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  • Okay, granted, Eggman's cutting corners left and right, but still — where is he getting the money to build this stuff? Who would invest in a resort company run by a former Mad Scientist? Does he have a gold mine or something hidden away where nobody can find it?
    • There are many, many other evil plans in other works for which the question of finance is just as applicable if not more. At least Eggman's got the amusement-park cover story. And trust me, there would be people shortsighted enough to invest in this project.
    • Offscreen Villain Dark Matter.
    • How does he keep building armadas on the order of the Egg Fleet with each game? It's long been a theory that he can build machinery at a rate beyond our puny human imagining.
      • Guy has a lot of free time on his hands. One can imagine him digging through a local scrapyard to find the parts to build all this stuff... or, more likely, airlifting the entire yard to his base. He probably isn't "buying" any of his supplies in a legitimate sense at least.
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    • It's revealed in Sonic Battle that he makes quite a bit of money selling guard robots through various fronts.
    • Reinforced in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity when they discover that Eggman is the secret "CEO" of sorts of a large robotics company.
    • Also, in Sonic Heroes, after Omega destroys a bunch of those Eggman's robots, sometimes he'll say "Worthless consumer models!," implying that Eggman sells robots to ordinary people for ordinary purposes.
  • Why does Eggman keep calling it "Sonic's world"? Is it not his world too?
    • He's operating in deep space and capturing other planets. At that point, it kind of helps to clarify. Plus, it would kind of sound lame if he said "now I'll make my world mine!" or something like that.
  • The constant hilarious Eggman PA announcements are as awesome as they are completely drowned out by the music and sound effects. And unlike seemingly every game made recently, there's no option to change the relative volume of voice, sounds, and music.
    • A shame, yes, but it's awesome as well because, in Real Life, the loudspeakers are just as muffled by background noise.
      • Since when does real life matter in video games?
      • Rule of Funny. It's both amusing and annoying when it happens in real life; why not put it in the game?
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    • As the main page posits, this may have been an attempt to downplay or slip it past the censors, since they can get pretty dark.
  • The fact that Eggman's entire plan is derailed completely by chance just seems kind of... flimsy. When you stop and think about it, Sonic could have just beaten the first boss and then left the park and Eggman still would have defeated himself.
    • And then the chain reaction would have destroyed all nearby planets, including Sonic's world. Not a very happy ending.
    • Sonic didn't even know that it would happen. Eggman was banking on the fact that Sonic wouldn't be aware that the mind-control cannon would be able to function without a constant supply of power, after all.
      • Though we do see the cannon (when tested on Tails) burns through the fuel quickly so without a constant supply to keep it going, it would fail at some point.
  • Consider the Wisps. They've had their planet seized by evil forces in an effort to build an amusement park. The park was ostensibly built by Dr. Eggman and his robots, as we have not seen any human employees anywhere in the game, even as we see robots do menial tasks, nor have there been any park visitors by the time Sonic and Tails show up. In other words, Dr. Eggman is the only human being these Wisps have ever seen before. How would they be able to tell that he is bald (note that none of the aliens have any hair whatsoever), let alone consider it a significant enough trait to be the term they use to refer to him?
    • Yacker has hair, and the PA announcements imply there are visitors. It is not the first time a Sonic game has a seemingly empty city.
      • You can assume that Sonic and Tails simply got in before anyone else. He did say they left the keys in the elevators to the park, so it must've not been open yet, or Eggman was waiting for his doomsday weapon to work before opening the gates. And the announcements are probably pre-recorded.
      • Well, in the DS version, tons of other Sonic characters from the modern era are also in the park, so maybe the Wisps might have met them in that version earlier.
      • Speaking of which, how the hell did they get out before the park went boom?
      • In the Wii version, Eggman's map screen voiceover for Terminal Velocity is pretty obviously an in-universe evacuation alert. Sonic's friends include a teleporter, a time traveler, and a dimensional traveler. Good enough for you?
      • And the only part of the park that went boom was the Tropical Resort, so the only people in danger were Cream and Cheese and the random Chao. And they could just has easily have evacuated as soon as Eggman gave the evacuation alert.
  • Ok, one question I have about the Nega Mother Wisp battle in the DS version. How are Sonic and Tails still in space? The entire park was destroyed after Sonic beat Eggman in his Nega Wisp Armor machine, and both that and the entire theme park were destroyed and those events happen before Sonic encounters the Mega Mother Wisp, so where exactly are Sonic, Tails, and Yacker in space if the game's main setting has already been destroyed before that point in the game? Also, Sonic, Tails, and Yacker said goodbye and went seprate ways during the ending after the theme park was destroyed, so why are they still together if they had already separted during the first ending? I don't get why or how they are still together during the Nega Mother Wisp battle. It just doesn't make any sense to me.
    • Tails has spaceships. In the normal ending (Wii Version), the wisps could come down to earth before they leave for good, so it's possible they came down and said "Oh, forgot to ask. Could you save our mom?"
      • At the DS version, after you beat the last boss, the Wisps DON'T teleport their planets. After that, Sonic is supposed to have all the Chaos Emeralds already. After that, Yacker must have called them before they go away and they go to space and see the Nega Mother Wisp. Then blahblahblah, you defeat Nega Mother Wisp and THEN Sonic and Tails return to the Earth definitively.
  • Shouldn't Sonic have started running the moment he beat the Nega-Wisp Armor? He should have seen the black hole coming from a mile away! Maybe even more!
  • That last robot wasn't invincible at all. Was Eggman just using hyperbole?
    • Correct. He was just trying to scare Sonic, which obviously didn't work.
      • Actually, it probably was invincible. Any time you attacked a part of the armor, the machine itself barely flinched. It only moved because of knock back from Sonic, and that still wasn't much in the first place. Sonic's only way of damaging it was through the cockpit directly, yet Eggman was protected by that one piece on top (as well as him being unable to reach it in the first place). As for the fires and smoke that come up as the battle progresses, it could be that it's starting to short out as damage to the cockpit builds up.
  • I understand that Planet Wisp is, well, the Wisps' planet, but where the heck did all the other planets come from? The other planets don't seem to have any inhabitants other than Eggman's robots. Did he make the other planets? Did the Wisps live on several planets? What?
    • Where the planets were is not revealed, but it is all but outright confirmed that the Wisps inhabit more planets naturally than just Planet Wisp. The reason Eggman captured the planets and started construction on them is because they contained Wisps.
  • Shutting down the generators doesn't help the Wisps that are already converted. And no one cares. Not even the other Wisps. What?
    • Well, the ending cutscene in the Wii version shows them being deconverted again.
      • That's shown in the DS version, too, isn't it? But, yes, the uncorrupted Wisps can purify the Wisps that got juiced by Eggman; it's not a big deal because they're not too far gone to save. Well, for the Wisps, anyways. As for Sonic and Tails, they might have thought that they were too late to save the Nega-Wisps, but that only made it more important for them to shut down the generators before any more Wisps had to suffer that horrible fate. Why shatter their sense of urgency?
      • The only sense of urgency came when they found exactly what was going on with the Wisps being converted into Nega-Wisps en masse in the Asteroid Coaster Factory. All they knew prior to that was that "Baldy Nosehair" was draining their energy for an evil dolphin... no, porpoise... oh! An evil purpose!
  • Why didn't Blaze confirm Silver's familiarity that he worked with her before? As Sonic Generations later on revealed that Blaze never forgot.
    Silver: "It almost felt like we've paired up before."
    Tails: "Wow, maybe you guys were partners somewhere, some time. I guess anything is possible!"
    Blaze: "I've never thought I'd see myself in Crisis City again. This world is full of surprises."
  • Sonic first encounters Eggman right before the first boss battle, at the end of Tropical Resort. Eggman appears to be unpleasantly surprised ("SONIC?!"), as if he wasn't expecting his mortal enemy to show up so soon... so why, five stages before, did we hear him making that lying PA announcement asking Sonic to come to the office? Does he give out fake PA's calling for Sonic every third day or so and hope he gets lucky?
  • What exactly was the Starlight Carnival's generator actually doing there? It wasn't even attached to anything. There's the Sweet Mountain planet, Planet Wisp, the Aquarium Park planet, and the Asteroid Coaster planetoid area, but nothing attached to Starlight Carnival.
    • Additionally, what happened to those THOUSANDS of starships you zoom by during the level? Were they deactivated along with the generator, or is that colossal space fleet still floating around?
    • If you look at the map, the generators are connected to the main structure, they're powering the mind control machine.

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