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This is funny moments page for The Walking Dead comic.

For the TV show, see here.

For the video game, see here.

  • In the prison, a former drug addict claims that he was the cause of the zombie outbreak. How? He was in prison again, and prayed to God for help to get clean, and the next day news of the zombies broke. What makes it is how the next panel has Rick and Lori giving a Flat "What" look before Rick changes the conversation with an awkward Okay.
  • While Rick and Tyreese are clearing out the prison, they enter the cafeteria expecting a horde of walkers to come rushing out at them... Only to see a mostly empty room with 4 guys sitting at a table, eating meat loaf.
    Prisoner: Hey, you guys want some meatloaf?
  • Glenn's proposal to Maggie is equal parts heartwarming and Hilarious from the build up of Glenn asking to search female zombies to Axel and Tyrese's confusion to the proposal itself.
    Maggie:I don't know... can I think about it?
    Glenn: (Oh, Crap! face) ...
    Maggie: Oh, are you kidding me!? Of course I'll marry you! Gosh— I can't believe you couldn't tell I was kidding. I mean it's not like there's any other real options for me...... and... I totally love you dip shit! But seriously... going to a church isn't exactly an option. How are we going to 'do this? Do we just hold hands and walk around a table backwards or something?
  • Kirkman lives up to his statement early on that aliens would enter the story in issue 75, with a joke story about how aliens were behind the zombies, and several characters both dead and alive have acquired superhero outfits and are fighting them...and the Governor has become The Quisling and now uses a kickass mech suit. Eleven years later, Kirkman would release Rick Grimes 2000 and continue that story.
  • There's something darkly humorous about Rick and Tyreese still taunting each other while both are lying in bloody heaps on the floor.
  • This gem from Axel
Axel: "Andrew throw me a fucking gun! I ain't going to be scaring these things away with my dick!"