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Tear Jerker / The Conversion Bureau: Worlds Where It Wouldn't Work

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  • In the Kingdom Hearts verse:
    • Xlestia may have been planning to destroy their world, but even she did not deserve to be brainwashed by The Heartless before being turned to stone. By the Elements she once used to defend Equestria, no less.
    • Twilights reaction to seeing her teacher corrupted and then turned to stone. That would be bad enough, but the worst part is she didn't even know Xlestia had made a Face–Heel Turn at this point and does not even know how or why the Elements turned her into stone instead of just cleansing her. Even worse, she now has to live knowing she is partially responsible for her teacher's fate without knowing why.
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  • Also, Twilight having an understated Heel Realization after Sonic tells her about Eggman's Evil Plan to Robotisize the inhabitant of both worlds and saying just how messed up that is.
  • All the times when Xlestia got the rest of Equestia endangered/destroyed by invading a world where one or more residents turned out to be an Eviler Than Thou.
  • Some of Xlestia's fates at the end of various chapters are... not pretty.
  • As Xlestia is about to finish her off, A.I. Celestia decides to Face Death with Dignity and spends her last moments continuing to serve humanity.
  • Bruce Banner's Inner Monologue during his attack on the barrier reveals that he tried to take the potion in a desperate attempt to qualm The Hulk. But when he realized the potion destroys all negative emotions instead of just weakening them, Hulk fought back.

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