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  • Laura has just brought down a drone Slim Pickens-style, and unceremoniously dumped on the street. Warren runs up but she balks at him giving her a hug because of multiple severe injuries (cracked ribs, dislocated shoulder, and third degree burns among others). So instead, Warren resorts to a pat on the head.
    Laura: Are you... patting me on the head?
    Warren: A little awkward?
    Laura: A little awkward
    Laura: I didn't say stop.
    • It gets a call back in issue 18, with Laura and Warren's positions reversed after Warren is shot down by Kimura.
  • Laura's conversation with Gabby in issue 2 when the latter has broken into her apartment and splits her time between playing Ms. Exposition, and snarking about the contents of Laura's fridge. Gabby's Fascinating Eyebrow when investigating a slice of leftover pizza is particularly funny.
  • In issue 3 of All-New Wolverine Bellona snarks at Laura's refusal to kill because the Alchemax mooks might have families, by suggesting a man whose fingers she severed might play the piano and she's now ruined his career. Gabby then gathers them up so the man can have them reattached just in case that's actually true.
    • When they arrive at the house of Doctor Strange, Laura warns them not to touch anything, then turns to Bellona and tells specifically tells her not to shoot anything. Bellona sulks.
  • In Issue 4, Strange uses the Eye of Agamotto to observe the characters of the Sisters. He determines that one is good, one is...not so good, and one dislikes being judged and is thinking of creative ways to murder him. Laura's face and reply are utterly Adorkable.
    • Laura admits some people don't like the idea of her taking over from Logan, guys on the internet, mainly
    • Bellona ends up ignoring Laura's warning in #3 and shoots a cupboard. Because it was winking at her. After subduing the monster Bellona's actions allowed to escape, Laura scolds her like she was a misbehaving child!
  • In All-New Wolverine #5, Jan gloriously subverts Let's You and Him Fight after Dr. Strange teleports Laura and the Sisters to Hank's lab, by calling up his cell phone and chewing him out in front of the girls for not giving her a head's up first. Made even better when Laura tries to interject only for Jan to shush her with a raised finger.
  • In issue 6 Gabby threatens Dr. Chandler, showing just how close he came to death, then gives him a cutesy "Bye" before casually running off.
  • In issue 7, Squirrel Girl brings a live wolverine because she thought that what she had to say to Laura would come across better if the latter saw it "from an animal's perspective". Cue Laura stating that she can't talk to wolverines.
    • In the same issue, said wolverine (his name is Jonathan) breaks into Gabby's room causing a scream, cut to the next panel where Gabby's cuddling said wolverine and proclaiming him to be the best pet ever.
    Gabby: I will walk him and feed him and dress him up in fine suits and build little cities out of cardboard for him to tear through like some hairy, giant, formally attired monster.
    Squirrel Girl: Oh, I like her.
    • After clearing up that she can't understand wolverines, Squirrel Girl tells the wolverine (named Jonathan) that his services are no longer required. This results in said wolverine having a quite dejected look on his face.
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    • Doreen's dramatic finger-pointing is followed by two quick beat panels as Laura first just stares at her in stunned silence, and then followed by a quick sniff by Jonathan.
    • After a few short chirps by the squirrel Laura borrowed an acorn from (It Makes Sense in Context), Doreen translates it as a long-winded speech on family and accountability. Turns out the squirrel really just wanted its acorn back.
  • All-New Wolverine #8:
    • The imagery of Gabby taking Jonathan the wolverine walkies is hilarious in the sheer absurdity of the visual. And that's before factoring in the pedestrians panicking over the grumpy wolverine (Jonathan, not Laura) shuffling down the sidewalk.
    • Gabby ends up interrupting Maria Hill briefing Laura with her slurping.
      Wolverine: It's her first twenty five with chicken.
      Maria Hill: With all the flavor of twenty five.
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    • When Laura points out that the contents of the mysterious box they just opened are a pheromone that attracts Fing Fang Foom, Gabby immediately makes an Incredibly Lame Pun about it.
      Gabby: A pheromone?
      Wolverine: Yes.
      Gabby: A Fin Fang Pheromone?
      • Gabby's reaction after that when she takes the revelation to its most absurd extent.
        Gabby: So this is like when a giant rampaging lizard and a flying aircraft carrier love each other very much...
  • From #9:
    • Gabby's enthusiasm for trying out a S.H.I.E.L.D. jet pack, and meeting Captain Marvel and Iron Man is adorably hilarious. Also, Foom's "WTF!?" expression in the background.
    • Iron Man's reaction upon seeing Gabby:
    Iron Man: Um, Hill? Are your agents getting smaller?
    • Laura and Carol's reaction to Stark commenting how he's got plenty of experience sterilizing rooms.
      Laura and Carol: Ew!
    • When Foom gets a whiff of Laura covered in pheromone the background is subtly replaced by a big pink heart.
    • Also, Laura dousing herself with the pheromone to draw Fin Fang Foom away, becoming the object of affection for a 100 foot tall lizard, having to give up her suit, and borrowing clothes from Carol to get home.
      Gabby: You jet packed naked?
      Laura: Yes. It was cold.
  • Issue #10:
    • A pair of burglars break into Wolverine's apartment. No, really, "That's the Joke". Laura, Logan and Gabby laugh hysterically when they realize what's happening. The burglars are confused as hell, and Logan waves them off by saying he needed a good laugh, nobody deserves what the two burglars just walked into, so they should just walk away and consider this the luckiest day of their lives.
    • Every scene between Gabby and Logan crosses the line between this and Heartwarming.
    • Laura chewing Old Man Logan out when he uses a claw to pop the top on a bottle of juice and leaves the cap on the floor, along with generally lampshading Logan's Testosterone Poisoning image.
  • Issue 11:
    • Gabby geeking out when she rounds a corner and sees Captain America standing in her apartment, saluting him, and rambling about how long she's supposed to hold it.
    • In the middle of a tense confrontation between Captain America and Logan, Cap says no one has to get hurt, Gabby points out the still tied up burglars from earlier stating that “We already hurt those burglars pretty bad” high causes Cap to correct himself and say no one ’’’else’’’ needs to get hurt with a seemingly amused smirk.
    • A fight breaks out between Laura and Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D. when they come to take Logan into custody. Cue Jonathan the Wolverine leaping into the fray, and biting the ankle of one of Cap's men.
    • During Logan's and Gabby's escape from the apartment, one of the other apartments they pass through has a couple naked in bed, having just been rudely interrupted by their rushing through. Gabby hesitates and looks!
  • Annual 1:
    • Gabby making a costume for Jonathan, complete with Domino Mask.
    • Gwen-as-Laura constantly trying to to explain to Gabby that she's really Gwen.
      • Also, her imaginative Spider-Ham is now "Wolver-hampton".
    • Although Laura has some mild How Do I Shot Web? moments while she adjusts to Gwen's powers, Laura generally handles herself quite well. Gwen knocks herself out of the final battle by stabbing herself in the face with Laura's claws.
    • There's also Laura explaining to Gwen that they're going to walk across the street to the bad-guy's lair because she's genre savvy enough to know that trying to swing over with Gwen's powers would just have her go splat against the wall.
    • After the battle, and to the Red Hornet's horror, Laura patiently extracts Gwen's claws from her eye. There's a lot of blood.
  • Issue 13:
    • Laura remembers to bring the pelican along on their vacation.
    Laura: I never leave a man behind.
    • Gabby + road rage. She ends up shouting at a particularly rude woman the next lane over who won't lay off the horn. When the woman makes a nasty comment back Gabby pops her claw, and the way she holds her hand looks and awful lot like she just flipped her off. And then she slashes out her tire as they drive past.
    • The old lodge they stay in looks like a bomb has hit it, but according to Laura that's apparently just how Logan lived.
  • Issue 14: Pretty much everything from Gabby after they arrive at Captain Ash's ship. From her pirate talk, to wanting to cut off her own leg so she can fit it with a peg (she has a healing factor, and it won't hurt). But the real crowner is this response to the one-eyed Ash:
    Ash: But I see things a little differently.
    Gabby: Of course you see things a little differently. You don't have depth perception.
    Ash: Oh. I like her.
  • Issue 18: Gambit blasts a gaping hole in the side of Kimura's flying fortress. With a can of beans.
    Gambit: I need to start carrying beans.
  • Issue 19: Laura tricks the mastermind behind the trafficked children Laura and Gabby freed from Captain Ash into confessing. Not to S.H.I.E.L.D., or the FBI. But to his mother.
  • Issue 20:
    • Gabby's fangirling over her Laura reaches new heights when they discover that the latter's healing factor is draws in the destroys the alien virus that has hit Roosevelt Island.
    Gabby: My sister is the freaking messiah!
    • Monica Rappaccini is pretty much a one-woman CMOF. Her condescending arrogance when dealing with the collection of smart people trying to figure out the virus reaches Dr. Nemesis levels of self-aggrandizement. And then there's her unceremoniously ordering Laura to strip down and hop up on her exam table, or the casual way she mentions having experimented on her DNA in the past as if it were no big deal (made even funnier by Laura's stunned reactions to both).
  • Issue 21: Pretty much every panel with Deadpool. Especially his interactions with Gabby.
  • Ditto for issue 22, where Wade and Gabby's friendship combines with Heartwarming Moments in disturbingly hilarious ways. For example, she gives him the finger. In a box.
    Gabby: May it insult you forever.
    • Followed shortly after by Carol Danvers' response.
      Carol: Did I just see Deadpool crying in the corridor?
      Laura: Probably.
      Carol: Okay.
    • Later in the same issue, while in the Guardians ship, we have Jonathan picking up Groot like a ragdoll, before Gabby scolds him and shows them how to be friends. All this happening in the background while Laura and Star-Lord are talking about their mission.
  • Issue 24:
    • After a heartfelt moment where Jonathan, who has been given a Universal Translator, expresses his gratitude to Laura and Gabby for giving him a home and that he's willing to die for them, he concludes by telling them he's hungry.
      • Also, his name for Laura is "Angry One."
    • Rocket's solution to the moral quandary that Laura, Quill, and Gamora find themselves in over what to do with Rankine is to just space the bastard while they're debating.
  • Issue 27:
    • Crosses over with Moment of Awesome: Debbie scolding Daken about waving a gun around her house (with his finger on the trigger, at that!) and telling him to either stop or get out.
    • Daken dressed in a spare set of Gabby's clothes. They're pink, several sizes too small, and read "Strong Girl" across the chest.
    • The tombstones where Logan buried the Muramasa blade. In addition to Elizabeth Howlett, Logan's mother, there are stones for Apollo Creed, Faith in Humanity, and Juan Caball's Career.
  • Issue 28:
    • Gabby gets her code name, and geeks out in a splash panel/Imagine Spot of reworked classic Wolverine covers. The homage to Incredible Hulk #181 replaces the Wendigo with...homework! See it in detail here.
    • The ridiculously elaborate cover story Gabby gives her alias while seeking out Muramasa. It gets even better when Daken tells her they don't need backgrounds, and Gabby launches on a tangent about an awkward family dinner where their uncle tries to "stifle her creativity." Debbie smirking and trying not to crack up behind her sells it further.
  • Issue 29: Gabby's bemused reaction to watching a Hand ninja she just killed crumbling into ash. Her complaints about getting zombie ninja in her mouth afterwards, and worriedly asking Daken if it means she'll become a zombie ninja as well are a nice added bonus.
  • In an otherwise heartwarming and heartrending scene at Sarah's funeral at the end of issue 30, we have Jonathan wearing a little suit...
  • Issue 30: Gabby fangirls over Laura after the latter throws a shield at a mook like a certain star spangled Avenger.
    Gabby: Oh, man. You Captain America'd.
  • Issue 31
    • Jonathan having some sort of weird fixation on bird statues.
    • All of Gabby and Deadpool's interactions. From Wade agreeing to help once Gabby says what they're doing might be illegal, to bonding over chloroform, to facing a zombie apocalypse of cute animals.
    • Two Words: Zombie. Sloth.