful, especially in light of Old Man Logan's warnings about his future.