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Heart Warming / The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work

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  • In the first chapter, the Pokémon world manages to defeat Equestria with The Power of Friendship!
  • For one chapter, the author details what they think would really happen if Earth and Equestria were in a situation like they are in at the beginning of The Conversion Bureau. The answer? Equestria and Earth put all their resources and minds together, until they finally think of a solution to get rid of the barrier and no one even thinks about forcing the human race to convert to ponies.
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  • The crew of the USS Enterprise actually manages to stop Xlestia through diplomacy.
  • Aslan standing up for, and saving, the human race without violence.
  • The Mane Six, Sonic, and his friends, working together to fight Eggman and Xlestia.
  • The same thing for The Mane Six, Spike, and the Kingdom Hearts team.
  • Canon!Celestia getting a more dignified treatment during her Death Battle.
    • How Celestia won said battle. See the Awesome page for more.
  • During the Canon segment of the first Straight Forward Failures chapter, both Luna and even Discord are concerned about Xlestia's mental state after she reveals her plan.
    Luna: Sister, hast thou been experimenting with the medicine cabinet?


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