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  • The DIE SCUMBAG cake. Even better when the title card artist recreated the recipe in real life.
  • So, so many in her Quest for Glory I Let's Play, but a couple stick out:
    • Her exclamation of "IT'S A THING!" upon seeing a stag.
    • After tying multiple commands to interact with said stag ("talk stag", "kiss stag", "hug stag", etc) the one that finally works was "punch stag", which she typed as a joke. The dryad kills her for it.
  • "Barbie Supermodel" Lets Play, Roses says, "You'd have to be pretty stupid to lose at this game." Then she runs into a frisbee.
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  • Many in "Skunny: Save Our Pizzas!" Particularly when reading the story involving Paw shouting the words in capital letters.
  • From the Let's Play of Hugo 2, there's one point where Hugo's in a cave and has three paths from which to choose. Paw begins blathering about how they need to logically discuss which path to take, while Rosie gleefully cheers "MIDDLE!" and leads Hugo down said middle path with reckless abandon.
    • Best part is, the middle path was actually the best to take.
  • During her 8/14/2011 livestream of the Jurassic Park game, she decided to capture footage for an upcoming review of the game showing what happens when you don't have enough berries during the triceratops level. But instead of running from it like she was suppose to, she ran into it.
  • The entire crossover Let's Play of Fuck Quest featuring Oancitizen
    Oancitizen: I don't like you anymore.
    Roses: I don't like me either!
    • Also their screams at the ending.
    • Oancitizen's singing all grand and opera-like:
    so let's do it like they do
    on the Discovery Channel!
  • From her Debugged episode of Are You Afraid of the dark, when discussing the virus:
    Simon, to the virus: Where did you come from?
    Roses: Rootkit.
  • From the Family Feud Review/LP with PatTheNESPunk:
    Roses: Look Pat, I'm not going to the Circus with you no matter how many times you ask!
    Pat: I want those Circus PEANUTS, you can't tell if they're food or what!
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  • Anything with the old man in the garden in Hugo II.
  • Roses' reaction to almost saving Pac-Man from smashing into the tree from the Pac-Man 2 LP:
    Roses: I DID IT!
    (Pac-Man crashes into a tree and dies)
    Roses: Oh.
    • Also, the beginning of the Pac-Man 2 part 4 LP:
    Roses: What's that password my good man?
    Roses: (silent pause)
    PBG: Let's try this one.
  • The ENTIRE ending skit from the Pac-Man finale
  • Paw laughing like a maniac whenever they hunted during the Let's Play of "Oregon Trail".
  • In the first episode of 2nd Look, the rejected working titles, including "Grandma Roses's Hot Flashes".
    • Her transformation into "Goth Roses", particularly when Morrissey starts singing "Iiiiii'm soooooo sorryyyyyy."
  • The prat fall in her Return of the Phantom review. The foot whipping over in the shot makes it.
    • "Don't worry. Raoul is quick to find that murderer!" (Raoul slowly walks down the stairs in no hurry at all.)
    • Egdar Degas being a complete pervert.
  • Almost everything in the Putt Putt LP, but special mention goes to whenever Todd or Paw imitate the voices of the characters.
  • The Monkees: Head Review with Todd and Paw. First she and Paw invades Todd's room.
    Todd: What the hell are you doing in my house!?
    Paw: The door's open.
    Todd: AH! How did you get in here!?
    • Paw goes to turn on the lights and Todd frantically tries to stop him, allowing Roses to pretend to be him and play terribly on his piano.
    Paw: NO, no, no, no, that's even worse! (drags her away and throws her offscreen; cue That Poor Cat)
    • When the scene changes, Paw asks her who are her favourite pop stars who had a movie completely normally...while she is draped upside down on the sofa.
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    • During the desert scene:
    Roses: I'm sure this means something, but I don't really care because Micky is all hot and sweaty and naked. Heh.
    Todd: Ew.
    • As a fan of The Monkees Roses spent most of the review trying to defend them but near the end:
    Roses: Prozac now.
    • The Stinger in which Paw and Todd demands Roses to explain the Mind Screw of a movie...only that the projector wasn't on.
  • From The Rocky Interactive Horror Show review:
    • Roses's reaction to the back of the box:
    Roses: Oh my boobs. Also, she is way too happy to be sexy. There's no happiness in sexy, just like there's no crying in baseball or something. No happiness! No sexy in baseball!
    • "Damn it, Janet, why you gotta be such a stiff?"
    • "Every now and then, Richard O'Brien will troll you, ridiculing you for buying this disaster of a game."
    • Discussing inventory items leads to this:
    Roses: What the—? Why is the dead person in the bathroom holding a butt plug?
    • Roses is briefly mollified by the existence of the disco café, where you can do the Time Warp. Unfortunately, the controls don't agree.
    Roses: All right, I know this song and dance like the back of my hand. How hard can it be to do it during gameplay?
    (Random lines play out of order)
    Roses:[...] Which keys do I press? [...] What is up with these controls?
    Game: "But it's the pelvic—" "But it's the pelvic—" "But it's the pelvic—" "But it's the pelvic—" *BOOM*
    • Finally, Roses compares the game to "digital flatulence". "It happened, it stank, and all you can do is pray that it just goes away. This game is farts."
  • In part 15 of the Let's Play of The Dagger of Amon Ra with Lazy Game Reviews, she lets LGR answer the questions in the interrogation scene at the end. He proceeds to answer "Steve Dorian" for every single question about who did something or was someone, including a question specifying the person was a woman ("I was dressing in drag that day.") and another where the person was a skeleton. Furthermore, the reason Steve supposedly murdered Pippin Carter was that he "had a bad day".