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This is the Fridge page for The Walking Dead comic.

For the TV show, see here.

For the video game, see here.

Fridge Brilliance
  • The title has a double meaning. The zombies are literally walking dead. However, the humans who are still alive often view themselves as doomed, so they are just as good as dead in spite of still walking around. Rick explains this fairly explicitly.
  • Wonder why there are so many dicks in The Walking Dead? Well, it's explained by Abraham. Killing is actually very difficult for us. We're programmed both in our nature and in our society NOT to kill one another, so killing a human is an extremely traumatic experience. Most of you couldn't even hurt another person deliberately. Now in a world where there are no zombie movies or games, how many people would actually be able to kill a walker?
  • Why was Lori so antagonistic against Dexter, almost irrationally so at times? He was in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. Lori had a relationship with Shane, Rick's partner and best friend, and she was pregnant with Shane's baby and she knew it.
  • Negan rules over the Saviors with an iron fist, to be certain. However, he has instituted a system of earning "points" in place of actual currency that, oddly enough, works fairly well until he's provoked into All-Out War with Rick and Co. The concept of a point system seems simplistic and almost childish until you realize that prior to the outbreak, Negan was a gym teacher. Applying a system he likely came up with to wrangle unruly, energetic teenagers makes perfect sense, with minimal adaptation (well, frightening violence) to keep scared, willful adults in line.

Fridge Horror

  • Issue 48: during the Governor's assault of the prison, Lori and Judith were killed.
    • Consider: the fatal shot hit Lori. Her brain was not damaged. If she's lucky, the zombies devoured her corpse. If not, there might be half a reanimated Lori crawling around.
    • And then there was Judith. We saw the shot killing her mother, but there was no absolute indication that it killed the baby. If she's lucky, she was also killed by the gunshot. If not—and if Lori didn't get to reanimate—she and her mother would be devoured by the swarm of zombies. And yes, it can get worse: just imagine what would happen if Lori reanimated but Judith didn't. And yes, it can get further worse. If the gunshot killed but didn't destroy Judith's cranium, we just might have ourselves a zombie baby and its half-corpse zombie mum in the prison...
      • Actually, the woman who shot Lori clearly yells at the Governor "You made me kill a fucking baby!" Most likely Judith was crushed under her mother's corpse, since she was barely a month old and babies are very brittle.
      • According to the Survivor's Guide, Judith is confirmed to have been crushed to death when Lori is killed.
  • Something that hasn't been addressed yet in the comics. Consider, whatever it is that reanimates the dead is possibly airborne, and everyone has it: thus, even if one dies of other causes he/she will still reanimate. Consider, the chance of miscarriages is that much high in that world, due to (relative) lack of medical care, stress, etc. Now imagine if a baby is stillborn, or dies during childbirth...
    • It has been addressed. The virus is also airborne.
  • And one more thing. Again, recall that everyone can/will reanimate upon death, unless the brain is destroyed. Now imagine that a lot of people are scared and barely barricaded themselves against hordes of undead. Then, in the middle of the night, someone has a heart attack and dies. Bam! Suddenly there is a zombie right next to you. All it takes is a sudden sickness, or lack of medicine (e.g. diabetics), or just old age to claim someone, and suddenly your crammed safezone is breached—from within. Quite possibly, this contributes to many 'contained area' or 'safezones' to be overrun.
    • And do recall that, in the TV series, there was the gang protecting the retirement home, with old and possibly medically-dependent people. While (as far as I know) this hadn't happened, it was and still is a very real possibility.
      • In the show, apparently the only way to become a zombie is to be bitten by another one.
      • Not anymore.
      • The Vatos were confirmed to have been overrun in the unused Season 2 premiere, and hinted at in the official trailers.
  • The Walking Dead contains lots of Nightmare Fuel already, but The Governor takes the cake in this category. Among the many nasty things he does, he collects the severed heads of those he's killed to feed his "biters" and sticks them in tanks, then sits and watches them complaining "there's nothing on TV these days." Nasty, right? Then you remember that anyone killed, bitten or not, rises as a zombie... and even after decapitation, the head is still animate unless the brain is destroyed...
    • And then there's the scene with walkers in the basement at the house at Wiltshire Estates. One wonders how the walkers got down there in the first place. Then, later, it's revealed that it's not the bite that turns people... any death will turn you into a walker. So it's quite likely that those were the original owners of the house who hid in the basement for safety but died of starvation. *shiver*
  • Many people have serious medical conditions, often genetic, that require surgery or extensive medication to fix. It will be more or less impossible to gain access to those things for a very long time, and those people are probably all dead now, that doesn't mean more won't be born. Since everyone who dies without head trauma reanimates, will anyone with a life threatening illness have to be executed, since they would essentially be time bombs? And if they do survive, will they be kept in isolation, prohibited from breeding or doing anything unescorted?
  • The zombie apocalypse is revealed to be global in the Walking Dead Universe. Aside from the United States, we get two spin-offs set in Spain and China, respectively. Considering how bad the three countries ended up according to those storylines, one wonders how other countries in The Walking Dead Universe are doing...
  • In The Walking Dead, the only true way of killing a zombie is via direct head/brain trauma, with beheading leaving the body motionless but the severed head still ``alive``. When in combat,the survivors often cut off walker´s heads with little to no afterthought. Just how many undead heads are out there, just rotting away, unable to even go about the zombie routine of hunting the living ?