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Heartwarming / The Wicked + The Divine

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  • From the second half of Issue #7, "Bad Company," we have Baphomet trying to cheer Laura up, knowing everything that she's been through recently after being exposed to their world and Luci's death. When she tries to leave his and Morrigan's underground hangout in a moment of reluctance to talk about Luci, Baphomet stops her and removes his trademark shades, his expression becoming solemn and sympathetic as he drops his usual demeanor. He apologizes for lying to her, but insists his intentions are pure, and that he and Morrigan both understand what she's going through and want to help her come to terms with it. It's a nice moment that reminds us the members of the Pantheon are still human when it comes down to it.
    Baphomet: You're in Hell. You need company. Morrigan and I aren't good company. But we're good bad company. And we've been there. I can't say I care, but I do understand. (pulls back jacket to reveal liquor bottle) Plus, I wasn't lying about the Jack.
    Laura (narrating): I can't think of a reason to say "no." It ends up being an awful evening. I love it. I don't want it to end.
  • Issue #9 starts with Ananke comforting Minerva about all the bad stuff going on (such as Minerva assaulting Kerry, or the whole dead-in-two-years thing). Baphomet arrives with his trademark snark and Minerva snaps at him, but stops when she realizes he's just as worried. She leaves him with Ananke.
    Ananke: You didn't come to talk about Lucifer. You came to get your head stroked too.
  • Issue #10: Urdr/Cass has been awakened and when she shows up at Ragnarock intending to show the audience how everything is pointless, which she does, only to have the whole thing backfire when the audience start cheering instead. She retreats to her trailer and Laura attempts to comfort her.
    Laura: Cass, I..I thought something happened to me after Luci. Just a flicker of something. But I was deluded. It was...a bad time. I wanted it so badly, I wanted to speak to the world. But really? What do I have to say? Nothing. You do. It's better that it's you. No one's going to understand all of you, but some people will.
    Urdr: Do you hate me?
    Laura: I'm really happy for you.
    Urdr: [tears in her eyes] Including the dying?
    Laura: [hugs Urdr] Except for that.
    • And earlier in the issue, Laura mopes a bit about not being one of the Pantheon before Inanna gives her a hug and then gives her a lift to Ragnarock.
  • Minerva visiting Kerry in the hospital.
  • Issue #15: Amaterasu hangs up prayers in the shrine for the recently deceased, Eleanor (Luci), Aruna (Tara), Laura (Persephone) and her parents, and Zahid (Inanna). She also hangs up prayers for Cassandra and the Norns.
  • At Dionysus' party, Laura asks Baphomet if anything special happened to him before he ascended. He initially says no, but changes his mind, saying that one thing happened: he met Marian/the Morrigan.
  • Since her parents are dead, Baal and Persephone have taken in Minerva.
  • Urdr was willing to call a performance off since she is worried about Dio's well-being.
  • It's implied that, despite offing every single one of their incarnations throughout history, usually upon ascension, that Ananke actually allowed some of the Persephones to live.
  • Despite not ever being more than satelites to Cassandra/Urdr, Cassandra's two interns (Meredith and Zoe) were still invited to her funeral. It's implied they remained close friends throughout their lives.
    • Even before this, when the gang all went to the final battle, Cassandra once again releases them, ensuring that even if she does not survive, at least they will.