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So late-comers who are still getting caught up with the series can enjoy and add to WMG's as they go, please put examples in the folder where they fit.

This is WMG page for the comic.

For the TV show, see here and the spin-off, see here.

For the video game, see here.

The comics will still be running in 2028.
Robert Kirkman says that he has plans that could go up issue 300. At this rate, 2028 seems to be the year that the 300th issue would be published.
  • Jossed. The comics ended in 2019 unfortunately.

The Turn was caused by toxic waste.
This is suggested by Lilly in The Walking Dead: Descent.

The Turn was caused by additives put in coffee creamer.
This is also suggested by Lilly in The Walking Dead: Descent.

After a series of disasters tear apart the Saviors, Negan will gladly crouch down and spread his arms wide as he gets eaten/shot/cut down/otherwise eliminated, possibly by his former underlings. The panels that depict his demise will serve as effective Nightmare Fuel.

After the survivors fight against the Saviors, Rick will save Negan for last and kill him with Lucille by caving his head in. As revenge for what happened with Glenn.
  • I really hope that Maggie does it to avenge her husband.
    • Jossed for now. Rick just sticks him in prison. Negan officially has Karma Houdini status now.
      • And now that Lucille has been destroyed and buried, this probably isn't going to happen.

The comic will end with the ultimate Downer Ending - a planet of the walking dead.
The human race dies out - the undead cover the Earth.
  • It is rumoured that was actually the original ending, the dead win because the living can't stop fighting each other.
    • Confirmed on this being the original ending by Robert Kirkman. Apparently, he was going to end it during the "No Way Out" arc, with a Hope Spot of a Rick Grimes statue, implying he rebuilt civilization...only for it to pull back to reveal Alexandria infested with hordes of zombies.

The last person will join the walking dead.
The last living character will walk among the undead, dead inside enough to go unmolested.

New breeds of Walkers will develop
Just to keep humanity from becoming complacent, new breeds of Walkers will evolve into being. One possible example is a breed of Walker that does not die from headshots, another might be a type of Walker that has body parts that can move around after being severed from its body.

Paul Monroe is related to Douglas Monroe.
They both have the same last name and lived a few miles away from each other.
  • Jossed by Kirkman himself. It's apparently just a coincidence.

Paul Monroe is the real man in charge of the Saviors.
His nickname is Jesus. Coincidence?

Paul Monroe is immune.
Because he is already a walking dead person: Jesus. Herschel was right all along about the zombie apocalypse being what was foretold in the Book of Revelation.


Paul Monroe is the anti-Christ.
People call him Jesus and he goes along with it, but he is not really Jesus. He wants everyone to trust him so that he can rule them all.

When Rob Kirkman runs out of ideas...
There will be a crossover between the comics and the show.
  • Jossed. The Comic and The Film are set in different Universe. However, I would love to see a crossover between the comic and the telltale series.
    • I meant that it would be an inter-universe crossover. We will just have to wait and see if Kirkman runs out of ideas and does something this outlandish.

Dwight is what Daryl could have been if he had gone down a darker path.
For all we know, Dwight was exactly as Daryl is now before he met Negan. Though he does not seem as bad as Negan since he has formed an alliance with Rick to take him down, he has still carried out Negan's orders and even killed Abraham, something that Daryl would never do unless he was not sure whether or not Abraham was a terrible threat.

Rick will be revealed to be an intelligent walker.
He doesn't appear to be infected by the arrow he was hit with-though it is shown that he is shocked at the idea of it having zombie gore on it-and this might be an interesting hint at what exactly happened during his tenure in the hospital pre-apocalypse. Or...

Rick will die from the arrow.
It'd be a callback to how he almost died at the start of the series, except this time, no coma is going to help him.
  • Jossed.

Michonne reminds the Governor of his ex-wife.
In the novel Rise of the Governor, it is mentioned that the Governor got divorced from his Jamaican wife prior to the outbreak. Perhaps she looks similar to Michonne and the Governor still has feelings of anger toward her. Hence why he took it out on Michonne by raping her.

Negan used to have a wife named Lucille.
But when she became a zombie, he had to kill her with a nail-bat. The grief made him go so insane that he named the bat after her and started using other people's wives to fill the void.

Negan's backstory will be revealed.
Robert Kirkman said, "He'll get a larger backstory if he doesn't DIE before the end of the ALL OUT WAR storyline." That storyline is over, and its ending indicates that this is possible.
  • Confirmed. The "Here's Negan" miniseries is currently exploring his backstory, and it's starting to come up in the comics as well.

If Rick ever dies, Magna will become the main character.
She is already a natural leader of her group.

Magna's last name is Carter.
Like Magna Carta.

Magna's group will discover Negan imprisoned in Rick's basement
. Negan will try to convince them that he is the victim. They will break him out, causing a new conflict in the town.
  • They did make the discovery, but they were not convinced; partially Jossed.

Negan will escape and cause havoc again
  • He will then suffer a satisfying death.

Maggie's child will turn out to be named after one of their late relatives.
After Glenn (or maybe Hershel or one of Maggie's brothers) if it's a boy, or after one of Maggie's sisters if it's a girl.
  • Confirmed. Its name is Hershel.

Maggie and Glenn's baby died.
Specifically between All Out War and A New Beginning. Carl was 9 during All Out War, and Kirkman said that he is now 13, meaning that 4 years have passed. Yet baby Hershel does not look anywhere near 4 years old. Therefore, she must have had him with someone else. Maybe Dante is the father.
  • It's only been two years. They retconned it so that Carl and Sophia are two years older than they were originally stated to be, as seen when Maggie first meets Brianna in March to War, where she states that Sophia is ten. Also, Hershel II is clearly half-asian, so it's definitely not Dante.

Between All Out War and A New Beginning, Michonne
died.She has not yet been seen.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, she is still alive during A New Beginning and left Alexandria after a falling out with Rick.
Her whereabouts could be a new setting entirely.
  • Confirmed. She had become a pirate.

Alternatively, she just moved to The Kingdom.
That way, she could live with Ezekiel.

Maggie will date and/or marry Dante.
That is, if he is not killed by The Whisperers.

Carl only looks thirteen.
If the time skip is two years (which seems to be supported by the fact that Maggie's child is still a baby), then Carl should be eleven years old since he told Morgan that he would be nine years old in April of the year that All Out War takes place (2014). Robert Kirkman said in an interview that he was thirteen, but this has not been stated specifically in the comics. Though Andrea referred to Carl as a teenager, she could be exaggerating. Carl probably had a growth spurt and just looks thirteen years old.

Sophia will try to get back together with Carl.
Seems pretty obvious.

Carl will eventually decide to be with Sophia instead of Anna.
He is going to be spending a lot of time around Sophia, after all. And they do have somewhat of a history.

Carl will reject Sophia.
Possibly causing her to act crazy like her mother.

Rick and Andrea will get married.
Andrea seems to want to be married. Rick must be preventing it from happening, either intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Confirmed

The biological father of Rosita's
baby is...
  • Siddiq. Maybe Maggie had a one night stand from him after he arrived in Alexandria.
    • He says it doesn't "feel right" when he hides out with Annie in Eugene's house in Issue 164. He had an affair/one night stand with Rosita during the timeskip, and doesn't know that his unborn child was killed.
    • Possibly confirmed in issue 170, as Siddiq confirms to Eugene that she loved him.
  • Negan. Perhaps Rosita felt sorry for him. This would be quite a reveal.

Carl will end up becoming a serial killer.
He lost an eye, much like much like The Governor. When Negan first saw him, he even described him as a "future serial killer." He says wants to kill Negan. Heck, he even killed Ben, who was just a kid. YMMV on whether or not that was justified. In Issue 134, he hit a couple of bullies with a shovel and thinks that he killed them. Kirkman seems to be foreshadowing that Carl will go down a dark path and possibly become a villain.

TV characters who will become Canon Immigrants.
Other than Daryl, Merle, Beth and T-Dog are my bets. In Daryl's case, there's already an infamous Flip-Flop of God regarding plans on making him this in the comics. My bet is that he (some or all of them) will appear near the comic's finale. Presumably as Last Episode New Characters or just cameos.

Carl and Lydia will become a couple.
It already looks like they are about to bond.

Carl will join the Whisperers.
He does not seem to be exactly in line with his father's beliefs.
  • Right now, it seems like he is disgusted by how inhuman the Whisperers are, so this seems unlikely.

Carl will not have sex with Lydia
.He is too young and he barely knows her. Surely he must have the sense to back away from her.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, they will have sex
.Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Confirmed.

Carl will get Lydia pregnant
.It would give him another conflict to deal with. Imagine impregnating someone whom others would consider the enemy and not wanting anyone to harm her or the baby.

Sophia will get angry at Carl for having sex with Lydia
.She seems like she would be envious if she ever finds out.

Lydia will try to harm the townspeople.
Thus upsetting Carl. Which brings me to the following guss...

Carl will kill Lydia.
He said that he would kill her if she harmed his people.

Maggie did not get poisoned.
She might have known that something is up and just pretended to take a sip or maybe even switched the glasses. After all, we did not see her drink from the glass. She could have been acting sick to find out Gregory's true intentions. This would explain why Jesus was right outside the trailer. Maggie could have told him to listen from outside.
  • It is revealed that Gregory was trying to poison her, but he failed.

Alternatively, Jesus will try to get Maggie some medical care.
That is, if she really was poisoned.
  • Turns out that the poisoning failed.

Dante is dead.
He has not been seen since the Whisperers captured him.
  • Jossed.

Carson will replace Dwight as leader of the Saviors.
Dwight has expressed his desire to step down as leader. Carson is a prominent member, so maybe he will step up.
  • Jossed.

Magna and Luke will become a couple.
Luke obviously has feelings for her.
  • Jossed.

Someone from Magna's group will die during the fair.
  • Maybe Luke? It would be sad if he died before he and Magna could become a couple.
  • Kelly and/or Connie could die due to the Death by Sex trope.
  • Confirmed for Luke.

Alpha will release Negan.
And maybe even ask him to join The Whisperers. He may accept.

Alexandria will be at war with the Hilltop Colony at some point.
Maggie has allowed them to kill, and Rick prefers imprisoning criminals instead of killing them.

Andrea will die and then Rick and Michonne will become a couple.
Things are going much too well for Rick and Andrea, though they have not yet been married. Andrea's death would be a dramatic one. Michonne has shown that she cares about Carl and has a strong bond with Rick, so the comic books may go the same route as the TV show, which appears to be hinting at a romance between the two in the future.

Something big will happen during #150.
150 is quite a milestone for most comic creators. According to this post by The Walking Dead official site the cover reveals something kind of interesting... 148 will start it off being interesting, then getting intensive

Negan will not try to antagonize Rick.
Rather, he will try killing the Whisperers to show that he can be redeemed.
  • Confirmed as of Issue 156. Negan kills the leader, Alpha, by decapitating her, even saying "Wait until Rick gets a look at you...".

The Turn was intentional
  • The dead instantly rise as cannibalistic undead. Undead that can withstand months, if not years, of rot and insects. Undead that cannot be stopped with anything less than a headshot, no matter how big a hole you put in their bodies? Undead that exist in numbers that simply cannot be accounted for, given their tendency to eat everything in their path and the numbers of Walkers that have been killed or otherwise neutralized. Undead that don't turn on each other when living flesh isn't around. Undead that exist in a world curiously free of predatory animals that should've thinned their numbers greatly. Someone planned for this to happen. Military experiment Gone Horribly Wrong? (Or too right)? Alien experimentation? Gaia's Vengeance? Someone is behind it. Nothing else could've stacked the deck against Humanity so thoroughly.
    • It wasPlan 9 if the aliens weren't incompetent.

Walkers don't kill you unless they penetrate an open wound.
Bites, scratches and Negan's zombie-bullets are lethal, but when they cover themselves with zombie or when the Governor kisses his undead daughter, there is no danger. My hypothesis is that is they're only lethal when they make contact an open wound.

Issue #175 to #180 is testing to see how fans would react with Rick being Killed Off for Real
It's been rumored for ages that Rick would die, and perhaps Carl or some new group would become the main focus

The Turn was caused by aliens.

The Commonwealth will completely fail
It has already been shown that things aren't as stable as it seems, with most communities being a barter system, the commonwealth being an "old world" style place won't truck well with them, and members of the commonwealth seeing that the alliance do things in a system that values how hard you work rather than "i was in a position of power so "I'm on top" system, along with the obvious problems of a population of 50 thousand people in one place. it will fall.

Rick Grimes died during surgery, and The Walking Dead is a Valhalla-like afterlife where he must prove that he is worthy of entering an Asgard-like afterlife.

Alternatively, it's Rick's personal hell.

Alternatively, it's Rick's personal hell, but since he died in the penultimate issue of the comic, he's going into the second layer of his personal hell.
  • The Devil trapped Rick's family in hell with Rick in order to hurt Rick through them, and they too will eventually have to go through the second layer Rick will experience.
    • Interesting theory, but how does the final issue factor into it?

The comics will use Take Us Back's bite cauterization revelation to save characters.

The Comic isn't really ending.
Kirkman is taking time off, then we'll get issue 194 or a re-branded sequel issue 1 to continue Carl's story.
  • Confirmed, in a way. While the main comic ended with Issue 193, the series has three confirmed spin offs: The oneshot Negan Lives focusing on Negan's life after Issue 174, The Walking Dead Deluxe which is the series reprinted in color and featuring behind the scenes details, and Rick Grimes Series 2000 which follows up on Issue 75's bonus ending.

Rick is the avatar of Survival and Life.
The zombies are avatars of Death and Despair, Rick was supposed to die, but was chosen by The Powers That Be to be their walking beacon of hope, and woke him from his coma, while yes, Ricks group was a walking disaster zone, that's because he was settling, his end goal, unbeknownst to him, was to unite all that remained of humanity against the zombies, something he did eventually do the key was his phrase "we are NOT the walking dead" once he did that, it was a signal, that he had achieved his goal, he was no longer needed, and the death he was supposed to have in the hospital caught up with him, he dies just as he woke up, in bed, from a gunshot wound.