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  • That Norio Wakamoto impression while playing Mega Drive Yu Yu Hakusho brawler with Takahiro Sakurai.
    "Ore no Chuu dorrrre?" ("Which Chuu is mine?")
    • And in the end:
    Sakurai (while impersonating Wakamoto) : "Who won?"
    Nakamura: (while impersonating Wakamoto) "I-it's my Chuu..."
  • The time when Aoi Yuuki slapped Sugita in the face. Reason: Nakamura won in their Mario Party 8 game.
  • Proving that Sugita is One of Us and an awesome Call-Back when he shows his PlayStation 2 memory card live on TV (episode 18 of Tokyo Encounter) with an Amagami save file, and showing that he's got almost all of Kaoru's CG unlocked.
  • Sugita's Love Plus + playthrough. That is all.
  • Nakamura complains to Koshimizu about her and Sanpei talking too much in the first few minutes of Episode 11, which leads to this exchange:
    Nakamura: "You took a really long time fiddling with your presents."
    Koshimizu: (stuffing her face with snacks) "No way! Doesn't everyone?"
    Nakamura: "No... no one's really talked to us for that long..."
    Koshimizu: "That's not it! Maybe everyone just hates you?"
    Nakamura: "OI!"
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  • Episode 15: Sugita and Nakamura realize just how old they are in comparison to Yuuki.
    Nakamura: "Today, we're playing this."
    Yuuki: "Kunio-kun no — Ah, the year 1991? I wasn't born yet!"
    Sugita: "Eh?"
    (Nakamura looks at Yuuki in surprise)
    Yuuki: "I was born in 1992."
    (Sugita starts gagging)
  • Anytime Mamoru Miyano laughs. Anytime.
  • Episode 31: The duo experience some deja vu regarding their age.
    Sugita: "Uesaka-san, you must've been a child when this [Missland 2] came out, eh?"
    Uesaka: "The PlayStation was the first console that someone bought for me, I think."
    Nakamura: "It came out in 1998."
    Nakamura: "When were you born?"
    Uesaka: "In 1991."
    Nakamura: "That's frightening."
  • In episode 42, Sugita, Nakamura and Hiro Shimono get to play Trine: The Lost Relic. And they keep getting killed by obstacles, usually leaving one of them alone. Even worse, their strongest character (Shimono) dies repeatedly without getting the chance to fight, so they had to rely on Sugita's character who deals little damage while Nakamura's character can't fight at all. At one point, Shimono and Nakamura's avatars jump into their death and Sugita's barely makes it through. Shimono's giggle and Nakamura's Oh, Crap! face sell this scene.
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  • Nakamura shares a memory of him really needing to pee during a recording session of Oreimo.
    Taketatsu: When we were recording a really fantastic scene, this person wanted to pee...
    Nakamura: My bladder was at max capacity.
    Taketatsu: That's right, we were at a really fantastic scene where he had to shout "HEY KIRINO!"
    Nakamura: It was so dangerous shouting out loud. "HEY KIRINO!" (Beat) "Kirino... never mind..."
  • In episode 57, when the hosts and Daisuke Ono play Dragon Ball Fighter Z, they have their share amount of enjoyment by making fun of Yamcha.
  • In episode 62, Yuuma Uchida looks like he's having A Date with Rosie Palms while playing Gal*Gun while using the PS Move (it's thanks to the fact that the cast were sitting down and the PS Camera sensor was at a low angle). Nakamura couldn't resist taking a photo with how he was positioned.
    • While they were playing the game, they decided that the protagonist is portrayed by Char Aznable.

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