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Recap / Sonic Colors

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Dr. Eggman has constructed a series of planet-sized theme parks, dubbed "Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park", in an apparent attempt to make amends for all of his wrongdoings. Sonic and Tails, suspicious that this is a ruse for a new sinister plot, take a space elevator up to the theme park. Their suspicions are confirmed when they meet an alien creature dubbed "Yacker", a member of the alien race known as "Wisps". According to Yacker via a translator Tails invents, Eggman has captured other members of his race and are using them as a power source for his theme parks.

Travelling from one planet to the next and rescuing Wisps along the way, Sonic and Tails learn the true reason behind the construction of Eggman's theme park: it's a front for the construction of a mind-control weapon, powered by corrupted Nega-Wisps.

Sonic eventually confronts Eggman, who uses a mecha that harnesses the Wisps' immense power. Sonic is able to use that very power against Eggman, however, and defeat the mecha. Eggman, not willing to give up, decides to activate his mind-control weapon and take over the world right away. Unfortunately, a piece of wreckage from a previous battle causes the weapon to malfunction and explode, creating a massive, growing black hole.

Just as Sonic is about to be engulfed by the black hole, the Wisps save him, transporting him and Tails safely back to earth. As Sonic and Tails bid their farewells to Yacker and the Wisps, Eggman is seen floating helplessly through space, with his robot goons Orbot and Cubot pushing his Egg Mobile in the endless drift of space.

    Tropical Resort 

    Sweet Mountain 


    Starlight Carnival 

    Planet Wisp 

    Aquarium Park 

    Astroid Coaster 

    Terminal Velocity 


    Game Land 


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