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Heartwarming / Witchblade

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Comic Book

  • At the end of the War of the Witchblades story arc where Dani becomes the Angelus and restores balance to Sara. They hug and Sara says "I think this a good look for you" and Dani says "Yes I think it is". Also Sara and Julie's reuion after Julie came out of prison.


  • After being forced to go Witchblade in front of Rihoko (something she wanted to avoid for obvious reasons) what is Rihoko's reaction? To run up and hug her mom. She doesn't care what she looked like, she's still mom to her.
    • And before this, there was the family outing between them and Rihoko's real dad, Takayama. It was rough at the beginning, with Takayama not being used to a kid. But once Masane finally joined, it truly became a family outing with them going to a fishing spot and going to a teriyaki restaurant. And then ending with a tired Rihoko sleeping in the back of the car with Masane and Takayama in the front, truly looking like a happy family. Then an I-Weapon appeared.
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  • Masane and Rihoko's reunion at the end of episode three.