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Awesome / The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work

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  • The Pokémon defeating Equestria with The Power of Friendship. Oh, Irony.
  • The Mane Six and Team Sonic working together to defeat Eggman's robot enforcers and later, Robotisized Xlestia!
  • The Mane Six-plus Spike-working with Sora, Donald, and Goofy to take on Heartless controlled Xlestia.
  • Equestria Girls!Celestia making a feeble effort to stand between Xlestia and her students.
  • Xlestia's reaction to A.I. Celestia informing her that she is out of options and if she chooses to retreat to the sun, she will not be able to cope with the loneliness? Fling the whole sun at her and just start looking for a new world, while deciding to go to Tartarus and steal the souls of her subjects back.
    • A.I. Celestia's final moment could count as well.
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  • Despite the tragic implications, The Hulk managing to tear apart the barrier (not because he is unaffected but because he gets angrier faster than it can kill him) is definitely an awesome moment.
  • Both of Batman's appearances
  • Xlestia putting up a very determined fight with The Edolas Army. She fought so hard that everywhere she went, their troops were forced fall back and her own troops were rallied to continue fighting. Unfortunately, it was not enough.
  • How is Saitama, a man so hilariously strong he can One-Hit Kill Eldritch Abominations and other evil forces on a regular basis going to defeat Xlestia? By doing nothing, beyond trying to tell her off as she tries to get him out of her way. His abilities shown while he was No Selling her attempts were apparently so impressive, she was left in a catatonic state just from seeing how ridiculously powerful he is, and doesn't even show signs of coming out of it until her ponies have already dragged her off.
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  • Aslan telling off Xlestia.
  • The Death Battle between Cannon!Celestia and Tyrantlestia is full of these.
    • Meta: the author got Wiz (Mage) and Boomstick's (Firework) personalities down perfectly.
    • The battle itself opens with Tyrantlestia using her Super Speed to smash through some columns and drop the stone ceiling on Celestia and a crowd of unsuspecting Innocent Bystanders. But as Tyrantlestia is about to celebrate her victory, Celestia bursts through the rumble in a force field, saving the ponies in the process.
    • Despite being hopelessly outclassed by Tyrantlestia, who has God-Mode Sue level stats, Celestia manages to hold her own and royally piss off the former through a mix of quick thinking and her intangible fire form from the Expanded Universe.
    • Xlestia managing to effortlessly shrug off anything Celestia throws at her is both this and scary.
    • At one point after Celestia is badly injured, Tyrantlestia thinks it is time to Finish Her, giving a Badass Boast about why she is the superior one, only for Celestia to ask her if she is any good with economics of all things. And as Celestia continues to explain what she is getting at, she somehow leads the conversation to the five time clones that flashed in from behind, to pull a Big Damn Heroes moment.
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    • The ensuing magical dogfight between Tyrantlestia and the five Celestia time clones leads into Twilight's castle in Ponyville, where as the time clones dissipate, Celestia sucks Tyrantlestia into the magic mirror, where she is sent to the Equestria Girls universe!
      • Even more awesome, as due to Tyrantlestia's Fantastic Racism and ego, this is the thing that does more damage to her than anything Celestia has done at this point, even leading her to refer to Celestia as the defiler for the rest of the battle.
    • Then Tyrantlestia, despite being stuck in human form, manages to transform using demonic magic and tear a hole in the fabric of time and space, just to try and kill Celestia!
    • As Celestia tries to lead the fight out of Ponyville, Tyrantlestia manages to effortlessly catch up to her and smash the former into "The Castle of The Two Sisters", where she manages to No-Sell Celestia's attempt at using the dark magic from a certain book.
    • This leads to the final part of the battle, where Xlestia once again beats Celestia, before giving the latter a little speech about how she is an unworthy weakling, who does not deserve rule. Celestia's response?
    Celestia: That very thought proves you are not worthy of [the Elements of Harmony's] power.
    • Cue Celestia revealing that she has lead them to the Tree of Harmony, where she calls upon the strength of all those she cares about to blast the dark magic clean off of her opponent, while simultaneously undoing the damage Tyrantlestia has caused.
    • She then gives Tyrantlestia a Last-Second Chance, only for the former to spit more of her own self-righteous philosophy in her face, and boast about it being her destiny to rule. Celestia reveals that destinies can change, before taking away Tyrantlestia's cutie mark, turning her into a breezy, and finally squashing her like a bug.


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