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Awesome / The Wicked + The Divine

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  • Issue 18 for Persephone. It's automatic when you manage to fool Ananke. Persephone pulls off a plan for her debut where Anake will be caught totally flatfooted by Persephone showing up out of nowhere to do a performance, and then that is revealed merely to be a distraction to save the Morrigan and Minerva. Flawless.
  • Issue 36 begins with a montage of every Persephone through history being killed at Ananke's hands. But two exceptions, Francia and Wrangel Island stand out because they not only fought back but ripped Ananke in half and killed HER instead respectively.
    • Several others manage to either take Ananke with them directly or indirectly, or actually manage to fight back and escape. One of the Egyptian Persephones manages to actually impale Ananke.
  • Issue 41: Nergal/Cameron gives Inanna, Luci, and Mimir bodies again.
    • Also one for Tara for immediately volunteering to be the one left only a head. No hesitation. Mimir plans to give her something amazing in return, though.
  • Issue 42: Woden thinks he's safe, confronting Minerva with mind-controlled Valkyries. Minerva instantly usurps his controls, gets him to grovel, and then has them tear him apart while mocking David for ever thinking he could outplay her.