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Funny / The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work

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  • The scientists of the Pokémon universe unknowingly countering all of Xlestia's attempts of conquering them through subtle means.
  • Every scene in Potion Testing is hilarious.
  • Much of Xlestia's interaction with other characters is funny.
  • The girls getting the idea to battle Windigos Ghost Busters style!!!
  • How did the UNSC get Xlestia to leave? By continually bombarding the barrier so Xlestia would not be able sleep until she left. The cherry on top? The last ship to make the run was the UNSC Ponies Go Home.
  • Both Batman appearances are both this and awesome.
    • Adam West Batman curb stomping Xlestia with Insane Troll Logic!
    • Justice League Batman's plan to psyche out Xlestia by constantly spying on her from outside the barrier, just to remind her how screwed she is once the team’s magic experts get the barrier down.
  • One of the reader requested scenarios was Equestria vs. the planet Neptune. Not any fictional world, the real life uninhabited gas giant. Neptune wins.
  • Much of the story in general, but particularly the Straightforward Failure note  and World Suggestion chapters.note 
    • The scene where Canon!Luna and Discord are trying to figure out what has gotten into Xlestia. Special note goes to Discord drinking her experimental potion, causing the potted plant next him to turn into a very confused pegasus.
    Xlestia: That was my only prototype...
    • Xlestia is gloating over deploying the Barrier, when a blonde human with a parasol pops in and steals the whole thing like it's a bolt of fabric. And then, she discovers exactly why the human world doesn't have any magic. First hoof.
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    • This exchange with Saitama "One Punch Man"
    Saitama: ...what are you?
    Xlestia: I am here to save these people from their foolish lives of needless hurt and suffering! (Leans her neck back and glares down, to give the impression that she is towering over him.)
    Saitama: Ah-ha! You're a political activist!
    (A millennium of practice at not reacting to idiocy was the only reason Xlestia managed to remain upright on her hooves.)
  • Xlestia manages to invade and convert a Hive World from Warhammer 40,000, getting an additional 12 billion ponies to her forces. So how does the massively genocidal, xenophobic, vengeful and fanatical Imperium of Man react to the fact that heretical xeno scum that uses profane magic to get their way have taken over one of their Worlds and diverted the population from the glorious ways of The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind? Even to Xlestia's surprise, they simply don't care and hardly even notice. And for two simple reasons. The first being that the Imperium of Man is so gigantic that a defenseless Hive World of a measly 12 billion people means nothing to them. The second reason, which our tyrant finds out the very hard way right after her victory, The Tyranids have already come for an all-you-can-eat pony-buffet.
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  • Dumbledore's plan was to try to talk Xlestia out of the whole convert-the-world thing over a cup of tea. It worked.
  • The Captain Planet section ends with Xlestia tied to a chair and forced to listen to an And Knowing Is Half the Battle summation.

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