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  • In the first issue, when a sniper sight is on Lucifer, Sakhmet glomps her to the ground. Lucifer calmly looks at her.
    Lucifer: Sakhmet! Yes you're coming into heat but this is unacceptable!
    Lucifer: Whoever's teasing Sakhmet with the laser pointer needs to stop. This isn't funny. Actually it is, but...
    Sakhmet: Love the red dot!
  • The solicitation for Issue #10: Ragnarock is finally here. The show to end all shows promises to be a lovely experience for all the gods…wait. Oh noes! Jamie and Matt have drawn Baphomet drenched in blood on the cover. What a hilarious internal communication error. I’m sure it’s a mistake and nothing to do with the story whatsoever.
    • The next issue's solicitation simply states that "everything is going to be okay". The cover is a bloody neck stump.
  • In Issue #12, while it takes place in the middle of a dramatic scene following on from the devastating ending of the previous issue, there is a small funny moment. During his Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Baphomet, whom he believes to have killed Inanna, Baal terrifies the Morrigan so much that she stops speaking in riddles and poetry (something her character almost exclusively does) and she simply yells "I haven't seen him!"
  • Most of Baphomet's less-than-serious dialogue. Also, his stunt with the Morrigan's decapitated head.
    • "...Baphomet is definitely not fucking with you."
  • Baphomet is able to contact The Morrigan in issue #16 through a Bap-o-meat burger with its ketchup drawn in a pentagram. Sounds like another Gillen/McKelvie comic...
    • On that note, the Morrigan speaking in her usual overdramatic, poetic complain about the catering she's receiving.
      Morrigan: What? This is not a falafel with hummus. They risk Badb's rage falling on them like bloody rain...this a BAP-O-MEAT!
  • The end of issue # 18 with the reveal that Baphomet and Persephone slept together a month ago has the most awkward expressions on their faces.
  • The Flashback in issue #20 showing Baphomet's actual ascension.
    Ananke: We meet again...Nergal. I missed y—
    Baphomet/Nergal: NERGAL?! ARE YOU TAKING THE PISS?!
  • Woden's mocking transcription of the Gods' previous actions.
    "Luci": OUCH. :[
  • In the midst of the battle against Sakhmet and Baal, they... distract her with the Red Dot.
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  • In issue #22, as Baal tries to convince Persephone not to kill Ananke:
Baal: Your parents wouldn't want this. Inanna - he wouldn't want this. Lucifer...Lucifer probably would, but fuck Lucifer.
  • Urdr studying Ananke's machine in issue #24, cites her major breakthrough as discovering that one random part goes "beep". Then she declares the giant buzzsaws to be pizza cutters.
    • Which comes back in issue #27.
    Random part: BEEP
    Urdr: Oh, shut up.
  • The letters page in issue #24 has a letter expressing feedback for issue #22.
    holy FUCKING mother of god
    you did it
    you DID IT
    —Cam Rodriguez
    Kieron Says: Thanks, Cam.
  • Urdr's reaction to Persephone taking Woden into the Underground:
  • Woden's 'explanation' as to why Dio is awkward around Urdr in Issue #31 is just him holding his hands vaguely in her direction and waving them until she gets it.
  • In the 1923 special, Morrigan speaks entirely as though he's narrating a play, including referring to himself in the third person.
    “Susanoo spoke and everyone ignored him,” said Morrigan. “His words were like branches banging against a window too late at night. Annoying, but not sufficient to make one care enough to crawl from the bed and silence them. Still, come morning or the morning after that, one would take a saw and solve the problem…”
    “Did you hear that? Morrigan’s threatening me too now!” said Susanoo. “Or at least I’m pretty sure it was a threat.”
    “He’s speaking what we all are thinking, Susanoo. It’s part of what makes him great,” said Neptune, tired.
  • The Breather Episode "Funnies" one-shot issue is, of course, full of funny moments.
    • The Pantheon come back as dogs, and Ananke puts them all into a sack and sends them to dog heaven. By throwing them over a river. No, it's not a euphemism, she actually does. "What? I'm not a Complete Monster."
    • Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie show up at a dive bar to beat up a guy who reckons he's one of the Pantheon, and press-gang his bandmate into being their colourist. The best part? The men in question are Chip Zdarsky and Matt Wilson.
    • Gentle Annie tries her hand at several jobs, but due to the fact that she speaks entirely in riddles in a heavy Irish accent, nobody can understand what she's saying. This becomes a problem when she becomes the commander of a nuclear-armed submarine.
    • A BuzzFeed parody listicle which compares living with Sakhmet to living with a housecat, including, among other things, Sakhmet walking across Laura's laptop keyboard on two legs, trying to steal her food out of her hands, and bringing home dead people and dropping them in Laura's bed.
    • The Scooby-Doo parody story, "13 Go Mad in Wiltshire", which includes, among other things, Baphomet shouting "Zoinks!" and jumping into Morrigan's arms, as well as the ghost, who is actually Woden in disguise, saying "I would have gotten away with it if not for you meddling-" before Lucifer cuts him off with "Oh, fuck off."
    • The "reveal" that the reason Laura's phone is cracked is because Kieron Gillen's terrible Twitter puns made her throw the phone at the pavement. Kieron swears up and down that this was planned from the start and they're definitely not making it up as they go along.