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Fridge Brilliance

  • During the Four Sisters arc, one of Laura's clones, Zelda tells Laura to protect the youngest clone Gabby, telling her that she's what "they should have been" and "special." At first, it seems that this is in reference to Gabby's relative innocence. However, after Gabby reveals that she has claws, it seems like Zelda's referring to the fact that Gabby was the only clone of Laura to inherit her powers.
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  • Squirrel Girl thinking that Wolverine can talk to actual wolverines is understandable when you realize that all the other animal themed heroes in her own book can actually do so.
  • Other than some mild How Do I Shot Web? when she first finds herself in Spider-Gwen's body during the annual, Laura actually handles herself quite well in these unfamiliar circumstances. By contrast, Gwen is a complete and total failure at managing Laura's powers. However if one is familiar with the histories of the two characters, this isn't a case of Character Shilling or The Worf Effect to make Laura look so much better than Gwen:

    Laura was raised from birth to be a Living Weapon, and was trained extensively to handle unexpected situations and use anything at hand to her advantage to carry out her mission. She was also born a metahuman, with her mutation being forcibly activated at an early age. Gwen, by contrast, was just a physically normal girl until she was bitten by the radioactive spider. She came into her powers at a much later age, and has had no formal training. It's established in her own series and various crossovers that metahumans of equivalent power who actually do have combat training have a tremendous advantage against her, (the Captain America of her universe was able to knock her cold with one punch) and that Gwen is actually pretty helpless without her powers.
  • In issue 17, Jean and Gabby are able to help break Laura from her conditioning to the trigger scent. At first it seems strange that after so much time no one had ever thought to use telepathy to reprogram her brain, however this is also the first time that Laura has actually been around a telepath while she was under its effects. In order to safely break her free, Jean needed to find out what's actually happening inside her brain while she's "triggered" to know what to fix.
    • Additionally, while Emma Frost did try to telepathically break her conditioning in the past, she never had the trigger scent when she did so - she couldn't see what goes on in Laura's head when she gets triggered.
    • Furthermore, the actual memory Laura's consciousness retreats to is one of Sarah reading to her from Pinocchio. Why this memory? Laura's childhood was an endless nightmare of physical and emotional abuse already, but the process conditioning her to the trigger scent is revealed in Target X to have involved outright torture, including both electric shock and waterboarding, and who knows what other nightmares before she finally began to respond as Rice desired. Sarah reading to her is one of the only happy moments she had when this was happening to her, so of course that's where her compartmentalized mind went to escape the pain.
  • Issue 21:
    • Daken, Deadpool, and Old Man Logan arrive on Roosevelt Island to help with The Plague. Daken and Logan make sense, since both are related to Laura (her brother and alternate universe genetic father, respectively). However Wade Wilson is not. So why would he be helping, rather than Doctor Strange. grabbing just anyone with a healing factor, like Sabretooth? Because when the Weapon X project was experimenting on Wade, they used Logan's healing factor as the basis. It's not Laura's genetics the virus is drawn to, it has something specifically to do with the healing factor she inherited from Logan. Therefore, since Wade also shares Logan's healing factor, he's able to help fight the virus.
    • Daken's healing factor is still compromised from what Siphon did to him, and he's unable to endure as much of the virus as the others. However not only was Laura also drained, but since Daken was drained first, one would expect that his would have recovered first, and therefore ought to be stronger by now. But then you remember: Daken also had to regrow his arm and eye. While Laura was also badly wounded by Mystique after her healing factor was stripped from her, her wounds could also be treated via conventional medical treatment, so it's possible by the time her abilities kicked back in she had already recovered from the wounds Mystique inflicted. Daken's injuries, however, required his healing abilities to treat. The stress of regrowing his missing parts has therefore left it in a weakened state.

Fridge Horror

  • In issue 2, Captain Mooney cuts Laura with a scalpel. He claims it's to verify she's who she says she is, and not one of the Sisters — her clones — in disguise. When Laura heals from the wound, it proves her identity because they lack her Healing Factor. However Mooney also holds a piece of gauze over the wound while she bleeds. This means Alchemax has obtained a fresh sample of her DNA, which might allow them to make a clone with a functional X-gene.
    • Issue #6 shows that they didn't necessarily need it since it's revealed that Gabby actually did inherit her powers.
    • Keep in mind that Alchemax didn't know. They told Laura that none of the sisters inherited her claws or healing factor. So either Chandler was lying his ass off (not impossible considering he already lied trying to get Laura's cooperation), or the fact Gabby did have a claw came as a complete surprise to him.
  • Captain America's actions during the Civil War II crossover come across in a completely different light when you consider the then-current Cosmic Retcon of Cap's origins by Red Skull and Kovik. It's entirely possible that he wants to turn Laura and Logan against one another, and is willing to see an innocent girl murdered to do it.
  • Issue 24 has some rather disturbing implications for the rest of the "Immune" and "Hive" arcs. Rankine is exposed as using his research to turn viruses into weapons. Since the virus that attacked earth was favorably attracted to individuals with Healing Factors, it's entirely likely that he was specifically developing a way to target such individuals by overwhelming their healing abilities in a way that would allow them to be killed.

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