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YMMV / The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work

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  • Crazy Awesome: Adam West Batman shows how awesome he is by figuring out Xlestia's plans in two minutes through Bat Deduction and then left her completely powerless with a serum he created, in case of Rhino Attack. Crazy-Prepared does not begin to describe him.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The SCP section of one of the world Suggestion chapters has the entire pony race being exterminated and Xlestia being put on a drug induced lobotomy, while the Foundation experiments on her. If that was not enough, the one researcher who tried to show her a hint of humanity was "removed from the assignment for potential contamination".
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  • The Woobie: All of Equestria could be this, seeing as how they are a prosperous land that repeatedly gets dragged down by Xlestia's schemes.

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