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Tear Jerker / Sonic Colors

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  • Sonic and Tails finding the machine that converts Wisps into Frenzy Wisps, but especially Tails' reaction. He seems really shaken up about it, and then mentions in an upset tone that he hasn't seen Yacker for a while. It just makes you remember that despite Tails' mechanical genius and banter with Sonic, he's still one of the youngest characters in the series.
  • When Sonic and Tails are facing down Eggman's final machine, Sonic turns around to Tails, switches his view between the evacuation pod and his li'l bro, pushes Tails into the escape pod, gives him a reassuring thumb up, closes the door, and sends him down to the planet. Counts as a small Tear Jerker since Sonic's thumbs up can be intended as "don't worry, everything will end well" but also as "in case I won't survive, farewell and thanks for the memories". The fact this part of the cutscene is shown from Tails' very own point of view is the ice on the cake.

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