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This is heartwarming moments page for The Walking Dead comic.

For the TV show, see here.

For the video game, see here.

The comic
  • Carl explaining to Rick that he still loves his dad, even after everything they've been to and all the terrible things they've both been forced to do.
  • Glenn and Maggie's wedding, presided not by a preacher, but the most spiritual member of the community. No invitations, since they just assumed everyone would come. Nothing but a speech, custom-made wedding vows, and a kiss. It shows that even after the apocalypse, with the worst of human nature surfacing, love still finds a way.
  • In the No Way Out arc, Rick is holding of the zombies alone so that Carl has a chance. He's being overwhelmed. Cut to each of the members of the group seeing him fighting alone, and each one of them going out to help fight them. They win. In a series devoid of optimism, this also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • Rick forgiving Nicholas after his failed mutiny, making him see that everyone needs to work together to survive rather than killing him, despite admitting later that he really wanted to.
  • After the thirty-issue run as Big Bad for Negan, Rick comes up with an appropriate punishment for him. Cruel Mercy of living out the rest of his life watching his people flourish. After the War Is Hell that came before this moment, it's refreshing to know that no matter what has happened so far, Rick still hasn't broken completely.
  • The second half of issue 34 (especially considering what happened right before)which shows Morgan and his son celebrating Christmas together. They're all alone in the middle of a ruined world crawling with the dead and yet Morgan still found time to get his son a gift for the holidays. After all the death and suffering readers had gotten used to seeing its a nice change to see that not only are they still alive but actually able to enjoy something from their past lives before the world completely went to shit.
    "I love you dad."
    "I love you too son."
  • Issue #143 has Pete telling Ezekiel to get Michonne back, in gratitude Ezekiel warmly hugs Pete and goes on to find her... This becomes Harsher in Hindsight because this is Ezekiel's last interaction before his death gets revealed in Issue 144
  • Issue #160 has Maggie refuse Dante's romantic feelings for her on the grounds that she will only ever love Glenn, the love of her life. When Dante snaps that she's making herself unhappy because of her dead husband, Maggie refuses and says she's happy when she thinks about him. This issue was also the first to be released after the TV adaptation of Glenn's death aired, making the scene all the more poignant.
  • The revelation in Issue 169 that Carl had come clean to Andrea about killing Ben after the war with the saviors. Although she was upset, she forgave him and told him she loved him, and according to Carl that's when he started calling her mom.
  • Even if it doesn't end up lasting very long, Dwight and Laura leading the allied army back to Alexandria after their battle with The Whisperers is a sweet moment. It's practically like a victory parade, but everyone's also cheering on two Saviors, making it seem like peaceful coexistence and cooperation is ultimately possible.
  • The reunion of Michonne and her daughter Elodie in issue 176.
    Michonne: "It's me, baby. It's Mama."
  • After Rick's murder, Carl and Michone are about to head back to Alexandria so that he can be buried next to Andrea when Maggie asks them to wait, saying there are some people who want to join them. Cue a literal sea of mourners, ranging from characters we've known for years to characters introduced more recently like Lance, Princess, and even Pamela (i.e. the son of his assasin). As anti-climatic as Rick's death may have been, he left an impact on people, and they wanted to pay their respects.
  • The ending has Carl and Sophia married and with a daughter, Andrea. It shows that after doubting whether or not Rick's work would succeed, it ultimately did, and society has rebuilt itself. For some, the only walkers that people see are travelling "zoo" exhibits. Furthermore, Carl and Sophia, after years of brutal trauma, finally have a tomorrow. And when Carl reads about her grandfather to Andrea, the final words are "Read it again." After 193 issues of cynicism and overwhelming proof that Humans Are the Real Monsters, the series ends with a beautiful Earn Your Happy Ending.
    • Not just Carl and Sophia, but most of the main cast end the series on a high note:
      • Lydia, after suffering the abuse of Alpha and the other Whisperers, settles down with a husband and has a steady job as a supply runner with Carl. While they've long since broken up, they're very close and even joke about their old relationship.
      • Eugene is spearheading a railroad project to finally connect them with the eastern side of the country. He was introduced to us with the promise to end the apocalypse, and nearly three decades in-universe later he's fulfilling it.
      • Michonne is finally able to put her past behind her and serves as The High Judge. The sword Carl uses to kill the walker at the beginning? She gave him hers. When we last see her, she's happily welcoming her grandson into her home.
      • Aaron and Jesus got married, and have a happy life living on the bank of a river. While we don't get to see much of them, they do seem happy together.
      • Even Negan gets a somewhat happy ending. Despite becoming a recluse, the fact that he made a new grave for Lucile, plus the Negan Lives comic implying he was going to find his wife's remains and give her a proper burial, it seems he finally got the closure he deserved.